New York Post Confirms Billy Meier’s SARS & Coronavirus Info


We must petition our governments to accept the assistance offered by the Plejaren, so we can safely navigate the – now unstoppable – coming events.

It appears that Billy Meier’s February 20, 2020 update about the true facts, regarding the coronavirus and SARS, has been confirmed.

The New York Post just published this article, stating (emphasis added):

“Xi didn’t actually admit that the coronavirus now devastating large swathes of China had escaped from one of the country’s bioresearch labs. But the very next day, evidence emerged suggesting that this is exactly what happened, as the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology released a new directive entitled: ‘Instructions on strengthening biosecurity management in microbiology labs that handle advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus.'” [...]  READ MORE

SETI Hid Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact

 Now will they reveal Billy Meier’s UFO contacts, ongoing for 78 years?

In light of this recent article, it must be said that five years ago, SETI was provided with independently authenticated evidence regarding the existence of – and contact with – extraterrestrial life. However, no response was ever received from SETI.

Since then, further ironclad evidence of contacts between Billy Meier and the Plejaren extraterrestrial space traveling race has been published in the form of specific, previously unknown, prophetically accurate scientific information about Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Mercury, the Moon, black holes, asteroid Apophis, etc. The information was verifiably published by Meier up to decades before “official discovery” by NASA. [...]  READ MORE

Coronavirus Information from Contact 251 

Excerpts containing specific reference to coronavirus, China, bioweapons

NOTE: The singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts are still ongoing, in Switzerland, for over 78 years. In fact, the real UFO cover-up, which is solely about Meier’s contacts, is now over and the truth is finally beginning to emerge.

While Meier’s over 1,200, still irreproducible, pre-digital era UFO photos, films, video, etc., have been independently analyzed and authenticated by experts at NASA, JPL, USGS, McDonnell Douglas, IBM, USAF OSI, etc., the scientific information, provided to him by the Plejaren extraterrestrials, underscores the purpose of the contacts, i.e. to help us assure our own very threatened future survival.   [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn Billy Meier UFO Case L.A. TV Interview

Comprehensive Evertalk TV interview regarding the evidence, information and reasons for the Billy Meier UFO contacts


Michael Horn was recently interviewed on Evertalk TV, in Los Angeles, as part of his ongoing media tour.

The Corona Virus

I recently pointed out Billy Meier’s information, from 1995, regarding the Corona Virus.

While the article in The Washington Times states that the deadly Corona virus “may have originated in a Wuhan laboratory linked to China’s covert biological weapons program”, Billy Meier left no doubt about the fact, when, in 2003, he further clarified that it was connected with the SARS epidemic (Note: SARS is a coronavirus): [...]  READ MORE

Cover-up Over As Media Reveals Billy Meier’s UFO Contacts!

and skeptic confirms Meier’s apophis warning beat nasA by 13 years! 


Newest Interview: The Weekly Call

Below you’ll find regular updates on my new, national media, TV and radio interviews about Billy Meier’s hundreds of stunning examples of his specific, prophetic scientific accuracy:

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The Predicted Worldwide Volcanic Eruptions Begin

The long forewarned events are no longer avoidable as the time fulfills

A new article today asks why volcanoes worldwide are “suddenly” becoming active. Of course, this was long forewarned, and the underlying causes explained, by Billy Meier, beginning in 1951, when he was 14-years-old.

In fact, in 1948, Meier’s first extraterrestrial teacher Sfath predicted:

84. Through the exploitation of the Earth’s resources the geographic constitution of the Earth will change, and gradually inner-Earth movements of the Earth plates will come about, for which reason tremendous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will emerge in all areas of the Earth, through which hundreds of thousands of human beings will die and primeval destructions will be evoked, as many wars and terror will claim millions of human lives and also many valueful antiquities will be irrevocably destroyed. [...]  READ MORE

The Annunaki Ancient Alien B.S.

The Plejaren explain the real truth about the Sumerians and Nibiru

It’s no secret that the UFO/extraterrestrial and New Age topics are replete with disinformation, utter nonsense and bizarre fabrications of all kind, as also promoted by equally inept “experts”.

One of the more popular, and uncritically accepted, myths that blends New Age doubletalk and extraterrestrial misinformation is that of the so-called Annunaki, their planet Nibiru and all sorts of lore about the mining of gold on Earth for the purpose of protecting their planet because of a damaged atmosphere, etc. [...]  READ MORE