Popular Mechanics Pushes UFO Mumbo-Jumbo

The government squeezes out UFO disinformation through a Vice  

As pointed out before there’s a sudden interest on the part of the government to “come clean”, to reveal the “truth” about UFOs, blah, blah. It’s helped to make UFOs a trendy topic for uninformed, short attention span people to offer their meaningless opinions about online.

This calculated shift away from the marginalization of UFOs to making it a more “serious” topic may have started with the introduction of the TTSA , a profit-oriented organization that features a dopey rock singer and a bunch of “former” spooks anxious to lead you further down the black hole of disinformation and distraction.  [...]  READ MORE

UFO Liars, Fakes, Phonies and Frauds Revealed!

To honestly acknowledge and inform people about Meier would end their careers and render them irrelevant

New Short Video!

Here, in my opinion, are some of the people and organizations claiming factual knowledge about and/or contact with extraterrestrial beings and their craft, who are liars and frauds:

David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Richard Dolan, Barbara Hand Clow, Steven Greer, Paola Harris, Michael Salla, Stephen Bassett, Emory Smith, Barbara Marciniak, Jacques Vallée, Tom DeLonge, James Gilliland, Alex Collier, Leslie Kean, Linda Moulton Howe, Mary Rodwell, Jordan Sather, Ryan Sprague, Nick Pope,  Grant Cameron, Bob Lazar, John Greenewald, Jeremy Corbell, MUFON, David Icke, Peter Slattery, Michael Schratt, GAIA, IUFOC, OpenMinds, TTSA,  etc. [...]  READ MORE

US Navy Releases New UFO Information!

Dabblers and hobbyists delight in being misled and feeling self-important    Recent US Navy reports pertaining to UFOs, as discussed by disinformation spreading intelligence operative Luis Elizondoare among the latest offerings designed to further seduce gullible people into worrying about “a potential threat” from “aliens”, etc.

Michael Horn at Dulce Base

October 7, 2017, three-hour presentation on Billy Meier UFO contacts

Michael Horn at Dulce Base

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Dulce, New Mexico

A three-hour, multi-media presentation on the Billy Meier UFO contacts will be given by Michael Horn, the American representative for the Meier contacts. Still ongoing – for more than 75 years! – these are the only scientifically proven, singularly authentic UFO contacts.

Topics include:

Ironclad UFO & ET Evidence · Prophecies & Predictions · Defeat of the Skeptical Challenge [...]  READ MORE

The Sad, Cynical Legacy of Stanton Friedman

A testament to the pursuit of profit over truth, fueled by intellectual dishonesty and cowardice

The email exchanges below will tell the story of what happens when a self-satisfied, profit-oriented member of the UFOCI pretends to want to know the truth about the Billy Meier UFO contacts, until he sees that the truth would crush him, his pretenses and…book sales. Unaware of what the listeners already determined about his credibility and competence, he further reveals his contempt for their intelligence in the second debate. [...]  READ MORE

MUFON, UFOCI Force Cancellation of Billy Meier UFO Case Event!

The truth is too much to bear for those who only seek to profit, mislead and disinform

You read that correctly. My upcoming presentation of “The Billy Meier UFO Case: What the UFO Cover-up Is Really All About”, in Kansas City, has been cancelled because of pressure put on the organizer and promoter, Margie Kay, by MUFON and other members of the UFOCI.

Margie also told me that these parties tried to convince her that they had “irrefutable evidence that some of the photos of the supposed alien beings are actually photos from a Dean Martin episode in the 1960’s”, which I was able to quickly refute with this information[...]  READ MORE