May I Suggest SIL and ILS?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s always being disturbed by the cacophonous sounds of constant laughter online, as one after another email rolls in with the gratuitous LOL (lol) included. As we all know by now, this stands for Laughing Out Loud and I suggest that we could do a lot to reduce the noise and racket bombarding us by switching to SIL (Silently I Laugh) or ILS (I Laugh Silently).

Sure, it’s a simple suggestion and there will still be those who think they need to subject everyone to their uncontrollable ripples of laughter, as well as let us know that they’re also rolling on the floor while doing it, etc. But I think most of us will actually welcome the peace and quiet that this simple act of consideration can bring. [...]  READ MORE

Crisis Actors in the new Police State

UPDATE: Alexandra Bruce has another interesting addition to the “crisis actor” element that may be quite an eye-opener if accurate.

I haven’t ever before published someone else’s newsletter on my blog. But I’m going to publish this one from Alexandra Bruce.

I’m not doing so just because she is also promoting my new film, And Did They Listen?. I’m doing it because Alexandra has pointed out an absolutely sickening situation. I’m no fan of conspiracy theories but it looks like the information she published about “crisis actors” is accurate.  If so, we’re looking at the cynical, sickening, power hungry and greedy lengths that the government will go to in order to perpetuate and magnify that control, which then results in a police state. [...]  READ MORE

“…when big parts of the continents disappear”

It seems that yet another of Billy Meier’s prophecies is on its way to fulfillment and of course no one’s paying attention.

In his Warning to All the Governments of Europe, written in 1958, Meier states, in sentence number 127., “And in the Third Millennium when the time comes when big parts of the continents disappear…” While the sentence goes on to say that people would be “creating phantasmagoria, through movies and television, as well as later through a worldwide netting of computers and electronics,” which is also beyond remarkable, we should first notice that there are seven continents on Earth. [...]  READ MORE