The self-seeking, grandstanding charade continues. Project Blue Book archives were just released, as many people may now be aware. And one of the funny things is that nowhere in those archives on the website hosted by John Greenewald can I find any mention of…Billy Meier, let alone the photograph of his that the New York Post used when they featured the FoxNews report:

The New York Post used one of Billy Meier's UFO photos form 1975 in their article about Project Blue Book
The New York Post used one of Billy Meier’s UFO photos form 1975 in their article about Project Blue Book

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Isn’t it interesting that one of the preeminent chasers of lights-in-the-sky goes to all the trouble to post the gloriously inconclusive results of Project Blue Book when – for years – I’ve been asking, urging, prodding him to “discover” the Meier case? Unfortunately, I’ve made John very angry for doing so. I apparently showed little respect for his “boy wonder” approach to the field of UFOlogy, which has an implied seal of approval from UFOfficialdom, the powers that be, etc. [...]  READ MORE

An Open Letter to the Human Community

I have often addressed open letters to the UFOCI, i.e. the UFO community and industry (it really is basically a profit-oriented, entertainment and distraction business). Before continuing I’ll ask those parties to honestly evaluate everything else in the entire UFO field compared to the Billy Meier case and see if there are any reasoned conclusions other than:

There is absolutely nothing else of actual, tangible value, or practical significance.

No other incontrovertible evidence of extraterrestrial involvement exists. [...]  READ MORE

The Billy Meier UFO Case: Broadening the Reach

A couple of new items for today.

This new press release on the Billy Meier UFO case:

New Pentagon Report Corroborates Prophetic Information in Recently Released Film 

…already made it onto the Yahoo news wire. The PR company also told me that the image of the WCUFO will flash on their Times Square display. I’m a bit far from NYC so my view of Times Square is a bit obscured. Maybe someone will check it out who’s down there.

I did an interview last night with Adam and Garth, a couple of great guys from Australia that you can check out here[...]  READ MORE