Skeptic Proves Billy Meier UFO Case Authentic!

Karamundi spent years attacking Meier case but admits finding ironclad evidence it’s real

In order to deceive and mislead the public, some skeptics create websites either using Billy Meier’s name or the name theyfly. One such skeptic is Mahesh Karamundi in India, who’s spent years attacking Billy Meier and his singularly authentic, still irreproducible UFO evidence.

Ironically, Karamundi has been completely unable to account for Meier’s earliest, foundational evidence, i.e. his still irreproducible UFO photos taken in…India, in 1964. Nonetheless, for reasons known only to him, Karamundi attacked and defamed Meier at every opportunity, using long discredited and disproven claims, various uncredible sources, etc. [...]  READ MORE

Record-breaking Global Warming…as Predicted by Billy Meier

First the Pentagon, now NASA and NOAA confirm Meier’s warnings of manmade climate destruction


First the Pentagon corroborated Billy Meier’s climate change warnings, now NASA and NOAA reported that the Earth had its hottest decade on record in the 2010s. And scientists attribute the warming to manmade climate change, to which they see no end in sight.

Many times, some new report like this, or a disastrous event like the fires in Australia, will prompt the publication of a reminder of how we have long been warned by Billy Meier and the Plejaren about just such unimaginably devastating events. [...]  READ MORE

New Living Robot Created…as Predicted by Billy Meier

Will skeptics like Michael Shermer still maintain their rigid, pseudoscientific denial?

Once again, we find that, unlike the fantasies espoused by SETI, he Plejaren extraterrestrials speak to us in the language of science.

In this article about a new scientific development, we learn that:

“These are ‘entirely new life-forms,’ said the University of Vermont, which conducted the research with Tufts University.”

As you can see, Billy Meier specifically predicted this development, in 1995 – 25 years ago – in Contact 251[...]  READ MORE

The Predicted Worldwide Volcanic Eruptions Begin

The long forewarned events are no longer avoidable as the time fulfills

A new article today asks why volcanoes worldwide are “suddenly” becoming active. Of course, this was long forewarned, and the underlying causes explained, by Billy Meier, beginning in 1951, when he was 14-years-old.

In fact, in 1948, Meier’s first extraterrestrial teacher Sfath predicted:

84. Through the exploitation of the Earth’s resources the geographic constitution of the Earth will change, and gradually inner-Earth movements of the Earth plates will come about, for which reason tremendous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will emerge in all areas of the Earth, through which hundreds of thousands of human beings will die and primeval destructions will be evoked, as many wars and terror will claim millions of human lives and also many valueful antiquities will be irrevocably destroyed. [...]  READ MORE

Take a Deep Breath

We’ve tried politics and religions for millennia – with utterly disastrous consequences – now let’s learn the way to live.

Everything is connected in the oneness. That’s the good news. And that’s the bad news.

When Donald Trump violated all international laws, to say nothing of decency, humanness and the law of cause and effect, he may have made your life, your work and your relationships harder as well.

While most Americans don’t go around fixated on the Iranians, Iraqis, or even the Russians and Chinese, our country has long been hated by many peoples around the world. They don’t hate us for our freedoms, they hate us for what we’ve done to theirs. That hatred just got supercharged by Trump’s despicable actions. We may not yet fully realize what it means that many, many millions of people are quite consciously directing intense anger and hatred against our country and, thereby, against…us. [...]  READ MORE

Now Will They Listen?

The Don gets wagged by his ego, the world prepares to suffer 

In case you hadn’t read my recent blog about the possibility that another hugely stupid thing might be embarked upon by the president, now you know.

More than stupid, it’s another cowardly, vile, desperate act of killing that will only lead to more of the same. Sadly and inevitably, the real consequences may be unimaginable in scope.

The fact that the murdered General Qassem Sulemani fought against the IS may also only fuel rumors that, essentially, the IS was/is somehow a US-created asset; the thought staggers the rational mind. [...]  READ MORE