Secret Agenda: The real reason for 5G?

Planting nanorobots in people’s brains to remotely control them via a 5G cloud

NOTE: The following article was translated from the original German, using an online translator ,and may contain errors, inaccuracies, etc.

Secret Agenda 

The real reason for 5G is 1000 times worse than the radiation! April 12, 2019 | Autarky | Free life | Awareness | Spirituality | Politics | Geo-politics | Psychology | Society | Science | Research |

5G is on everyone’s lips and is discussed very controversially. First and foremost, it is criticized that the health risk was not adequately assessed. Even the manufacturers have no analyzes and the government has already auctioned off the frequencies through. The reason for this questionable approach is that they know the risks well and creating a global 5G cloud is part of a secret agenda. Similar to the change of Europe, the plan is actually documented in this case. All you have to do is piece together the pieces of the puzzle to understand what the cabal is up to. [...]  READ MORE

The Morning After…as Predicted in 2008

Psychopath sent packing, narcissist gets the nod

While already anticipating how skeptics will react to what Billy Meier was told, in 2008, about Hillary Clinton being defeated in the primary by Obama, nonetheless it turned out to be prescient for the presidency in 2016 as well*.

One of the things that is characteristic of the exchanges between the Plejaren and Meier, which also extends to the way in which Meier himself has answered questions**, is that the answer is usually strictly limited to the question without addressing future possibilities, or further speculation. So, to be consistent and at the same time leave the door open for the poor skeptics who are addicted to denial, I won’t hit them over the head with the obvious and complete accuracy of Ptaah’s poignant, pointed, prognostication. [...]  READ MORE

The NEW Peace Movement

We must bury the sword of war and death and cultivate the Tree of Life

For almost 60 years, millions of well-meaning, peace-loving people have marched, carried signs and worn the so-called peace symbol – which is really an ancient symbolfor war and death.

Death symbol

It certainly hasn’t brought peace to the world. In fact, it’s actually helped to bring about more violence, aggression, war and death for reasons explained here. You’ve certainly noticed that when people give each other the peace symbol, using their fingers, they instinctively display the upward V-shaped version and not the downward shape based on the rune for death, which is more like a gang sign than a peace symbol. This new, real and true peace movement should, fittingly, utilize the original, ancient version of the real, true peace symbol, based on the tree of life[...]  READ MORE