Meier’s long-foretold prophecies of war and ecological disaster have begun The award-winning film, And Did They Listen?, is now available as VOD through Amazon in the US, UK, Germany/Austria, Japan. With this breakthrough, hopefully more people, worldwide, will become aware of the Billy Meier case and it’s information that is so crucial to our future… Read More

Scientists now suggest speed of light not a constant, maybe variable As mentioned in this previous blog, with the help of our readers I’ll be publishing new corroborations of Billy Meier’s scientific and world event related prophetic information as they are provided. Meier’s earliest calculations and information correcting our understanding about the speed of light were… Read More

The truth is often a bit too daunting to deal with At the links for the  May 15 show (Part 1 here. Part 2 here. Part 3 here.) you will find a three-part interview about the Billy Meier UFO case with Howard Hughes in the UK. While the show is primarily about so called-called paranormal and UFO matters, etc., I think you may… Read More

The first episode of my new online TV show is here. It’s being hosted and produced by More Talk in the UK. We recorded four shows and this is the first.  A few things. There’s nothing like seeing and hearing yourself to cause one to start making notes. I haven’t seen or heard this or any… Read More

As I have been unhesitatingly critical of the MUFON organization and their nonsensical focus on chasing lights in the sky – while they know and actively suppress knowledge and information about the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case – it’s truly nice to be able to say that there are those in the… Read More

I’ve certainly had numerous encounters with skeptics over the past dozen years. In a sense I’m always surprised that people bother to identify themselves as skeptics, when simply considering oneself to be….scientifically minded should be sufficient. After all, science and scientific principles are sufficient when applied in examining all claims, new discoveries, etc. Skepticism implies… Read More