Now Will They Listen?

The Don gets wagged by his ego, the world prepares to suffer 

In case you hadn’t read my recent blog about the possibility that another hugely stupid thing might be embarked upon by the president, now you know.

More than stupid, it’s another cowardly, vile, desperate act of killing that will only lead to more of the same. Sadly and inevitably, the real consequences may be unimaginable in scope.

The fact that the murdered General Qassem Sulemani fought against the IS may also only fuel rumors that, essentially, the IS was/is somehow a US-created asset; the thought staggers the rational mind. [...]  READ MORE

Wag the Don?


Look out, he just got $738 billion to wage the next world war

As previously stated, politics makes people stupid and, in case you haven’t noticed, it also makes them mean, contributes to breaking up friendships and families, creates civil wars and, well, isn’t all that stupid enough?

It seems to me that the wrong man is president. Lots of other people feel that way too. But many of them have acted to remove him from office in very questionable ways, which appear to be more of an attack on the people who voted for him. The man has clearly strengthened the hand of his accusers through his own actions. And we’ll see if they’ve done the same for him, come the 2020 elections. [...]  READ MORE

BREAKING: Secret Plan to Ban the US Mail

Authorities seek to disable delivery system for dangerous weapons

Please see my new vlog for more about this long overdue remedy and brilliant contribution to national security.

Please Allow me to Bore You

Please allow me to bore you a little during these overly dramatic and troubling times. As the long-foretold chaos and destruction manifest ever closer to home for many Americans, it’s very important that we don’t lose sight, that we regain our awareness, of the eternally valid core principles of real human life. [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn Live, EP 9

When just having a headache really isn’t enough

As usual, in addition to our INTERACTIVE format, tonight’s show will cover these topics:

  • UFO News: Yes, there really is some to talk about
  • “The Adventures of Billy Meier” more than a comic book
  • The Salome Peace Meditation…and the Red Meteor
  • ISIS defeated in Iraq, NYC terrorism, sleepers worldwide
  • Trump endorsing Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol
  • 2018 and the time of the great upheavals
  • The Michael Horn Wildlife Fund, meaningful charity
  • Future Self for Kids, how they can create their own futures
  •  [...]  READ MORE

    Storms Unleashed, Lessons Unlearned

    As the prophecies fulfill, the people pray and perish

    It is to be hoped that nothing as severe as the recent hurricane in Texas happens to Florida and its population, lest the tragedy be further compounded by a similar, brain-dead, terminally deluded, response as that which came from the Governor of Texas. Yes, the surviving residents should now offer prayers to the imaginary, non-existent, ancient cult deity of life and death who, clearly as capricious and vengeful as ever, literally rained down death and destruction on a huge city, and to whom also, choke, gratitude should be offered for having spared them the fullness of his wrath. [...]  READ MORE

    The Quiescent State

    Attaining and maintaining internal peacefulness in a chaotic world

    The new spiritual teaching people arise in a world of great external chaos and conflicts, they will need to learn how to gain access to, attain and maintain, their internal peacefulness. We see various meditation groups and so-called mindfulness programs appearing, so many people are already recognizing the need to cultivate peacefulness within themselves.

    There is very specific information from Billy Meier on individual, as well as group*, meditation practices that help the individual deal with negative conditions, feelings, emotions, traits and behaviors that have taken a foothold in their memory, or subconsciousness. [...]  READ MORE

    The Deadly Folly of Terrorism as Entertainment

    Taunting one’s enemies begs humiliation and worse

    The desperate need to be the trendiest of TV shows has taken a regrettable turn. Just how regrettable it may turn out to be is quite worrisome.

    There are now at least four major TV shows whose central theme revolves around primarily Islamist terrorism directed at the US government, with emphasis on all sorts of gore and torture also being visited upon American families and children, etc.

    This may also be a deliberate part of the programming to influence, polarize and incite people via a threat that comes across their screens, as Billy Meier discussed in 2011, also long before the release of WikiLeaks’ Vault 7[...]  READ MORE