Life has pushed us into the pool and for some it may feel like the deep end When one reads this rather sobering information, it’s very easy to fall into denial, despair, hopelessness, depression, etc. But instead of succumbing to that, it’s better to view this as the opportunity to really put into practice the spiritual teaching.… Read More

Welcome to As the World Churns, the soap opera reality show you can’t turn off It Began in 1953 China Detects Earthquakes, US Provokes More War Sea Levels Continue to Rise* Interview with Michael Lazaro The Importance of Striving NEW RayGuard Special Offers** Michael Horn Live, EP 27 Tuesday, May 15, 2018 6:00 Pacific Time   *The… Read More

Easily the best Humanity Matters episode to date. Topics covered: Overindulgence to material-intellectual mechanisms of the teaching versus actually doing it Difference between reading and studying Egotism vs reality The spirit, Creation Meditation, a reminder that the innermost teacher is the greatest Extremes and Balance Sensitivity, Feelings, Emotions  … Read More

Now is the time to take prudent steps to minimize risk, damage and harm As the long foretold, now unstoppable chain of volcanic eruptions, earth and sea quakes begin, we note this article, which draws attention to the possibility of eruptions of volcanoes on the West Coast. Perhaps the most noteworthy quote in the article… Read More

Effort by MUFON “FX Expert” to duplicate Billy Meier’s UFO photos fails Michael Horn Live, EP 24 Pope Says There Is No Hell More about Smoking Marijuana Huge MUFON “FX Expert” Fail! People Want to Belong Human Brains Grown in Mice MMA & Kindness Online Beauty Salon: Download the App! Wondering about getting a RayGuard? Watch… Read More

Prepare yourself and those you care about for the possible consequences For over 76 years, Billy Meier and the Plejaren have specifically warned about the dangers the world will face from the biggest purveyor of wars, terrorism violence and aggression, i.e. the United States of America. Now, with the insane, unprovoked attacks by US forces… Read More