Predictions from 1948 and 2017 on Verge of Fulfilling

Campi Flegri volcano and economy show more signs of coming eruptions

NOTE: Certain items have been rendered colored and in bold that specifically refer to the fact that they pertain to , and were obtained through, actual time travel, not the fanciful, entertainment-oriented stuff of online fantasy purveyors.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

7:00 PM Pacific Time

The latest news shows that now inevitable eruption of Campi Flegri, aka the Phlegraean Fields in Italy, is edging ever closer. Its actual, future eruption was seen by Billy Meier’s first extraterrestrial mentor, Sfath, during a time travel, as he reported to then 11-year-old Meier, in 1948[...]  READ MORE

The Pain of the Creation

The Pain of the Creation

We are reminded that all things have a birth into existence, with accompanying pain

On page 74 of The Decalogue, in the “Fourth Recommendation”, in number 283, we read:

“Also it, the Creation, often and often lay immersed in profound pain as it was created by the Ur-Creation and was set on its own.”

We are reminded that all things have a birth into existence, with accompanying pain. And in the course of life, with its growing pains, many things in the material world go through great struggles, growing towards the various goals – and consequences – that they have determined for themselves, for better or for worse, according to the immutable law of cause and effect.

Over the ages, various prophets have appeared. Perhaps best called teachers, they have been tasked, or plagued, with trying to educate the most stubborn, reckless and ignorant of creatures. While initially the danger and damage that people could do, though not inconsequential, was limited, the time soon arrived that they could bring near complete destruction, immersing all life in profound, deathly pain.

That time is now.

The New Arms Race

As Donald Trump stupidly commented, “Let it be an arms race. We will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all.” Undoubtedly, he’s unaware of just what that made-in-America mindset will, now with seeming certainty, lead to, as forewarned of in Contact 251:

“A new hording of weapon stockpiles will follow at a time when the worldwide production of weaponry is accelerated once again. This will signal the first threat of a looming third world war, as foretold by a prophecy, unless terrestrial Man strives to avert this danger through reasoning and appropriate thoughts and actions. Should Man fail to act against the fulfillment of this prophecy, a new and extremely destructive weapon will be built that will produce disastrous consequences in the next world war. One important factor in this scenario is the criminal neglect to monitor the Earth from space.”

Even before that, there was this warning from the Henoch Prophecies (HP):

272. America and Russia will have the most terrible weapons of mass destruction at their disposal—a fact which is already the case to a certain extent today—and will clash with violent force against each other at that time of conflict, whereby Canada will also be dragged into this conflict.

And Now an Asian Arms Race

Not to be outdone, North Korea works on largely underreported efforts to build hugely threatening submarine nuclear missile delivery systems. Of course, none of this has arisen out of a causeless vacuum, as a little glimpse into the historical background reveals. All most Americans know is that the Fat Kid Dictator doesn’t like us. Right or wrong, we don’t seem to know why at all. Not to justify an attack on our country but when was 1/10 of the population of the US wiped out by an invasion of another country that had stuck its nose in our affairs?

And, as we also see from the (HP)*, there are indeed consequences (effects) from all causes (aggression):

191.The USA will set out against the Eastern countries ahead of all other financial states and simultaneously it will have to defend itself against the Eastern intruders. [...]  READ MORE

The Future of the Americas

Billy Meier on what’s ahead for Brazil and South America

On July 27, Billy Meier was asked about the future of Brazil and South America, as it becomes even clearer now that the western powers are driving the world into more devastating wars. Meier said that Brazil is still one of the upcoming countries regarding the near and distant future. But his concern is about the still huge and strongly delusional belief in Catholicism that can be found almost everywhere in Brazil.

Brazil and the rest of South America are mentioned as among the very few places around the world that could be considered as safe, if a big and “nasty” war would take place between the West and the East. In that case, it’s absolutely possible that millions of refugees would try to move especially to Brazil.

This reinforces what he said as far back as 1951, as well as what he was told by Sfath in 1946.

Huge Increase in Immigration

Unofficial reports confirm an influx of immigrants from African countries in the north of Brazil. This is still not officially acknowledged. Also, over 125,000 Venezuelans have crossed into Brazil, as they try to escape the societal breakdown there.

In the last 10 years, immigration to Brazil jumped 160%. In 2015, almost 120,000 immigrants, mainly from Haiti, Bolivia, Columbia, Argentina, China, Portugal, arrived in Brazil, as well as 4,747 North Americans.

The American Taliban

Speaking of Americans, who would’ve thought that American leftists would go so far as to emulate the statue destroying Taliban, in their hell bent rush to roll over the rights of their fellow Americans while trying to delegitimize an election they disagreed with?

So insipid and pathetically weak are those who kowtow to the bullying and political correctness from the left that they’ve gone to even greater lengths to avoid “offending” these losers. And does anyone else see the irony in all of this being related to a…football game, that all-American pastime where (supposedly) manly men crash in concussion-causing collisions while trying to “gain territory” in this mock war?

Lurking Dangers

It’s not that there’s something really new in terms of American policies; we were warned about the dead-end course and, more recently, the lurking dangers, the causes of which are to be found in these policies. So now, the citizens of this country also have a ringside seat* to the fulfillment of the prophecies. While it would be, and would’ve been, much preferred that the people paid attention to and responded reasonably to the many decades of warnings, it seems instead that we’re very much at the point that Billy Meier lamented regarding those “who can’t do anything to stop what’s going on”.

Clueless in Canada, or Just as Dumb 2

To the north of us, the prime minister of Canada appears to be having an uh-oh moment as some reality seems to be seeping into his coiffed cranium.

Maybe we can see a pattern here, how dumb charmers get put into office, like Trudeau and the make-up happy Marcon, as part of the globalist agenda. But while that dubious kind of charm may have influenced gullible voters in their countries, it doesn’t exactly explain the appeal of the dreadful, psychopathic “Angel” of Germany, who’s condemned her citizens, and much of Europe, to a rather nasty fate. Nonetheless, Sfath also forewarned Meier, in 1946, that this “irresponsible, naive-sick woman might-holder in Germany will contribute all the more to the fact that millions of refugees will stream to Europe from politically and economically underdeveloped as well as unsafe war-burdened countries which have fallen prey to terrorism.”

Ain’t Got No Beef with This Idea

On a brighter note, especially if you’re a cow, chicken, pig, etc., some high-rollers are getting behind making meat without killing animals, as Meier had already discussed some 22 years ago.

But Look Out

Speaking of food, with Amazon purchasing Whole Foods, they’re well on their way to facilitating a one-source-only, Orwellian way to control almost everything people need and want…which is a way to control everyone. Maybe Bezos himself will ultimately be a casualty of the monolithic machine he’s created. Kinda like how robots will turn against their creators, as not only Elon Musk has warned but, long before him, Billy Meier.


*Now You Have a Ringside Seat to the Fulfillment of Prophecies, Unfortunately

Now You Have a Ringside Seat to the Fulfillment of Prophecies, Unfortunately (Part II)


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Transhumanism and the Spiritual Teaching

Try becoming a true human being first

I am no expert in the subject of transhumanism, so if I tend to misperceive it as something other than the predictable and nearly inevitable outcome of our trendy over-fascination with technology at the expense of real consciousness related evolution, forgive or correct me.

I think this entire focus should be more correctly called dehumanism, since we’ve so far failed to become true human beings first in our headlong rush for ever more distraction, entertainment and escapism via technology. Simply being able to create more toys, sophisticated weapons and other technological marvels doesn’t guarantee consciousness related evolution.

Mental Cases

It sure seems like many of the human beings of Earth are a pretty disturbed lot, who are hell bent on fulfilling the most dismal and destructive prophecies concerning how people – who haven’t yet become true human beings – make some serious mistakes as they rush to bring their wrongly determined priorities to fulfillment.

And certainly Billy Meier’s warning about the dangers from the independent computerized weapons reinforces our concerns about the overall wrong direction in which we are headed and which, in fact, may actually already be upon us.

Fortunately there actually are a number of thinking people in the industries concerned who take a dim view of the all-embracing enthusiasm and naivette that presumes that all human problems can be solved by what still essentially are…machines. And there’s apparently a movement afoot to try to curb the wrongheaded thinking, such as is of course favored by the strictly militarily minded. I’m sure I’m not the only person who, almost 20 years ago, recognized the very military implications in even the earliest video games, which have no “evolved” to the point of truly subhuman sadism, violence, etc.

So while we aspire to be like the Plejaren apparently are, in terms of having android beings that serve and interact with their human population and have a kind of consciousness, projections as to when we could accomplish this kind of scenario don’t take into account the huge disparity between our consciousness-related/spiritual development and the responsibilities of effectively creating machines that will then take over our lives. And with some of the negative human traits already in evidence pertaining to the ability of robots to lie to each other there is much to be concerned about.

The Spiritual Teaching

This is a good place to note that not only would we have to somehow imbue machines with certain moral and ethical operating systems but that the things that make human beings actually far more than machines aren’t always recognized and valued even now.

So what are the elements of the spiritual teaching pertaining to all aspects of our consciousness related evolution that are at risk of not being developed by us in time to assure truly responsible actions in every step of the creation of advanced robots and androids? Is it already a forgone conclusion that, if we don’t wipe ourselves off the face of the Earth before we manage to perfect this technology (whatever that may mean), that we will eliminate ourselves because we succeeded in this dubious, premature technological development in which the creations destroy their creators…as per the prophecies?


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