Dumber than a Rock

From bio chips to nose rings people are led in the wrong direction

Where are all the fundamentalist Christians when we need them? Don’t they want to warn the dumb-as-a-rock employees at the Wisconsin company promoting this sinister “convenience” that they’re about to get the infamous “Mark of the Beast” jammed into their nice little hands, ostensibly to make it easier for them to…shop?*

Seemingly still inspired by George Bush’s “just go shopping” comments after 9/11, these folks are anxious to prove that they’re about as smart as the rest of the cows in the state, and probably less useful. That young people have already been conditioned, in addition to every other form of self-mutilation, to willingly wear rings in their noses and be led around like cows, certainly has emboldened the powers that be to accelerate their time table for enslaving the rest of all-too-compliant masses. [...]  READ MORE

Looking Back at the Coming San Francisco Earthquake

Billy Meier’s photographs of the devastating future SF quake showed cars without rearview mirrors 

I recently contacted some futurists who will be involved in programs at ASU.  While we’re often told that real scientists don’t like the word “prediction”, it seems that it’s actually a key element of what futurists also do.

I’m therefore optimistic that they will evaluate Billy Meier’s predictive and prophetic information with scientific objectivity, especially in light of Prof. Scott Antes’ having paved the way for the Meier case to be presented to, and studied by, students, scientists and professors alike. [...]  READ MORE

Signs of the Coming Sectarian Dictatorships

Defiance of existing constitutions and laws by the religious right presage fulfillment of the Henoch Prophecies

Pat Buchanan often has interesting, if not fully logical commentaries. In this one, he stupidly equates the moral legitimacy of the civil rights movement, which was based on ending discrimination against an entire race of people, with the rights of people to disobey the laws of the land and discriminate against others, based on their religious beliefs.

Buchanan, who’s a right-wing Christian, also thinks it’s religiously justified to discriminate against other people because of what they willingly do with each other, because the beliefs of Christians, based on what an imaginary god, savior, etc., supposedly commands, entitles them to do so. [...]  READ MORE

UPDATE: Why So Many Wildfires, America?

UPDATE: News reports finally begin to mention global warming, overpopulation.

How’s about an answer tailor made for the American mind, “Hey, don’t worry about it! Let’s catch the big game, find out what’s goin’ on with the Kardarshians and buy some lottery tickets!”

And if someone asks, “Didn’t that Swiss guy say something about this too a few years ago?”

You can be sure that most people will say, “Well, it hasn’t burned that far across the country yet. But it sure will be interesting to watch on TV when that one hits.” [...]  READ MORE