NASA Fatally Wrong about Asteroid Apophis

Space agency’s miscalculations greatly underestimate real threat

While the dire reality of the environmental destruction is staggering to consider, there’s another massive threat to the planet and human survival. NASA recently took the opportunity to disagree with Elon Musk’s concern about a threat to the planet from asteroids, and then to specifically dismiss concerns about asteroid Apophis.

Both times NASA greatly – and dangerously incorrectly – minimized the actual threat of Apophis impacting Earth. [...]  READ MORE

Let’s Give the UFO Skeptics Another Chance

After 18 years maybe they’re ready to stop denying the truth 

New Short Video Introduction!

It’s been 18 years since I first challenged the professional skeptics to back up their claims that the Billy Meier UFO contacts, and the evidence therein, was an “easily duplicated hoax”. Their continued failure to duplicate Meier’s still irreproducible UFO evidence, substantiate their claims, etc., is their legacy.

Skeptics don’t seem to abide by recognized scientific standards when confronted with evidence that challenges the underlying prejudices that motivated them to become – and define themselves as – skeptics…and not scientists. Also lacking the requisite ethical standards, they feel no need to apologize for wrongly trashing a man’s character and reputation when they are proved wrong. [...]  READ MORE

Proof Chemtrails Killing Brain Cells!

Extensive research into chemtrails proved to have deadly, unforeseen consequences


Some people failed to understand that the article below was…satire, spoofing the numbskulls who’ve gotten all hot and bothered about the so-called “chemtrails”, “geoengineering” and other nonsense concocted by confused pseudoscientists who play upon people’s ignorance largely for self-promotion, celebrity status, profit, etc. Please read this information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren pertaining to all this idiocy and…have a good laugh at the article below. See also this short video about, well, human stupidity.

My own interest in, and photographs of, the spraying of highly toxic aluminum and barium, commonly called chemtrails, date back to 2002.

For the uninitiated, these photographs, taken while I lived within just two miles of LAX – a major staging area for thousands of suspicious flights – reveal the insidious crisscross patterns of the chemtrails, made all the more sinister by the clearly intended message of the patternmakers themselves: “We will cross you out completely.” [...]  READ MORE

The Complete 1981 Petale Prophecies

For the courageous minority that can handle the truth and value their own survival

An extraterrestrial human race has been in contact with one man on earth for almost 80 years. Their purpose has been to help us assure our own very threatened future survival, without directly interfering in our lives.

As a consequence of having allowed centuries of false leadership, self-enslavement to politics and religion, humankind has plunged itself into endless bloody conflicts. Disregarding the laws of nature, we’ve also set in motion now unstoppable environmental destruction.

For many, it will be a painful realization that no one is coming to save us from ourselves and that we are solely responsible for rectifying the situation and healing ourselves and our planet.

A Warning

Recently, FIGU Australia published this very disturbing article that contained a portion of the 1981 Petale prophecies, which I originally read in 1986. While it seemed incomprehensible at the time, unfortunately it no longer does and there’s actually quite a bit more specific prophetic information in it that pertains to you and…everyone on Earth.

When one reads the rest of the information, their first reactions may be despair, confusion, disbelief, hopelessness, etc. However, allowing oneself to dwell in such states is pointless and irresponsible. [...]  READ MORE

The Annunaki Ancient Alien B.S.

The Plejaren explain the real truth about the Sumerians and Nibiru

It’s no secret that the UFO/extraterrestrial and New Age topics are replete with disinformation, utter nonsense and bizarre fabrications of all kind, as also promoted by equally inept “experts”.

One of the more popular, and uncritically accepted, myths that blends New Age doubletalk and extraterrestrial misinformation is that of the so-called Annunaki, their planet Nibiru and all sorts of lore about the mining of gold on Earth for the purpose of protecting their planet because of a damaged atmosphere, etc. [...]  READ MORE

As the Storms Fulfill

We’ve already gone from climate change to climate destruction

Another mega-storm is expected to hit and whether this one meets or falls short of expectations, the long-foretold increase in frequency and intensity of all manifestations of manmade “unnatural climate change” are upon us and, at their core, caused by overpopulation.

Of course, some “scientists” know better. And it’s their idiocy, denial and personal political-economic agenda that has contributed to ignoring and postponing the recognition of the seriousness of the situation. [...]  READ MORE

Patriot Watch Media Interviews Michael Horn

As we approach 2020, the Billy Meier UFO contacts hold the key to our future survival

We did this interview yesterday and it shows that the Billy Meier UFO contacts contain information that’s appealing and important for all people who are seeking the truth. I’m grateful to Patriot Watch Media for inviting me to participate in a thoughtful and engaging exchange of ideas.

Many of us agree on the nature and severity of the problems we face in the world today and in our personal lives. As we approach this critical turning point, I’m glad to be able to point to the most effective solutions to those problems, which are contained in the non-religious, belief-free spiritual teaching, which is the key to our future survival. [...]  READ MORE