Sotheby’s Sells Billy Meier UFO Photos for $16,500!

Buyer scammed, same photos available for years…for only a few dollars!


We, the people of earth, need to get our priorities straight, though it appears that time has completely run out for such a possibility to occur. Our first impulse is to try to profit financially from any and everything that comes our way…including the best evidence of extraterrestrial space travelers we’ve ever seen.

Sotheby’s Auctions Billy Meier UFO Photos

Naturally, when speaking about such evidence, we’re automatically referring to Billy Meier’s UFO photos from the 1970s. [...]  READ MORE

18,000-Year-Old Dog Bites Scientists!

Rabies are least of worries, dried out Kibble also found


A cute little, 18,000-year-old dog or wolf pup may appear to be a fascinating, delightful find but it’s bad news for scientists and others who are climate deniers.

The reason it’s bad news is that it’s another indication of the, mainly ignored, melting of the permafrost in places like Siberia which, just because we don’t see or know about it, is still occurring.

Please see this article, from 10 years ago, as a reminder of that which is now already underway, increasing and…unstoppable. As is almost entirely untaught, worldwide, there’s a little thing called the Law of Cause and Effect, an immutable law that Billy Meier has been effectively writing about in his environmental warnings for a long time. [...]  READ MORE