Asteroid Day: What Would Happen if We Took It Seriously?

A new film opens the door for awareness of the real threat from asteroid Apophis

We’ve taken the unusual step of partnering to promote Asteroid Day because, despite the overt commercialism, it draws attention to a real threat to the Earth from incoming objects – especially from asteroid Apophis, which Billy Meier’s been warning about since 1981.

Subsequent to our new press release, we are now in conversation with people at SETI and NASA has already corrected their estimate of the size of Apophis to almost exactly what Meier previously published. [...]  READ MORE

The Apophis Puzzle: The Meaning of Red

It’s just like in the movies, so what’s the problem?

If an advanced, space-traveling race were to try to warn us of a real, impending danger to our world and to do so without directly interfering in it, how might they go about it?

Just like in the movies, might they take a very calculated approach and insert just enough information – and controversy – into our awareness so as to prompt at least a few thinking people to pay attention and delve into it?

In the movies there’s usually some kind of a cryptic message, mathematical formula, or (only in the movies) a radio signal. And some intrepid person, scientist or otherwise (think Richard Dreyfuss) gets about the task of unscrambling or deciphering the message that will ultimately reveal to humanity that…we are not alone. [...]  READ MORE

SETI Sent Evidence of ET Contact by They Fly Productions

Evidence of extraterrestrial contacts in Switzerland, said to be ongoing for 73 years, sent to scientists at SETI and recently formed NExSS Initiative

SETI-Billy-Meier 1

 Billy Meier UFO photo, July 9, 1975, displayed in Times Square, May 5, 2015.

The press release is in response to statements by Dr. Jill Tarter of SETI, affirming her and their willingness to welcome public assistance in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and to the newly formed NExSS Initiative.

Since both SETI and the NExSS Initiative have put forward their interest and commitment in this area, I’m sure that we’ll receive feedback, comments and interest in the introductory information about the – still ongoing – Billy Meier contacts that I’ve provided them. I’ll certainly post their responses and any further developments.
PRNews [...]  READ MORE

The Great “Scientific” Masquerade

We’ve got another show up online. This show encourages us to get up and answer the door when truth comes-a-knocking on  it.

You can expect a few digs at Prof. Paul Davies, SETI, Seth Shostak and Prof. Lawrence Krauss, ASU, Stuart Robbins,  etc. – those who seemingly have done everything they can…to plug their ears and close their eyes.


I want to put this on the front page of this blog because it truly goes to the heart of the matter. Here is a question from one of the blog participants…and my response: [...]  READ MORE

Yet Another Daffy, Delusional UFO Cult?

Just after seemingly wrapping up the last of my griping about UFOCI profiteers, and also noting the tail-between-his-legs disappearance of Antonio Paris, who feigned interest in reevaluating his misinformed position on the Billy Meier UFO case, it seems like there’s a new UFO cult trying to emerge, one that I briefly touched on before. So here’s a little update for those who follow the Saviors-from-the-Skies soap opera.

You Too Can Contact Extraterrestrials!

Daniel Sheehan, who had a stellar 45-year career as a constitutional lawyer, has not only long been interested in the so-called UFO cover-up and government disinformation but has apparently now jumped to being a…“UFO expert”. Sheehan worked with loose canons such as John Mack, and Stephen Greer, and now also subscribes to a nice, made-for-TV-movie concept of how SETI will be involved with “first contact”, “translating the message”, etc., along with the Vatican’s pragmatic “find ‘em-convert ‘em-to-religious-insanity” approach to extraterrestrials. [...]  READ MORE

MUFON Finds Billy Meier UFO “Cold Case” Suddenly Very Hot – and Very Real

(NOTE: This is the new press release issued today.)

MUFON joins investigation as new “DNA” testing of 1980 photographs yields surprising results – Billy Meier UFO case proved authentic

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz., July 16, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — In 1980, Billy Meier, the Swiss UFO contactee, took 63, clear 35mm film photographs and a five-minute video of an object dubbed the Wedding Cake UFO, or WCUFO. Skeptics immediately pounced on the photos claiming they showed a model made from a garbage can lid and Christmas tree ornaments. With MUFON, the international UFO investigating organization, lacking the technology to determine the authenticity of his UFO photos, and Meier himself not saying anything in his own defense, the matter was perceived as a hoax and became just another UFO “cold case”. [...]  READ MORE

Skeptics: “We were wrong, the Billy Meier UFO case is authentic”

…or: Stirring the Hornet’s Nest Part 2

In the real world, and occasionally in the online virtual world, people have to substantiate what they say about others, especially if they make claims that attack another person’s honesty, character, etc. There can be consequences for not doing so and for unjustly characterizing or accusing them.

For quite some time it’s been acceptable in the wild and wonderful world of UFOs, to accuse Billy Meier, the man with the most abundant, amazing, credible, authenticated UFO evidence, of somehow hoaxing and faking it all. People who have absolutely no expertise themselves, absent any qualifications, having conducted no credible testing and analysis, branded a man as a fraud, cheater, profiteer, etc., without so much as a second thought as to the rightness of their actions. [...]  READ MORE