Ötzi Gives Skeptics Ulcers and Fits

New discoveries support Billy Meier’s information on accidental death of 5,100-year-old Iceman

Several years ago, when I first published information from the Billy Meier case pertaining to his advance knowledge of the discovery of, and specific details about, the so-called Iceman Mummy, skeptics were of course quick to try to debunk it. They apparently didn’t learn anything from the royal drubbing their fellow skeptics gave themselves, when they tried to debunk Meier’s Jupiter information…and ended up corroborating it instead[...]  READ MORE

UPDATE: New Information on 5,100 Year-Old Iceman

Scientists reported new findings in the case of Ötzi (or Urk, as he was referred to by the Pleajren), the 5,100 year-old iceman whose mummified body was discovered in 1991.

The scientists now say that, based on newly discovered evidence that he had eaten a large meal within an hour of his death, previous conclusions that he had been involved in a long, intense chase before his death appeared to be incorrect.

The new conclusions could support the information from the Plejaren given to, and published by, Billy Meier. According to the Plejaren, who gave Meier the information several months before the iceman’s body was found – and 10 years before the cause of death from a skull injury and an arrowhead in his back was discovered – his death was accidental and didn’t involve any form of conflict. [...]  READ MORE