The Billy Meier UFO Case: Broadening the Reach

A couple of new items for today.

This new press release on the Billy Meier UFO case:

New Pentagon Report Corroborates Prophetic Information in Recently Released Film 

…already made it onto the Yahoo news wire. The PR company also told me that the image of the WCUFO will flash on their Times Square display. I’m a bit far from NYC so my view of Times Square is a bit obscured. Maybe someone will check it out who’s down there.

I did an interview last night with Adam and Garth, a couple of great guys from Australia that you can check out here[...]  READ MORE

MUFON and the Henoch Prophecies

The inevitable result of putting profit above the truth

Here’s my latest TV show, in which I delve into MUFON, the connection to the Henoch Prophecies and how I think that far from just being an innocuous, distracting and misinforming organization, MUFON’s actions – and its now very obvious complicity with the CIA and State Department – are a real factor in suppressing information that could have allowed, let alone assisted, many, many people to have known the real truth…long ago. [...]  READ MORE

You Can’t Handle the TRUTH

Well those funny fellas at “OpenMinds” are at it again.

Our friend Sheila informed me about this page, where I managed to submit one post before I was…banned.

I found out that I was banned when I tried to respond to Alejandro Rojas’s post claiming that I was “vague”. Of course he didn’t want this to be seen by anyone and  open the door to further refutation of all of the disinformation about the Billy Meier UFO case that is a very  significant part, perhaps the central purpose, of their agenda: [...]  READ MORE

The Billy Meier UFO Case: No Reasonable Doubt

In my recent article I explained why I think that Billy Meier’s prophetic information about the Ebola epidemic, in the Henoch Prophecies, is evidence of the authenticity of those prophecies and one of several pieces of evidence which, independently and collectively authenticate the entirety of the case.

While there are skeptics who don’t agree it seems to me that they demonstrate the inability to think comprehensively, realistically, logically and deductively. It’s common for them to overtly or implicitly accuse Meier of backdating or retrodicting his information. They cite the lack of some original, verifiable texts as sufficient evidence in itself to dismiss the claims that the texts were indeed published when Meier said that they were. [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier’s Ebola Epidemic Prediction

There are issues about my support for the Henoch Prophecies (HP) and for stating that things like the Ebola information constitute actual, substantial evidence that would prove their authenticity. In order to explain this, a number of factors will be discussed.

The Ebola information doesn’t exist as an isolated piece of information. It exists in a large body of very unambiguous, specific information. And, as Subhabrata has shown, the HP didn’t foretell the existence of Ebola, it specifically foretold the Ebola epidemic. And of course that’s preceded by, “Not only AIDS will occur worldwide in the 1990s, but also epidemics such as the so-called ‘mad cow disease’, i.e., BSE, out of which different strains of Creutzfeldt–Jakob syndrome will develop, lasting well into the new millennium.” That is extremely specific information. [...]  READ MORE

The Beall and…End All of the Matter

Dear Mr. Beall,

Mr. David Scott forwarded your responses* to his email to me because I’m well qualified to answer, and correct, your erroneous assumptions. I understand that certain MUFON personnel are volunteers and essentially hobbyists, as your comments to David also indicate, so I’ll keep my responses appropriate to that level of understanding.

I’m sure you can appreciate the difference between an amateur level of knowledge and experience and that of the team of professional investigators into the Billy Meier UFO case, such as Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens and Lee and Brit Elders, whose efforts resulted in the first expert authentications of Meier’s evidence (by people like Michael Malin, NASA Mars Mission, etc.), as well as my own 35 years of research and investigation including interviewing Meier, numerous eyewitnesses, other photographers and family members, visiting the actual locations where Meier took his stunningly clear, still irreproducible UFO photos, etc., on my 14 trips to Switzerland. [...]  READ MORE