Billy Meier UFO Case Censored Again. Why?

Radio interview pulled, producer cites unspecified “safety issues”

As many of you know by now, I did an interview with Natalie-Marie Hart that experienced unprecedented technical difficulties. Natalie-Marie’s producer (her mother) said, “You should write about the technical issues that happened. First the voice, and then the second time we do the interview the video causes trouble. Please write a blog post about this. It needs to get out there.”

Things got fuzzier when we were told that it wasn’t removed by YouTube but by her producer because of – never specified – “safety issues”.  So suddenly an interview that they had been very excited to present to Natalie-Marie’s audience, because I was a “wonderful guest”,  is…censored instead. Why? [...]  READ MORE

The Mystery of the Disappearing UFO Video

If it pops back up on YouTube – which says it’s a “strange” situation – the issue may be resolved

As I reported in this earlier article about doing my interview with 16-year-old radio host Natalie-Marie regarding the Billy Meier UFO case, we experienced unprecedented technical difficulties for about 2 ½ hours. Strangely enough, the technical difficulties didn’t stop there. Not too long after the interview was posted online comments from some viewers on the YouTube channel weren’t getting posted or visible. [...]  READ MORE

Have the Whistleblowers Run out of Air? Part 2

Whistleblowing doesn’t always have to take a form that makes the person a direct target of powerful forces

The concerns I expressed in Part 1 are not limited to the Billy Meier UFO case of course. In fact, the dangers of the ubiquitous use of destructive pesticides and irresponsible GMO from companies like Monsanto and others is either under reported or considered to be a fringe topic. When whistleblower scientists have tried to bring the truth forward they’ve been harshly attacked for their efforts. [...]  READ MORE

New Radio Interview with UK UFO Skeptics

The truth is often a bit too daunting to deal with

At the links for the  May 15 show (Part 1 here. Part 2 here. Part 3 here.) you will find a three-part interview about the Billy Meier UFO case with Howard Hughes in the UK. While the show is primarily about so called-called paranormal and UFO matters, etc., I think you may find that being presented with the opportunity to determine the truth for oneself often proves difficult for those who profess to want to know it, as this article also pointed out some time ago. [...]  READ MORE

New Radio Show for Billy Meier UFO Case Q & A

Michael Horn is on Real Astrology with Matthew Deagle, on Rense Radioto discuss the Billy Meier’s Extraterrestrial Contacts

Real Astrology with Matthew Deagle will feature Michael Horn every Friday every Friday from 12 – 1 p.m. Pacific Time, 3 – 4 p.m. Eastern Time.

Before each Friday interview, listeners are welcome to send questions regarding the Billy Meier Extraterrestrial Contacts, the ‘Teaching of the Spirit, Teaching of the Truth, Teaching of Life’, as well the latest developments in the USA connected with the spreading of the spirit-teaching. [...]  READ MORE

ASU Law School Deans Fail Ethics Test, Part 2

SecpThose who bring our own misconduct and mistakes to our attention, so that we can quickly correct it, are our real friends

There’s been a good deal of behind the scenes turmoil since I posted Part 1., where I documented my attempts to bring what, in my opinion, is ethically unacceptable behavior by Andy Vrbicek, a law student at ASU, to the attention of his professors and school. To some this was viewed as a strange, even frivolous thing to do, i.e. to actually address such conduct to the school, etc. [...]  READ MORE

A Quantitative Assessment of Evidence in Three Cases

An objective look at what constitutes credible, scientific evidence

Below is a simple graph that gives a quantitative assessment of three famous cases, indicated for the time being by the letters R, P and M.

Quantitative Evidence

Click image to enlarge.

The purpose is to show how many categories of evidence each of these cases have for considering in determining their authenticity.

The first column establishes if there has been independent scientific evaluation and authentication of the evidence.

In the next blog we will elaborate on this, the scientific method and also explore how much belief may be involved in any or all of these cases. In the meantime, you can speculate on which cases these are. [...]  READ MORE