SETI’s Seth Shostak Asks “So what ever happened to Michael Horn?”

Agency can’t find small statured, bald terrestrial life form; doesn’t bode well for search for ET


From: Seth Shostak <>
Date: Fri, Feb 26, 2021, 9:16 PM
Subject: RE: Confirmed Existence of Extraterrestrials!?
To: Andrew Dilts <>

So what ever happened to Michael Horn?  About a decade or so ago he was flogging the Billy Meier story, until he was kind of ignored.  Whatever happened to him?


Dear Seth, [...]  READ MORE

How C2C Refused to Warn Americans of COVID Crisis

Let the audience decide the value of the information, before another year passes and brings more regret and suffering

Regarding what could have been avoided, let’s look back at February 20, 2020, when I was interviewed by George Noory, on Coast to Coast AM (C2C). My interview was actually in the early hours of February 21 and, as you can see, they titled the segment Billy Meier’s Prophecies and the promotional information included this:

“Had Meier warned of the current coronavirus epidemic as well? According to Horn, Meier wrote back in 1995 of a secret biolab in China that would unleash such a virus, though the Chinese government wasn’t necessarily behind it.” [...]  READ MORE

Happy Anniversary to “What Could Have Been Avoided”

Carefree earthlings aren’t gonna let an invisible, dumb little thing like a virus tell them what to do

It was one year ago today that we published the largely ignored, impeccably accurate warnings from Billy Meier and the Plejaren about the real nature of, and dangers from, the Coronavirus pandemic, aka COVID-19.

Our “clever” online COVID-19 test made it possible for anyone – even a doctor or scientist – to grasp the verifiable accuracy of the information, confirmed by copyrights, showing we always published the error-free information before the CDC, WHO, etc. That we continue to do so is also confirmed in the now over 90 COVID articles on this blog. [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier 765th Contact

Aerosols contaminated with viruses discharge themselves in the free air or “open”, “break open” or “burst open” and release the virus

765th Contact Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 10:57 p.m.

Conversation between Ptaah and Zafenatpaneach of the Plejaren Federation and Yanarara of Sonara/Timar from the DAL universe and ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier, BEAM.

(This is an unofficial, unauthorized translation and will definitely contain errors. It will be replaced with the official, auhtorized version once available.) [...]  READ MORE

How The Black Vault Locks Out the UFO Truth

What happens when anger and immaturity triumph over one’s own commitment to finding the truth 

I recently posted an introductory comment on the The Black Vault, a website created by John Greenewald, primarily about “UFO disclosure”. Since John had received and posted some supposedly important information about UFOs, from the CIA, my purpose was to try to open a discussion with the forum members, and John, about the Billy Meier contacts and its incomparable, independently authenticated evidence. [...]  READ MORE

Prof. Avi Loeb WHY Must I Point This Out…Again?

He probably realized he couldn’t make a buck off of “discovering” the Billy Meier UFO contacts

As you can read in this article of mine, from two years ago, I was encouraged by, and encouraging of, Prof. Avi Loeb and his willingness to explore the possibilities of extraterrestrial life.

Fast forward and today we’re bombarded with Loeb’s ridiculous, unscientific and unsubstantiated claims about a piece of (until proven otherwise) space rock and the dimwitted media enthusiasm about it. For whatever reasons -perhaps including a burning desire to cash in on the now trendy topics of extraterrestrials and UFOs, etc. – Loeb apparently ignored (or was he inspired by?) the, freely offered, abundant, independently authenticated, still irreproducible information and evidence in the singularly authentic Billy Meier UFO contacts. [...]  READ MORE

Reinfections of the “Cured” and Mutations, Seizures in the Newborn

The inevitable, dreadful consequences of having allowed the least competent and capable of people to function as our leaders

Here is a new article about people who were supposedly cured but who’ve been found to be reinfected with new virus strains.

It appears to corroborate Billy Meier’s information, from January 26, about new mutations reinfecting those who’ve been cured of another mutation:

“Well, there are various other things, as also that e.g. the new corona mutations have the property to infect a human being not only with one mutation alone, but that one of their 2 or under certain circumstances even their 3 mutations can be infected, as also that a human being infected and ‘cured’ by one mutation can be infected again by another corona mutation and fall ill.” [...]  READ MORE