As Billy Meier Warned ISIS Danger Not Over

How some “UFO experts” have contributed to the unchecked spread of terrorism

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Despite rosy pronouncements from hype-happy Donald Trump, it appears that ISIS is anything but “defeated”. There are also warnings for the holidays in the US, etc.

As usual, this comes as no surprise to those who’ve read the…real news for some time now, including this.

What’s the UFO Connection?

Now, considering that Billy Meier’s warnings about radical Islamist terrorism date back to 1958, note that all the liars and profiteering parasites mentioned in this recent blog – who indeed have long known about the singular authenticity of the Meier contacts – are as complicit as the government, media, etc., in suppressing these very warnings and  many more.  [...]  READ MORE

Lying “UFO Experts” Exposed

Singular authenticity of Billy Meier UFO contacts bad for business

Phony “UFO experts”, like David Wilcock, Steven Greer, Kevin Randle, Corey Goode, etc.,  do more harm to the truth than the government, as they deliberately suppress knowledge of Billy Meier’s singularly authentic contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrial human race. With their craving for attention and profit at all costs, they spread lies and disinformation to distract from the continuing fulfillment of the Henoch Prophecies[...]  READ MORE

Here Comes the Big Rock

Nothing should bring people together as much as preventing things that can destroy us all

On October 10, 1981, while speaking about the looming destruction to be brought by the Red Meteor, aka asteroid Apophis, the extraterrestrial, Quetzal, says to Billy Meier, “Earth humanity should listen to your words and warnings, but that especially they do not do.”

For the relatively small number of people on Earth who’ve been paying attention, the ceaseless fulfillment of the warnings doesn’t engender optimism. [...]  READ MORE

The Scapegoat

Had Obama known the truth he would have never sought the presidency

In a recent bulletin, Ptaah explained to Billy Meier that President Obama has long had to endure the influence and effective control of various powerful hidden parties…under threat of death to his family and himself:

“Had Obama known this prior to his efforts for the US presidency – I have fathomed very exactly – that he would be forcibly manipulated by his counselors, the militarily mighty ones and secret services, as well as all around him, who decide above his authority matters of the military and political issues of the State, then he would never have tried for the presidency. Unfortunately, the whole is not completely aware to him, so he gives into evil whispers, while on the other hand it is clear to him that he has to do a lot of things, therefore being sneakily influenced, because he knows very well, that this is the only way to protect his life and the life of his family. Had he not acted according to the will of those influencing him, who of course remain in the background, he wouldn’t be alive anymore, as much as under circumstances this applies to his family. [...]  READ MORE

The People Were Warned and SOMEBODY Listened!

The accuracy of Billy Meier’s warnings about the threat of the IS to Europe and beyond are now being recognized

While it’s long been known that the Russians are well aware of and read Billy Meier’s information, it’s interesting and hopeful that a plain spoken American military man, General Michael Flynn , the former head of US military intelligence, is the one to publicly express the essence of Meier’s warnings on RT (Russia Today). His estimates of the growing number of IS terrorists is an exponential progression of what Meier enumerated in 2014. [...]  READ MORE

Skepticism Bears Good Fruit When Truth Prevails

All that’s required is intellectual honesty, instead of pseudoscientific prejudices of skeptical movement

After years of defeating skeptical challenges and attacks, the irony is that Prof. Scott Antes – a skeptical professor – would be the one to open the door for the historic first presentation of the Billy Meier UFO case in an American university, NAU.

Prof. Antes recently sent me this comment, further showing that the right use of skepticism allows, invites and encourages a fair presentation and examination of the facts of the matter (emphasis added): [...]  READ MORE

The Reason for the Paris Attacks: Billy Meier, 1958

Time and again, the people were warned…and did they listen?

Should there be any questions about the specific, prophetic accuracy in Billy Meier’s warnings about Islamist terrorism it should be noted that , even long before 1981, in 1958, Meier stated:

83.) And it will be that fanatical Islamists carry out bloody revenge on the distant descendants of the Christians, for their earlier crusades when they accomplish their deadly and destructive acts through irrepressible terror all over the world. [...]  READ MORE