We’re Going Back to the Moon!

In fact, we’re going to get there using time travel 


You may recall that one of the pieces of our UFO puzzle was Billy Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate information about the moon bulge. So far, no skeptic/debunker, etc., has “explained” how Meier came to have that information (and hundreds more examples) and published it long before “official discovery”.

So, it seems like the perfect time for us to go back to the moon! In fact, we’re going to get there using time travel, as we return to 1946, when Meier was first shown some interesting anomalies at both the North Pole and South Pole on the moon by Sfath. [...]  READ MORE

Psychosis in Action

As a follow up to my recent blog about the New Age nonsense event, I was contacted by one of the speakers, Rob, who sent me a friendly message on Facebook.

I decided to look into his information and got a bit of his personal story, which included his family’s heavily religious background and some of his life experiences, etc. (Be sure to catch the little “Introduction from Treb” audio clip on this page, it’s a real gem.)

This led me to watch a little of a video in which (at about 30 some minutes or so) he, well, kind of rents out space to a…”Reptilian” extraterrestrial who shares its (strangely accented) words of wisdom, perhaps while simultaneously eating flies on its own world. [...]  READ MORE