An Anti-Matter, Right-Wing, Crying Fruitcake Competition

See what happens when pudgy religious hysterics try to out weep each other!

Rarely have we seen such irrationality from passionate political pundits as the recent Cheeto self-dermabrasion facial by Glenn Beck. But Beck’s ablution didn’t go unnoticed by Alex Jones, who tried to one-up him by using one of Beck’s own signature emotional breakdowns, baby babbling and crying-on-camera while invoking Sky Daddy to protect this great (presumably all-Christian) nation, and Jones and his children. It was an anti-matter moment as Jones broke down, nearly unintelligible himself, as he called Beck demon-possessed. Demons, in case you didn’t know, are the equally imaginary, equally human-created, dirty tricks team of the equally imaginary Satan, the nemesis of the equally imaginary God Guy. [...]  READ MORE

Skepticism Bears Good Fruit When Truth Prevails

All that’s required is intellectual honesty, instead of pseudoscientific prejudices of skeptical movement

After years of defeating skeptical challenges and attacks, the irony is that Prof. Scott Antes – a skeptical professor – would be the one to open the door for the historic first presentation of the Billy Meier UFO case in an American university, NAU.

Prof. Antes recently sent me this comment, further showing that the right use of skepticism allows, invites and encourages a fair presentation and examination of the facts of the matter: [...]  READ MORE

Breakthroughs in the Billy Meier UFO Case

A skeptical professor opens the door to Billy Meier UFO case at Northern Arizona University and other news from 2015

Almost 15 years after I first challenged the international professional skeptics regarding the Billy Meier UFO case, a skeptical professor, Prof. Scott Antes, opened the door to the historic first presentation at an American university, NAU. This was not only the culmination of many years of efforts to get the information into a university setting but it was also the beginning of what will still be a long journey until when truth prevails…finally. [...]  READ MORE

A Quantitative Assessment of Evidence in Three Cases

An objective look at what constitutes credible, scientific evidence

Below is a simple graph that gives a quantitative assessment of three famous cases, indicated for the time being by the letters R, P and M.

Quantitative Evidence

Click image to enlarge.

The purpose is to show how many categories of evidence each of these cases have for considering in determining their authenticity.

The first column establishes if there has been independent scientific evaluation and authentication of the evidence.

In the next blog we will elaborate on this, the scientific method and also explore how much belief may be involved in any or all of these cases. In the meantime, you can speculate on which cases these are. [...]  READ MORE

Unfit to Lead

If prayer doesn’t work after a few millennia, go shopping

As the circus comes to town, as it does every four years, we are treated to the latest crop of unwise, slickly groomed, polished panderers who vie to hold the reigns of power.

Even while the long foretold prophecies unfold, now encroaching on the comfort and sensibilities of the citizens here, the predictable platitudes are uttered so as to gain favor in the eyes of the voters.

Let’s Pretend

Two candidates, Rand Paul and Chris Christie, have jumped at the opportunity to criticize those who would dare point out that the emperor, or in this case the Guy-in-the-Sky, has no clothes. You see, both Paul and Christie strongly endorse hurling prayers heavenward to an imaginary deity to fix everything and are very critical of those who think otherwise. In light of the non-existent Supreme Being’s abysmal track record of zillions of unanswered prayers spanning millennia, the illogic of such things should now, more than ever, be screamingly apparent. [...]  READ MORE

George Noory Publishes Billy Meier Prophecies on C2C

Meier’s prophetic and predictive information now available to Noory’s worldwide audience

True to his word, George Noory has posted documentation pertaining to Billy Meier’s prophetic information on the C2C website. Noory had volunteered to post the information during his interview of Michael Horn on November 23.

This precedent-setting opportunity gives free access to Meier’s voluminous information, corroborated prophecies, predictions and authenticated UFO evidence, more people worldwide can now discover and research the long suppressed and singularly authentic contacts between Meier and the Pleajren extraterrestrials, spanning almost three-quarters of a century. [...]  READ MORE