New Living Robot Created…as Predicted by Billy Meier

Will skeptics like Michael Shermer still maintain their rigid, pseudoscientific denial?

Once again, we find that, unlike the fantasies espoused by SETI, he Plejaren extraterrestrials speak to us in the language of science.

In this article about a new scientific development, we learn that:

“These are ‘entirely new life-forms,’ said the University of Vermont, which conducted the research with Tufts University.”

As you can see, Billy Meier specifically predicted this development, in 1995 – 25 years ago – in Contact 251[...]  READ MORE

Science Begins to Touch Upon the Spiritual Teaching

Gregg Braden explores new understanding of consciousness

There’s a new presentation by Gregg Braden that affirms some of what Billy Meier has taught about space not being empty at all but actually filled with energy. And in speaking about the interconnectedness of everything within and without us, he is also effectively describing what Meier defined as love, as explained by Jacob Smits here:

Love, The Law of: Love is a creational law.

Love is the absolute certainty of oneself living and existing in everything that exists: In fauna and flora, in the fellow-human being, in each material and spiritual life form of any kind, and in the existence of the entire universe and beyond it. [...]  READ MORE

When Cowardice Supersedes Scientific Integrity

Mick West’s fear and lack of integrity motivated him to protect his skeptical beliefs 


This is a strange situation. I happened upon some information about Mick West and his site, wherein he debunked certain things like phony UFO claims, chemtrails, etc.

Because I thought that he was a more scientifically oriented person than all of the hacks in the skeptical movement, I sent him various info on the Billy Meier contacts…including Joe Tysk’s definitive article on the authenticity of the Meier contacts, all of the independent expert analyses and authentication, etc. [...]  READ MORE

Brain Damage from Space Travel and Bad Attitude

NASA discovers it’s still decades behind UFO contactee Billy Meier


A new NASA-funded study established two important things:

  1. Space travel to Mars and other places in deep space could have negative impacts on the functions of the human brain, the mind and body.
  2. NASA needs to stop denying the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contacts, learn many invaluable things and not need…38 years to make such “new discoveries”.

I’ve had the following information on my website for about 10 years. I probably should’ve either put everything in bold, or nothing, but you’ll get the point:

Official Contact Report 150, Saturday, October 10, 1981

Billy: …But say again, you told me at that time, during my great journey, about a serious illness that should be revealed in connection with space flight. You then said something about the fact that the people of the Earth would, very soon through their space flight experiments, find out that they could not pursue this primitive kind of space flight that is pursued by them without taking severe damage. If I remember correctly, you then told me that through this primitive earthly kind of space flight, the danger of an incurable illness exists for the would-be astronauts and that all those who had flown in space capsules over the Earth’s ozone layer were already infected. You then explained that something will happen with the brains of these people. [...]  READ MORE

Trump Sends Wolf to Guard Henhouse

Decades of insane US policies and political partisanship bring unstoppable destruction


Decades of US policies of aggression, domination and exploitation have led to the coming environmental destruction, inevitable breakdown of the country into anarchy and civil wars, as well as the actual disregard of the citizens’ well-being under the phony guise of “protecting American interests”.

Trump’s latest nominee to head the EPA is yet another indication of the real profit-over-principles values of the USA. Once again, those calling themselves conservatives demonstrate their complete disregarding for actually conserving and protecting the environment, while looney leftists think they can print money to buy our way out of the coming collapse, the actual causes and magnitude of which they have no real understanding. [...]  READ MORE

Harvard Prof. Avi Loeb’s Search for ET Is Over

For the sake of science and human evolution, dare to have a “Galileo moment” and let the new epoch begin

Below is a copy of the email that I sent Harvard Prof. Avi Loeb, who’s been courageous enough to dare to discuss the possibilities of extraterrestrial life and that we are not alone in the universe, despite the less than warm reception he recently received from many in academia.

Perhaps, as we approach the 409th anniversary of Galileo’s Sidereus Nunciusfor the sake of true science, and human evolution, Prof. Loeb and his associates will also dare to have a “Galileo moment”… and look through the telescope.* [...]  READ MORE

The Irony of the Short-Term Thinker

Famous skeptic of Billy Meier UFO contacts indicts himself

In this articlethe term Motivated Reasoning is used to explain why…facts don’t matter to some people who have already made up their minds about a subject.

The irony is that some of the explanation in the article is given by none other than Dr. Steven Novella, one of the more stubbornly unscientific skeptics who’ve attacked the actual scientific validity, and singular authenticity, of the Billy Meier UFO contacts.

Lest anyone take offense at my calling Novella unscientific, he settles that when he says, “Being a skeptic means that you consciously prioritize having beliefs that are valid over beliefs that are not valid.” I added the emphasis to point out that real scientists don’t “prioritize” beliefs, they prioritize facts and knowledge. [...]  READ MORE