Welcome to the Insect Hotel

The vital interconnection with all life includes a myriad of insect life

No, the title of this article isn’t meant to be a greeting to the survivors of a possible next world war, i.e. the cockroaches, etc. But it does deal with preventing possible extinctions, as discussed in this article.

The Ones We Need

We need serious reminders of the vital interconnection with all life on the planet and that includes a myriad of insect life, which we often choose to ignore or feel…inconvenienced by. However, life on earth, and human survival, is dependent on many creatures of Creation that we know, and care, little about. [...]  READ MORE

BREAKING: Secret Plan to Ban the US Mail

Authorities seek to disable delivery system for dangerous weapons

Please see my new vlog for more about this long overdue remedy and brilliant contribution to national security.

Please Allow me to Bore You

Please allow me to bore you a little during these overly dramatic and troubling times. As the long-foretold chaos and destruction manifest ever closer to home for many Americans, it’s very important that we don’t lose sight, that we regain our awareness, of the eternally valid core principles of real human life. [...]  READ MORE