Revisiting the UFO Contactee & Experiencer Delusion

Shamelessly thrusting and quacking their way to the stars

In case you’re wondering (and you should be) why Chinese children excel in school consider that they don’t seem to waste their time on a favorite, delusional pastime of many westerners, i.e. UFOlogy.

Now that the UFO topic has gained widespread interest, and some degree of credibility, there’s an increase in the glut of escapists, imbeciles and profiteers who think (or want you to think) that they’ve been contacted, probed, abducted and deducted by “aliens”. [...]  READ MORE


Pentagon and US Navy Officially Confirm UFOs

According to Christopher Mellon, former United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence at the Pentagon, UFOs of extraterrestrial origin definitely exist.

The US Navy has also just gone on record unequivocally stating that they have proof that the UFOs are real.

Definitive Corroboration of UFO Contact

Billy Meier’s pre-digital era photographic and other UFO evidence has been analyzed and authenticated by independent experts using state-of-the-art technologies:

The Billy Meier UFO contacts were recently featured on the #1 podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience: [...]  READ MORE