A Thing of Perverse Beauty

What’s the old saying, “Give a person enough rope and they’ll hang themselves”? Sometimes a person will reveal their deviousness and dishonesty when they think that they’ve got it very well concealed. They’ll actually find it irresistible to show you just how clever and crafty they are and, in the process, nakedly reveal (even to themselves, one has to hope) their utter foolishness…as well as confirm the very thing they’re trying so desperately to deny.

To the point, I had engaged in my longest ever online battling on a skeptical blog. I’ve written about this, and its host, Stuart Robbins, before. For some reason, which wasn’t clear then but is now, I hung in there, battling it out with a few other diehard deniers, and Robbins – the self-proclaimed “scientist” who refused to look at Billy Meier’s evidence– until he made a fast escape. Most of them fell by the wayside too; some even ended up admitting that Meier’s prophetic information was accurate. [...]  READ MORE

Twisting and Turning in the Winds of Change

This blog is the response I indicated here that I would post to Zach’s comments. First, for the record, I don’t support and won’t approve any profanity-laden attacks on people on my blog. Vigorous disagreement can certainly push the limits at times but let’s at least have some limits.

It was with reluctance that I described Stuart Robbins’ behavior in the strong terms that I did but I felt the words were appropriate in regard to his own conduct. I am no stranger to being attacked online; there are at least 200 pages, on various forums and blogs that I am aware of, where  Billy Meier and I, or my representation of the Meier case, are gratuitously attacked. And most of them banned me from responding and challenging them, some immediately, others after they found out that I wasn’t exactly the easy target they had assumed. [...]  READ MORE

Dear Jennifer

A letter to a participant on a skeptic site that attacks the Billy Meier case

Dear Jennifer,

You’ve asked for the metal samples to be tested again, so I’d like to ask you some questions.

First, as you know, people on the skeptic’s blog have been asking lots of questions, posing challenges and of course insinuating that everyone and everything connected to the Billy Meier case is a liar, part of a hoax, etc. You’ve probably noticed that as soon as I answer one question their tendencies are to either disregard the answer and jump to yet another question, or offer ill thought out rebuttals, more accusations, etc. [...]  READ MORE

Skeptical Investigator Uncovers, Posts Evidence: Spiritual Group NOT a Cult

James Randi-affiliated investigator, who previously inferred FIGU a “cult” group, now posts revealing film clip, debunks skeptics’ own claims

In the Special Features section of The Silent Revolution of Truth, Derek Bartholomaus, the lead investigator for the skeptical inquiry into the Billy Meier UFO case, had referred some 17 times to “followers” of Billy Meier, inferring that those who were studying, or advocates for, Billy Meier’s evidence, information and teaching were followers of a guru-type cult leader. [...]  READ MORE

Letter from a Skeptic

To Eduard Billy Meier, and all whom it may concern:

This letter is not an attack or criticism.

I’ve always wanted to believe in non-terrestrial life.  I am, however, a skeptic when it comes to anything fantastic.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always wanted to believe in and experience something profound, but, sensibility and a firm grounding in analytical physical viewpoints and explanations has kept my eyes clear.

I was initially drawn to the Billy Meier story by the fantastic pictures and videos.  The phenomenon has always interested me, but, I’ve never personally seen anything with my own eyes that couldn’t be explained, corroborated, or disproved. [...]  READ MORE