He Did It with His Mind

How Billy Meier used the might of the thoughts for dramatic self-healing


Here’s a photograph of Meier and Christian Frehner, taken on August 4, 2018, about one month after Billy’s accident.

Both of them had health problems with their arms, Meier with his shoulder, and Christianwith a heavy infection in the elbow. The black band that bound Meier’s arm to his side is partially visible either side of his bent right arm:

And here’s an exchange between Christian and Savio Chan, with further details: =&0=&This photo was taken one month after Billy’s accident, as Billy was already no longer on bandages =&1=&Do you mean that Billy healed his broken bones within just one month’s time? =&2=& No, but he improved. He still had to stabilize his arm by sticking his thumb into his shirt. =&1=&Wow! Did you heal yourself with the might of the thoughts as well? =&0=&No, just with patience, discipline (= not moving) and antibiotics.

Christian: Additional interesting information. For some time after the accident Billy did not have to wear glasses anymore, i.e. at the time the photo was taken. And also another funny anecdote: During the first days after his accident, when Billy felt itchy at his nose he requested someone to rub his nose because he could make many movements to prevent too much pain. A female CG member got at his nose, but obviously she was reluctant to rub strong enough, and based on his protesting I volunteered and really put some pressure on the handkerchief and strongly rubbed Billy’s nose, to his satisfaction. [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn Live, EP 36

Let’s get together and have a little chat

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Michael Horn Live, EP 36

It’s been a while since our last get together. For those who may be available to participate, pose questions, etc., we’ll cover things like:

  • Billy Meier regarding self-healing, Trump’s policies, America’s fate, etc.
  • Creating biotopes for preservation
  • Lecture and workshop at CONTACT IN THE DESERT
  • Disinformation campaigns regarding UFOs
  • Meetings of spiritual teaching study groups
  •  [...]  READ MORE