Stuart Squirms, Science Suffers

Astronomer threatens legal action in response to Billy Meier UFO info

I sent Stuart Robbins an email* today, which provided him with several links to Billy Meier’s prophetically accurate information, recently and unknowingly, corroborated by scientists, who thought all of the items were…”new discoveries”.

It’s interesting that, less than three hours after I sent my email to him, Robbins had composed his evasive, defensive response.

While he says he’s “always behind in responding, if you send me a claim that you believe in”, Robbins failed to note that no “beliefs” were sent to him, just factual information that he could easily verify, or attempt to rebut, if he was able to. [...]  READ MORE

And They Still Don’t Listen

Equally doubtlessly, the so-called “experts”, the media, phony leaders, politicians, pundits and bought-off scientists, the skeptical clowns and know-it-alls, will ignore and continue to suppress any mention, or recognition, of this vast body of specific, unerringly, prophetically accurate information, which fulfills because of human ignorance.

Six Years Later They Speak Again

Mel Fabregas revisits the Billy Meier UFO case

Six years ago, Mel Fabregas interviewed me about the Billy Meier UFO case. I think it’s fair to say that even though he conducted his characteristically classy interview, he was somewhat skeptical of my overall claims of the singular authenticity, and importance, of the Meier case.

We have a new interview you can listen to here that goes into many things, such as Meier’s voluminous, independently analyzed and authenticated UFO photos, films and other evidence, his abundance of specific, prophetically accurate information, the failure of the best of the skeptics to debunk, or duplicate, Meier’s evidence, the importance of the spiritual teaching and even how the Plejaren essentially predicted that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t ever become president – eight years ago. [...]  READ MORE

UPDATE: The Spiritual Teaching – Billy Meier Film Packages!

Due to the very positive responses to our newest film, I am offering two new, super-discounted packages for those who want to have the main documentaries I’ve done since 2004.

These collections each have discounts of over 20%. I may as well get this seasonal marketing over, since – even with long download times – you can have all of these works in your permanent collection…well before Christmas.

You can also give them as gifts without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Considering the way the world is going – and Meier’s unfortunately impeccable prophetic accuracy about all these events – having your own collection and documentation of this amazing man and his history making contacts with the Plejaren, his still irreproducible UFO evidence, prophetically accurate information and of course the core of the case, the spiritual teaching, will prove to be invaluable . [...]  READ MORE