Secret Agenda: The real reason for 5G?

Planting nanorobots in people’s brains to remotely control them via a 5G cloud

NOTE: The following article was translated from the original German, using an online translator ,and may contain errors, inaccuracies, etc.

Secret Agenda 

The real reason for 5G is 1000 times worse than the radiation! April 12, 2019 | Autarky | Free life | Awareness | Spirituality | Politics | Geo-politics | Psychology | Society | Science | Research |

5G is on everyone’s lips and is discussed very controversially. First and foremost, it is criticized that the health risk was not adequately assessed. Even the manufacturers have no analyzes and the government has already auctioned off the frequencies through. The reason for this questionable approach is that they know the risks well and creating a global 5G cloud is part of a secret agenda. Similar to the change of Europe, the plan is actually documented in this case. All you have to do is piece together the pieces of the puzzle to understand what the cabal is up to. [...]  READ MORE

Stopping the Psychopathic US War Machine

Demand a change in the dead-end course upon which this country has bet our future and our lives 

IMPORTANT: Billy Meier: 17,461 IS Terrorist “Sleepers” Now in Europe

While most Americans are completely unaware of it, it’s refreshing to see a head of state who can speak extemporaneously, sincerely and with clarity. From our so-called leaders to the nauseatingly pandering press, all we get is unrelenting aggression, blind ambition, superficiality and outright lies. Vladimir Putin is certainly no boy scout but he’s obviously and honestly tried to communicate to the US that he doesn’t desire to engage in the dead-end, mutually suicidal confrontation that our country relentlessly provokes and pursues. [...]  READ MORE

How MUFON Helped the Spread of ISIS

Fear of going out of business trumps preventing the spread of ISIS, the fulfillment of Meier’s other prophecies and even the possible danger to their own lives

I recently spoke with someone in the MUFON organization who is actually concerned with the real world, unlike many people who involve themselves with “researching” UFOs. In fact, she was extremely concerned about the spread of ISIS, or the IS. Her fears are not unfounded of course but she was unaware of how MUFON’s suppression of the Billy Meier UFO case helped the spread of ISIS. [...]  READ MORE

Danger, America

The breakdown is under way and there are things that are being used to prop it up, to create the impression or illusion things are just fine. Gas prices are great, aren’t they? There are also little hints about how misplaced bravado, carelessness, arrogance and insensitivities can end up being very costly. Some of those elements may well have figured into the Charlie Hebdo tragedy.

The Spies We Loved

Like so many people, I’ve always loved spy and espionage thrillers. For the most part the popular protagonists have been either American or British “heroes” up against their counterparts from Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia, etc. Whether suave, gadget laden types like James Bond, or the more cerebral, non-descript heroes, we do seem to have a love for these intrigues. But now there’s a new trend, especially on various TV shows where the enemies are of course terrorists largely of the radical Islamic variety. [...]  READ MORE