Stunning New Information About COVID-19 from the Plejaren

Once again, still unknown information about the true scope of the disease is provided in order to help humankind…survive

The following unofficial, unauthorized translations were just received:

731st & 734th Contacts

Each person can draw their own conclusions about the extreme and unprecedented threat this rampantly spreading, mutating disease poses to the survival of all humankind.

Conversation with Doctor from MAYO Clinic

MAYO Clinic Doctor: Real Number Infected 2 – 3 Times Higher Than Listed

On March 30, 2020, former aerospace executive Kenneth Smith had an opportunity to talk face-to-face with Dr. Mark Byrd, of the MAYO Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, regarding the COVID-19virus. [...]  READ MORE

The Plejaren Message on COVID-19

Please join us for updated information on this rampantly spreading pandemic!

We’ve published the most accurate information since February 25Had all of the media sources we sent this information to – had any of the media sources we sent it to –  published and featured it, an untold number of lives could’ve been saved. 

Please join us for this informational event. You will be able to ask questions, etc., AND learn how you can help to disseminate the truth about COVID-19 and…coming events we’ve long been warning about.

I have a limited number of free tickets, please contact me at for more information!

The Key to Our Future Survival

For over 16 years I’ve said that the Billy Meier contacts are the key to our future survival. You have that key now, please use it to unlock the doors of darkness and ignorance that others may also have the chance to learn and to help assure our future survival.

Some of our more than 30 articles on COVID-19:

As I Warned on March 11 Watch the FOOD SUPPLY CDC Documents Prove Billy Meier Right…AGAIN More Meier Info About Longer COVID-19 Incubation CONFIRMED! HERMETICALLY SEALED COVID-19 QUARANTINES ESSENTIAL NOW! Billy Meier Right AGAIN as Virus Can Survive for DAYS New Info WRONG About COVID-19 and Temperatures! AGAIN: New Asia Info Confirms Billy Meier COVID-19 Warnings New England Journal Confirms Meier’s COVID-19 Aerosol Info

Whistleblowers on COVID-19 Frontlines in NYC, LA Reveal CDC Cover-up [...]  READ MORE

They Wouldn’t Listen – More People Died

Greed, denial and apathy continue to extract their deadly toll 

Does this grim news sound familiar? Why have all of our warnings gone unheeded, despite their unfortunately impeccable accuracy? Why, as I learned firsthand, are our various news media so utterly incompetent and disinterested?

And now, suddenly “silent spreaders” are big news. Except that I’d already sent Olivia Messer the following email on March 14:

On Mar 14, 2020, at 11:33 AM, Michael Horn <> wrote: [...]  READ MORE

As I Warned on March 11 Watch the FOOD SUPPLY

There’s no way of sneakin’ ’round that sticky, stubborn ol’ law of cause and effect

More than two weeks ago, I raised questions about situations now being discussed in this just released article:

Workers Critical to World’s Food Supply Are Starting to Fall Ill

…in my March 11 blog. And, as I also pointed out in this video, what Dr. Osterholm said on Joe Rogan’s broadcast has indeed been proven…dangerously wrong.

Cause and Effect

You can simply reverse engineer* the Meier prophecies, and apply the understanding of the immutable law of cause and effect, to better understand not only what’s happened but what’s coming…as the time fulfills. [...]  READ MORE

More Meier Info About Longer COVID-19 Incubation CONFIRMED!

Painfully slowly, world catching up with February 25 Plejaren information 


This Chinese information was just forwarded to me from our friend in NYC:


I just received this information from our dear doctor friend in NYC. Slowly, painfully slowly, the world is catching up with the impeccably accurate warnings from the Plejaren and Billy Meier about the much longer – up to three months – incubation period of this dreaded disease.

Now, if the various governmental and health officials will look in the right direction and implement all of the Plejaren protocols, millions more lives can still be saved. [...]  READ MORE


One month ago the people were warned again…and they still didn’t listen

YOU Are in Danger Now Because of CDC!

I just received this update from the doctor on the frontlines in one of New York City’s besieged, underequipped hospitals, where staff and patients alike are at great risk because of the bureaucratic delays by the CDC’s and hospital administrators’ failure to heed the Plejaren warnings.

This says it all:

From: xxxxx <>
Subject: Hermetically Sealed Quarantines Now!
Date: March 25, 2020 at 10:40:07 AM MST
Hello xxxx –
Michael forwarded your email to me. I am a doctor on the frontlines in NYC and have been aware of the Meier info regarding coronavirus since about 1 month ago and have been trying to warn leadership and our departments on the need to implement the Plejaren protocols (hermetic quarantines for much longer than 2 weeks) right away or else this will be even a bigger disaster.
We need to get Covid pts their own triage/treatment/quarantine space completely separate from hospitals because they are infecting our unprotected healthcare workers and other patients as the Plejaren indicated would happen due to it being so highly contagious and airborne. Unfortunately a young coworker had contracted the virus working diligently and I learned of their passing recently due to coronavirus. This can’t continue to happen to healthcare workers and other patients.
The healthcare workers at all times require full hazmat suits with gloves, boot/shoe covers, goggles and with PAPRs (purified respirators) preferably, since you can inhale this from infected or asymptomatic coronavirus carriers in close proximity, or even in closed ventilation spaces such as the ER department/rooms. Again, as the Plejaren info indicated a month ago in their warnings. This is of vital urgency for all our hospitals/localities to employ if we have any chance of mitigating coronavirus impact on our country.  Or else our frontlines will be gone.
Be in touch.. and stay safe
NYC doc on the frontlines

NOTE: EVERY reader of this information must pressure your hospitals and local officials to heed what this doctor – and the Plejaren – are saying about hermetically sealed quarantines, proper hazmat-type protective equipment, breathing apparatus, etc. You, your families, your communities are all at risk from the incompetent, economically motivated, barely half-measures taken by the CDC, hospital administrators and the rest of bureaucrats who are showing they are unqualified, incapable and incompetent to protect their constituents. [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier Right AGAIN as Virus Can Survive for DAYS

We also need to get way ahead of possible spread by mosquitoes in warmer weather

Once again, the inaccurately titled “news” mainly serves to confirm the information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren, regarding the true facts about the COVID-19 pandemic. In this new article, we learn that the virus can survive not just for hours but up to many days…as was also spelled out on March 16.


Also, the following paragraph caught my eye and perhaps hints at another great cause for concern:

9. Ninethly: An infectious contact can also occur via infected persons that are coughing and sneezing, or by dogs and cats, because also pets can be carriers of the coronavirus. Also, the indirect way of contact infection or smear infection with the virus from items, body surfaces or food on which the infectious air borne droplets have settled, leads to contamination if they subsequently get into the body via the mucous membranes, for example, the mouth, nose or eyes. A transmission via the faecal-oral way and other body excretions is also possible, as is a transmission via infected animals, creatures and house beetles, such as cockroaches and so forth[...]  READ MORE