Michael Horn Live, EP 6

Politics, Pretense and the Plague

Tonight’s show topics include:

On bearing false witness in UFOlogy

Sex robots in a world of women boxers

The truth about me and groping

Future Self for those without a future

Tonight’s Quiz

What do all of these items below have in common?

“Cashed Up” Mother Teresa Kept Vatican Bank Afloat

Plague Fears Grow in Malwi

Ban on Killer Robots Urgently Need Say Scientists

260,000-year-old Chinese skull suggests we descend from ASIAN as well as African ancestors

Catastrophic warning about the fate of humanity by 15,000 Scientists [...]  READ MORE

West Pacific, NW Earthquake Warnings

The clock is ticking for the inevitable NW 9.0 earthquake-tsunami foretold by Billy Meier

As many now know, Billy Meier was the first person to specifically warn of a coming 9.0 earthquake, and accompanying tsunami, etc., in 2005. We put out a press release about it, in 2008, when an OSU report contained almost exactly the same warnings.

I recently wrote about Dutchsinse and his remarkably accurate earthquake predictions. He’s so accurate that so-called “scientists”, such as at the USGS, etc. – who should be falling all over themselves to learn and apply his processes for making such precise determinations – are instead, suicidally, greedily, trying to sabotage and suppress him. [...]  READ MORE

More about the Coming NW Quake and Tsunami

The people were warned…and did they listen?

Thanks to Jack Gerlach, the director/producer of The Silent Revolution of Truth, for sending this update in the New Yorker magazine regarding the coming, huge, devastating, NW earthquake and tsunami.

As many already know, Billy Meier published Ptaah’s advance warning about it three years before OSU’s “official” announcement containing some but not all of the same information.

And of course there’s still the coming eruption of the Cumbre Viela volcano at La Palma in the Canary Islands. [...]  READ MORE


Certainty. On a…certain level, don’t we all love it? Certainty and the sense of security it can bring seem to be quite important to human beings. Even certainty about bad, negative, unpleasant things seems to take some of the anxiety away in some cases.

Personally speaking, I’ve been fascinated with esoteric and divination systems that seemed to offer some certainty, such as the I Ching, personality typing systems like Briggs-Myers, the Enneagram and astrology, etc. It’s paradoxical though that the only certainty about security I’ve known most of my life is in living with a lack of the kind most people strive to attain, i.e. a career or job wherein they are, at least for a time, guaranteed steady income, etc. [...]  READ MORE

Reminder to Keep an Eye on Cumbre Vieja Volcano

This news seems to have been missed by many major news-reporting services:

Volcano Eruption Fears – El Hierro Canary Island Following Earthquakes

So it may be a good idea to note this information from Billy Meier regarding the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma. There will be an approximately six-hour window of opportunity to flee areas on the east coast of the U.S., should the eruption and tsunami occur. The time frames are much shorter in various countries closer to where the event will occur. [...]  READ MORE

Fox News Now Warning about Possible NW Quake

Geologist Jim Berkland was recently interviewed by Fox news, as they joined the list of those who are now concerned about a possible earthquake and tsunami in the Pacific Northwest.

So far as I know, Billy Meier was the first to publish warnings about this event, which we all hope still lies far in the future. However, even Berkland is concerned that this scenario may be imminent.

Perhaps attention will now also be paid to the threat of the Cubre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands, which the Plejaren told Meier was also a prediction, i.e. certain to erupt in the future. [...]  READ MORE