Billy Meier Beats the Scientists Again

People who chase lights-in-the-sky still lost in space 

About four-and-a-half years ago, an article appeared about a potential scientific breakthrough, by a team of Hungarian physicists, pertaining to the fundamental forces of nature, of which four are currently known. The article posits the possibility of a fifth force.

A more recent article indicates that the same team of physicists may indeed have discovered the fifth force. And it’s notable that another physicist, at the University of California, not only concurs but points to the possibility of a “sixth, seventh, and eighth force.” [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier UFOs, Oklahoma and Rock & Roll

A whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on and lots more to come

Thanks to Bill Wilson, I discovered a recent article by Andrew W. Griffin pertaining to Billy Meier. He posted a new one here, after our recent conversation. There’s also an earlier article about Meier and Semjase and rock music in Griffin’s Oklahoma based, Red Dirt Report.

A Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On

Oklahoma of course is now experiencing earthquake threats comparable to California, which one again simply corroborate what Meier was told, and published, in 1976[...]  READ MORE

San Francisco Earthquake a Step Closer?

Accelerated technological development confronts arrested intellectual development

Sometimes we have to wonder just what it will take for people to grasp the presence of the behemoth in the room.

As is the case all too often, numerous specific, long foretold events from the various prophecies and predictions published by Billy Meier occur and unfold smack dab in front of us. And equally predictably, one usually has to wait nary a moment before the logically challenged hurl their familiar, “How do we know he really said that then and didn’t backdate it?” [...]  READ MORE

He Musk Be Seeing the Future

Here’s a new article about entrepreneur Elon Musk’s idea to get rid of, ta-dum, side view mirrors on cars.

Hey wait, isn’t that what the investigators reported seeing – in 1978 – in 11 photographs ostensibly taken by Billy Meier of the coming,  as in future, San Francisco earthquake?

Naw, that can’t be. I mean isn’t Meier the guy takes photos of “model UFOs“? [...]  READ MORE

As the Time Fulfills (Part 6)

Very little has to be said about this automotive development and its indication of the direction that technology is taking, as well as how it shows the kind of cars described by Wendelle Stevens when he viewed the photographs of the…coming San Francisco earthquake.

The reason that no more needs to be said is that even after this mega-disaster – and others – occur, people will still be in denial of Billy Meier’s prophetic accuracy, even though they’ll be able to verify that he predicted the specific events long in advance. [...]  READ MORE

As the Prophecies Fulfill

Scientists Now Echo Meier’s Warnings about the Solar Storm

While the solar storm activity is now getting the attention of scientists, Meier had already published information about it – and what is yet to come – two years ago in the 476th Contact. Nonetheless, it’s reassuring that the scientists are slowly catching up to his information, right?

Is the Time of the Great San Francisco Earthquake Coming Nearer?

The debut of the Nissan ESFLOW electric sports concept car at a special media event in Frankfurt, Germany, may indicate that the coming San Francisco mega-quake may be nearer. The sleek new car’s large glass area – and lack of external rear-view mirrors – echo the description by Wendelle Stevens of the cars in the photos of the quake taken by Meier. [...]  READ MORE