Clueless skeptics defeated by 50-year-old UFO evidence My friend Joe tracked me down in during my recent travels. That’s Joe, the former top US Air Force OSI Case Supervisor, from 1965 – 1971. During this time, Joe personally supervised hundreds of investigations, vetting extremely high level people seeking even higher office, who could attain positions… Read More

The Billy Meier UFO case bothers the hell out of the frauds, phonies and cowards War itself, despite its glorification, is often an act of cowardice and failure to muster the necessary courage, patience, dignity and ingenuity – among many things – to resolve conflicts without violence and aggression. War is also one of the… Read More

New Science Daily report confirms what UFO contactee published in 1981 With the earliest reports* on the dangers of space travel on the human brain already having been preemptively described by Billy Meier and the Plejaren, the new, alarming report from Science Daily confirms specific information already published by Meier…35 years ago. Billy Meier scooped… Read More

Here is a new video that reports on the hottest particles that have been found from the Fukushima disaster.* While this information in this presentation is a bit technical, as you get to the summation you will see that there are indeed certain highly qualified, concerned individuals who are bringing the true magnitude of this disaster to public… Read More

There are several news stories that, again, are reinforcing the unfortunate accuracy of the prophetic scientific information and warnings from Billy Meier and the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings, who apparently care more about us, our environment and world than we do. Reinforcing Meier’s warnings, dating back to 1958, about the ongoing dangers from radiation and… Read More

I’ve had a number of conversations with nice, regular people in a number of different walks of life who have absolutely no idea, no concept at all of what’s happening because of Fukushima.  So I’m going to bring up the issue regarding the dangers of atomic energy once again. Those people who worship science and… Read More

If the information and illustration is accurate here, is it too simplistic to suggest that a little bit of…cause and effect is on display? Specifically, since the U.S. was the country that dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing terrible immediate damage, death and destruction, as well as immeasurable long term, worldwide damage, genetic mutations, etc.,*…could… Read More