Billy Meier UFO Film Now Available Internationally

Meier’s long-foretold prophecies of war and ecological disaster have begun

The award-winning film, And Did They Listen?, is now available as VOD through Amazon in the US, UK, Germany/Austria, Japan.

With this breakthrough, hopefully more people, worldwide, will become aware of the Billy Meier case and it’s information that is so crucial to our future survival. Please feel free to watch and rate it on the sites.


In contrast, last August, I taped a Beyond Belief show for GaiaTV with George Noory. In our first face-to-face interview, Noory openly and emphatically expressed his amazement over Meier’s stunningly clear, still irreproducible UFO photos and films. He also made it known that he was blown away by Meier’s prophetic accuracy. I was told that the show would air within a couple of months…though it still hasn’t. GaiaTV is the channel that promotes liars and frauds like Corey Goode and David Wilcock. Of course, since they don’t have a single piece of evidence to back up their delusional claims, my guess is that showing an interview where Noory is visibly impressed with Meier’s very impressive UFO photos and prophetically accurate information, was probably deemed to be…bad for business, the disinformation and distraction business, to be precise. [...]  READ MORE

Corroboration: Changes in the Speed of Light

Scientists now suggest speed of light not a constant, maybe variable

With the help of our readers I’ll be publishing new corroborations of Billy Meier’s scientific and world event related prophetic information as they are occur and are provided.

Meier’s earliest calculations and information correcting our understanding about the speed of light were published in Contact 119, in 1979, well before the recent theory propounded by a team of scientists from the UK and Canada.

While I am daring to call this a corroboration, skeptics will rightly state that the theory is unproven as yet. However, based on statistical probabilities, i.e. the impeccable record of prophetically accurate scientific information provided by Meier and the Plejaren, it’s a pretty safe bet our scientists are on their way to catching up. [...]  READ MORE

New Radio Interview with UK UFO Skeptics

The truth is often a bit too daunting to deal with

At the links for the  May 15 show (Part 1 here. Part 2 here. Part 3 here.) you will find a three-part interview about the Billy Meier UFO case with Howard Hughes in the UK. While the show is primarily about so called-called paranormal and UFO matters, etc., I think you may find that being presented with the opportunity to determine the truth for oneself often proves difficult for those who profess to want to know it, as this article also pointed out some time ago. [...]  READ MORE

NEW: Michael Horn Online TV Show

The first episode of my new online TV show is here. It’s being hosted and produced by More Talk in the UK.

We recorded four shows and this is the first.  A few things. There’s nothing like seeing and hearing yourself to cause one to start making notes. I haven’t seen or heard this or any of the four shows we recorded before they’re put up, so I know I’ll make some changes as to how I do the next ones.

I certainly intend to focus more on the spiritual teaching and its application in everyday life so sending me questions/challenges for upcoming shows is welcomed. Just to be clear, I’m not directly involved in the production process, i.e. the banners, choice of some images, etc. The background also should be a bit less cluttered from the fifth show on. So I hope to improve and grow the show, I may even decide to breathe between sentences, etc. Please feel free to share it with anyone interested. [...]  READ MORE

Balancing the Ledger with MUFON

As I have been unhesitatingly critical of the MUFON organization and their nonsensical focus on chasing lights in the sky – while they know and actively suppress knowledge and information about the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case – it’s truly nice to be able to say that there are those in the organization who are more than willing to openly discuss it.

In much the same way as I enjoyed balancing the ledger, so to speak, in regards to acknowledging the two UK skeptics who interviewed me on their show, I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to discuss the Meier information with MUFON member Lorien Fenton on her show. [...]  READ MORE

A Delightful Encounter with Two…Skeptics

I’ve certainly had numerous encounters with skeptics over the past dozen years. In a sense I’m always surprised that people bother to identify themselves as skeptics, when simply considering oneself to be….scientifically minded should be sufficient. After all, science and scientific principles are sufficient when applied in examining all claims, new discoveries, etc.

Skepticism implies that there is a belief system in need of special protection; that some subjects, and associated claims, must be subject to special attention because, should they be true, they would destroy the beliefs, views, paradigms, etc., of the self-proclaimed skeptics. Something is either true or it isn’t. [...]  READ MORE