About ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM)

Billy Eduard Albert Meier BEAM
‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM)

“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier was born on February 3, 1937, in Bülach/Zurich, Switzerland.

NOTE: In addition to being the only scientifically proven UFO contactee, Billy Meier is the source of the most abundant, specific prophetically accurate scientific and world event related information. There are now well over 200  prophecies and predictions from Meier that have been corroborated.

He had his first extraterrestrial contacts at the age of five with Sfath who was from from Erra (Pleiades/Plejaren), from 1942 to 1953.

From 1953 to 1964 his contacts were with Asket from a sister universe to our own called the DAL universe.

Then from 1975 to 1986 his contacts were with Semjase and Ptaah and Quetzal.

The Pleiadians/Plejarens and their confederates are human beings with physical bodies and look very much like the people on Earth, with the exception of some minor anatomical differences, especially regarding the confederates. They live for 1,000 years, approximately.

Their home planet — somewhat smaller than Earth — is called Erra. Its population is about 500 million people, while the entire federation has a population of 120 billion.

The Pleiades / Plejaren are not identical with the Pleiades we can see on the night sky. They are 80 light-years beyond the Pleiades in another space-time configuration (another dimension).

The Pleiadian/Plejarens’ consciousness (“spirit”) and technology are much more highly developed than here on Earth.

The Pleiadians/Plejarens and the people on Earth have the same ancestors, but have developed separately.

From 1975 until August 19, 2003, there have been 632 personal and 748 telepathic contacts with Pleiadian/Plejaran extraterrestrials and members of their Federation. The contacts are still on-going.

More then 347 contacts have been documented and available as contact reports. As of 2003, 16 volumes of Contact Notes, each consists of 200 pages, are available (German only) Some of the subject matters discussed are: Creation and its creations, origin of the universe, earth history, science, astronomy, spirituality, reincarnation, genetic engineering, terrestrial religions, human evolution, spiritual teachings, interplanetary space flight, galactic federation, extraterrestrial origin and visitation to Earth, telepathy, overpopulation on Earth, destruction of the environment, male-female relationships, government and military cover-ups, and many more.

Hundreds of photos taken of beamships and their landing tracks, among other things Photographs of 5 different variations of spacecraft, from 3.5 to 7 meter, usually piloted by humans.

Other spacecraft and telemeter discs are remotely controlled and have also been photographed on several occasions. There also exist huge spaceships for traveling through space.

There are photographs of single or multiple objects, day and night settings, above and below horizon line.

There exist video and super 8 footage. Film analyzed by electron microscope, laser scanning and computer functions, thermogram edge identification, Z scale contour, density and film grain inspection, processed by electron microscope,microdensitometer, infraredometer, vidicon tube, digitizer, image process computer equipment.

Different segments of 8 mm motion picture film

The films show variations in flight of ships; multiple craft appearances; instantaneous spatial translations by space craft; portions of the films have been analyzed in frame by frame format.

4 metal, 1 biological and 9 mineral and crystal samples

Metal analysis was described thoroughly in video tape format (Beamship the Metal). It showed that the metal was made by a cold fusion process. This technology is not yet known by terrestrial metallurgy.

A 20 minutes sound recording of a beamship’s whirring sound

The sound recordings of a non-shielded beamship was taken in the presence of several witnesses who heard the deafening noise, but weren’t able to observe the ship that was screened from sight. The loud whirring sound could be heard for more than 4 kilometers as was confirmed by persons who soon arrived at the location.

The scientific investigation showed that the sound is comprised of many tones/frequencies with unusual anomalies and rapid changes in tone and frequencies. Download the Beamship sound!

Landing tracks

Depending on the type of beamship there could be seen 1 or 3 landing tracks. When three, they were 120 degrees apart, circular; grass was depressed in counterclockwise rotational direction, visible for months after landing occurred. Both existing and new grass were affected.


In addition to “Billy” Meier there are more than 70 people who have witnessed the evidence regarding the Pleiadians / Plejarens, their beamships, or Billy himself.

Also see: http://figu.org


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Paulo Cezar Silva de Oliveira

Como faço para obter a o talmud em inglês? Para eu poder comparar com a versão em português que tenho.

Taro Istok

It’s becoming increasingly easier to virtually visit Meier’s UFO photo locations, now. One can much more readily observe just how difficult it would have been, for even two-armed individuals to devise a method to produce such photo series with small models.



Messages from those advances peoples that serve The Conferderation of Planets and Our One Infinite Creator.
We have made our appeal to the heads of your world government, to all of your world leaders. We have made great offers to them, but our offers are the offers that would improve the masses, improve your scientific achievements, allow you to live a new life, one of grandeur and of beauty, but due to your customs, your economic structure, your monetary system, they who have the power in hands, are not willing to sacrifice their power to benefit the multitudes. Now we come to you the people, the power is in your hands. We do not advocate violence, but by making your choice to serve in the everlasting love and light, we can and will direct you in the ways of love and light, and through these methods, you can bring about the conditions that you desire. https://www.llresearch.org/origins/mcu/Mcu_volume_01.aspx

Melissa Osaki

Hi Paul,

Maybe you’re unaware, but according to Billy and the Plejaren, channeling is nonsense. Also, it’s a pretty good indication of fraud when they are referring to Creation as the father. Creation is both negative and positive, hence it has no gender.

Use your first and last name when commenting. Thanks.

Brigitte de Roch

Also channelers are pretty religious so it’s a dead duck as they say in English.

Majid Razavi

Hello Michael, thank you for spreading the word of truth.
One question: What did Billy say or publish about child vaccination. My friends son contracted autism after his inoculation shots. Is there a way to help this child back to health?
Please advise. Thank you


Hi Majid,

You can see a response to the issue about vaccines here: http://www.theyfly.com/new-questions-answers-billy-meier

I’m not medically qualified and don’t have any reliable knowledge or advice that I could offer but I do know that there are groups and individuals online very much involved in this question and discussing how to deal with it. It’s a tricky issue because of course it’s a very emotional one as well and I don’t think there are universally agreed upon answers. Nonetheless, it may help your friend to begin that search, if they haven’t already.