Are Americans Too Stupid to Survive?

We have only ourselves to blame for relying on incompetent leaders, health officials and media hacks

The sad fact is that we may be too stupid to survive. Relying on the CDC, government leaders and health officials has already cost thousands of lives. Along with many of them, those in the media to whom the Billy Meier information was provided have…ignored it. And I have little hope that many – that any – of those who may now “discover” this information will have the intelligence and rational self-interest to act on it, demand that it be researched, investigated, acknowledged, etc. [...]  READ MORE

As the World Turns and Paris Burns

Another one of those glorious moments in human history when more light is the result of more darkness

As happy young rioters do their part to improve visibility conditions in under-illuminated, low-income housing areas:

Riot Police Deployed as Youths Set Cars Ablaze in Paris Suburbs

…we’re reminded of the eventual , inevitable outcome:

“Paris will be destroyed from within”: Billy Meier, 1981

Like an elephant that never forgets, the unstoppable, immutable law of cause and effect plods along, on its way. [...]  READ MORE

Keep Those Umbrellas Handy

Looks like some heavy weather may soon be adding to the colorful events on the Planet of Slow Learners

Increased Strombolian activity, high values of volcanic tremor at Etna volcano, Italy

As we also briefly alluded to here, the show’s not over yet. You may remember that Sfath gave us quite a few coming attractions, when he tripped the time-traveling light fantastic, back in 1948…including:

223. But also in the south of Europe, the all-transforming consequences will be enormous when the volcanoes of Mount Etna, Vesuvius and Stromboli as well as the submarine largest active volcano of Europe, Mount Marsili off the coast of Italy, together with about two dozen further submarine volcanoes in the Mediterranean, begin to erupt. [...]  READ MORE

COVID-19 Deniers Will Increase Pandemic Danger for Everyone

A labor of love from Billy Meier and the Plejaren for the Brain Amputees of planet Earth

But first…

When you believe in an imaginary Sky Daddy, s**t can happen: CDC: Arkansas coronavirus outbreak linked to church services Catholic church closes after priests get coronavirus

The latest behavior that Ptaah recommends extract from the 738th contact of May 10, 2020

Ptaah… But today, dear friend, is the time when I agreed to share with you our latest behavior for you:

For now, I have this to say:

A) For the following period, until the end of May, we have been advised by our committee…

We have worked out a series of explanations, necessities, information and advice on the Corona disease, and we recommend that you follow these, as you have done on your own initiative. [...]  READ MORE

COVID-19 Denial, Details and Deadly Delusion

Underestimating the unprecedented virulence of the Corona Plague leads to additional catastrophes 

With all of the raging denial about the reality and severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps this news item will sober up at least some of the people who are protesting that their “rights and freedoms” are being taken away:

Man who called coronavirus ‘fake crisis’ gets infected, issues warning

As said before:

“As if complaining about the lockdown isn’t enough, some people believe that Bill Gates, the evil elite, Deep State, etc., have conspired to create this pandemic to enslave and take away everyone’s civil rights, to diabolically control them, etc. While that may or may not be true, where is the wisdom in running into the streets, gathering in crowds, getting sick and/or dying, if you want to help defeat all of these perceived enemies?” [...]  READ MORE

Sacrificing the Children Leads to the Death of Society

When blind obedience to questionable authorities, unprincipled subservience to economics, override survival instincts


84 students, 20 staff test positive at Mingus Mountain Academy

‘Major concern’: Nearly 100 New York children treated for mysterious inflammatory illness thought to be linked to Covid-19

Mayor: 52 NYC children diagnosed with inflammatory syndrome

I recently sent this email to 30 childcare facilities in Arizona, many of which are already open:

“Dear Childcare Professional,

While it’s understandable that we all want this pandemic to end and be able to return to normal business, there are some facts that need to be known.

First, this is an Ebola level, ever-mutating pathogen. It doesn’t operate in accordance with our preferences. The lockdown needs to be months longer…because the actual incubation period is up to three months. And it’s largely spread by asymptomatic carriers. Further, most of our medical facilities are inadequate to control, contain and stop the spread of this pathogen and, in fact, can inadvertently spread the disease to the community. [...]  READ MORE

The Secret Previously Unknown Origin of Corona Pandemic

The real truth you won’t ever learn from any other sources

Explanations of Ptaah on the background of the Corona-pandemic and on its real origin 

728 Contact Excerpt 

November 30, 2019 

Explanations by Ptaah about the Background of the Corona Pandemic and its True Origin

Excerpt from the 728th contact report from the 30th November 2019

Ptaah: Therefore, in the same form, all US state officials are to be named state criminals against humanity and in this regard they are to be put on the same level as the NAZI-empire in the 20th century. In China too the same principle has always prevailed and continues to do so, … (FIGU note: The origin of the criminal secret research on the coronavirus was a decision that leads back to the 1970s. At that time, the leader of China, Mao Zedong, met with a vengeful American citizen who presented the Chinese party leader with the idea of developing a viral bioweapon, which Mao Zedong then took up and had implemented as a secret matter, which is still being worked on today and from which the coronavirus has now emerged. This, however, without the current Chinese government being involved in the project in any form or even having the slightest knowledge of it.) In the 1970s, a decision made between the Chinese state power Mao and an American, for secret research in laboratories, was implemented and has been maintained to this day and is still continued, because hate literally outlasts generations. However, silence must be maintained about this, which must remain so today and in the future, as you know, because … … … [...]  READ MORE

News: Children Spread Virus – WE TOLD YOU SO Two Months Ago

How many thousands of people have died because Billy Meier’s information is suppressed?

This “new evidence” about children spreading the disease isn’t “new” to those of you who’ve read what we first published on March 2nd:

“Further, while Australian doctors are baffled by children’s resistance to the virus, amidst the increasing numbers of confirmed cases, the reality is that infected children are also the main ‘hidden spreaders’ of the rampantly spreading disease, as stated by the Plejaren. So, while children may not come down with the disease, they can carry it and infect others.” [...]  READ MORE

The Delusion of David Icke: Reptilians Yes, Virus No

What happens when a charlatan finally gets Facebook to make his conspiracy theories come true

Ah yes, poor David Icke. Censorship sucks. So my question is why is David Icke, who CENSORED Billy Meier’s information all these years, complaining? Actually, he may not be complaining because the censorship is probably good for his business, which is selling conspiratorial b.s. to ignorant people.

This dummy twists the truth about a real, deadly pandemic into a fake scenario, manipulated by the “dark forces” that are, fortunately for him, behind everything that goes wrong in the world. [...]  READ MORE

BREAKING: COVID-19 Pandemic May Last Two to Three Years!

Why we mustn’t let impatience, selfishness and immaturity cause an unimaginable devastation

The Lockdown Must Not Be Lifted!

Please see the two excerpts below to further understand the urgency of this message:

“But that will change quickly; consequently the rampantly spreading disease will then also encroach on younger human beings, which will claim 200,000 deaths worldwide within the next two months.”

“According to the assessment of the strength-intensity of the coronavirus, which will remain for a long time in this form, it can be assumed that the virus will survive for a long time and may even survive for up to two or three years and wreak havoc.” [...]  READ MORE

Coronavirus Link to Children’s Disease Foretold by Billy Meier

Will we regret being so willing to let our children become guinea pigs for profit?


This new article has extremely troubling information about how the:

Coronavirus could be tied to a rare but serious illness in children, UK doctors say

And there are these:

New Reports on Virus in Kids Fuel Uncertainty on Schools

Here, from as early as February 3, is information from Billy Meier, forewarning of the infection mutating and spreading to the initially less susceptible younger human beings, adolescents and…children: [...]  READ MORE

All Schools and Hospitals At Risk of Spreading COVID-19

 Billy Meier’s February warnings about airborne virus transmission corroborated; lifting lockdown will kill


A new report, published in Nature, points to the possibility of airborne transmission of COVID-19 in hospitals in Wuhan China. This follows earlier concerns about the spread of the virus through air conditioning and it also means that our concerns about hospitals spreading the disease are well warranted.

The earliest warnings from the Plejaren about airborne transmission were on February 3rd[...]  READ MORE

A Country of Complainers

The virus didn’t leave when we told it to, now what do we do, riot in the streets?

As the lockdown continues, many people are going out of control, getting drunk, fighting with family members, angrily confronting medical workers, etc. Videos show doctors and others blaming these behaviors on the lockdown, in order to justify calling for it to be lifted.

I’m Number One!

What they’re really saying is that, because people aren’t self-disciplined and strong enough to control themselves and their behavior, we should put the rest of the public at risk. These self-centered people simply never developed the skills necessary to function under duress, when difficult conditions demand restrictions on freedom of movement to protect the… society as a whole. [...]  READ MORE

The New Treatment Quarantine Centers

While we regain our health, we can also regain our prosperity in the process

Among the many things learned, on February 25th, is that the true incubation period for COVID-19 is up to three months, hence asymptomatic spreaders continue to unknowingly spread the disease. This also explains why the Plejaren protocols made clear the absolute need for hermetically sealed quarantines:

“The quarantine measures currently practiced by homeward-bound travelers from China are completely inadequate in view of the possible transmission times, especially because the isolation period is far too short at 2 weeks. In addition, the quarantine would have to be absolutely hermetic, which means that even those persons who come into contact with suspected cases under quarantine must be protected with a full body protection and appropriate breathing apparatus and under the necessary safety precautions such as airlocks, etc., because not only can they infect themselves, but they can also spread the virus through their clothing, their breath, bodily contact and possibly through food.” [...]  READ MORE

Slipping Closer to the Predicted Civil Wars?

So, we are again reminded of how futile it is to try to “outsmart the prophecies”

It seems that many Americans are restless under the lockdown and it’s causing somewhat of a rebellion even among law enforcement officials, apparently ready to help those selecting themselves out of the gene pool (while the mayor of Las Vegas is simply volunteering everyone in town).

And isn’t it interesting that the people complaining about the government infringing on their rights, inalienable “God-given” rights and free will, are quite untroubled when the government actually does infringe on the rights of peoples in other countries, trampling over their rights…and often killing them in the process. Good ol’ American exceptionalism in action. Except we’re apparently not so exceptional as to be exempted from this…”God-given” virus. [...]  READ MORE

Where the Virus Really Originated

Runaway materialism and tragically misguided priorities of many human beings have created these problems

In order to understand the COVID-19 pandemic and why it hasn’t been contained and controlled yet in the US, a good place to start is with this letter to the president.

You’ll notice that the author makes a compelling case about the dangers of keeping the economy shut down, based on the expertise of various financial and economic advisers and some apparently very accurate computer forecasting methodologies, etc. [...]  READ MORE

You Can’t Eat Gold

People won’t be in a rush to exchange food, clothing, etc., for shiny, undigestible trinkets

You Can’t Eat Gold

I recently heard from a friend who has a particular interest in the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

American oil crashes below $0 a barrel — a record low

As someone invested in precious metals, etc., he focused on the death of the dollar, which he sees looming on the horizon. I don’t think he considered that people won’t be in a rush to exchange things of real value, like food, clothing, etc., for shiny, undigestible trinkets. [...]  READ MORE

COVID-19 Pandemic: No End in Sight

Premature lift of lockdown, opening schools, religious gatherings, etc., will lead to more uncontrollable infections

New information was just received from Billy Meier and the Plejaren about the COVID-19 pandemic. As readers of this blog know, we began publishing the still most impeccably accurate information about COVID-19 on  February 20th and  February 25th.

And yet the abysmally stupid politicians, so-called leaders, scientists and others proceed blindly, also pressured by various political, economic and religious parties to lift the lockdown, which will only result in many more uncontrollable infections and deaths. [...]  READ MORE

The “News” vs the Real News on Coronavirus

Ending the lockdown too soon will reveal the real cost of putting profit over people

Here below is information, from April 17, stating that the coronavirus pandemic started sometime between September 13 and December 7, 2019. They also theorize that it didn’t start in Wuhan:

Coronavirus began months earlier and not in Wuhan, bombshell UK report claims

However, that information is incorrect, as already explained by Ptaah, days earlier, on April 14*

“This pandemic could only have been caused by the failure to heed early warnings, the incapacity of leaders and the WHO, and the mass overpopulation. If the warning had been heeded and the right and necessary measures had been taken early and responsibly in China, there would be no pandemic today, because the corona virus would have been contained before it could spread uncontrolled and so quickly over the planet. The people who died of the corona pandemic could still be alive and humanity could go about its daily business. [...]  READ MORE

The Wuhan “News” We Already Told You Months Ago

How many more lives will be lost because of suppression of Plejaren COVID-19 information?

While the debate rages:

State Department cables warned of safety issues at Wuhan lab studying bat coronaviruses


The actual answer was published on February 20th:

“According to new information from Billy Meier, the actual current coronavirus is a mutation of the SARS virus, which has been produced in a secret bio lab in China. This time, again, the virus has ‘left’ the lab, and two of the involved scientists have died in the meantime.” [...]  READ MORE

There’s No Shame in Learning from Experts

Will our scientists gladly welcome or defiantly reject the assistance?

As current events pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrate, human beings would often rather die – literally – than take advice from far more knowledgeable and experienced mentors. If the current protests against the lockdowns result in hasty actions to lift them, the result could be to greatly prolong the suffering and dramatically increase casualties.

So, while the average person isn’t as well educated as our own medical experts, let alone those who’ve come from the stars to try to help us assure our own future survival, perhaps in the rarified area of space travel some of our own experts will welcome information from those who, long ago, overcame similar problems. [...]  READ MORE

How to Prolong the Suffering

Humankind is stubbornly resistant to listening to anyone other than the so-called “experts”

As recently as April 7th, we were told that the transmission of the virus was limited to close contact, respiratory droplets and that it was unlikely to be contracted from a dead person.

Less than one week later, the first case of a person contracting and dying from such transmission was reported in Thailand.

However, on April 9th, we published this information from Billy Meier:

“Bodies after death can carry the virus for a long time, for the time being cremation is recommended (UPDATEThis is recommended when the dead corpses cannot be buried in a city or crowded area. On the other hand there may arise problems when the crematoriums cannot process the great number of corpses. Then mass graves are a possibility, but these need land that is currently used for agricultural purposes, etc.)” [...]  READ MORE

Facebook Censors TheyFlyBlog – Fears Truth More Than COVID-19 

All the money in the world can’t outsmart the prophecies or bury the truth

There are things that Facebook, the media and the US government don’t want you to know or think about. It may be typical of immature children to pull the blankets over their heads to hide from “monsters” but it’s proving to be deadly when supposed adults do it.

While we learned about this shutting down of meat supplies today, WE TOLD YOU SO as far back as March 10, as we reminded you two days ago. [...]  READ MORE

Apparently The Pain Isn’t Great Enough Yet

Or the leaders, officials and authorities would’ve implemented the Plejaren protocols

The ever-mounting death toll testifies to the consequences of ignoring the warnings from the Plejaren and Billy Meier, which we verifiably published, on February 20thFebruary 25th and March 16.

The callousness, arrogance and ignorance of the press, leaders, officials and authorities is…hardly surprising. After all, they have been, from the beginning, more focused on the economic and political considerations and not the facts. As just updated from FIGU: [...]  READ MORE

COVID-19 Reality Update

If people are logical the economy won’t collapse and we’ll have a chance against the virus


This is an update of information, relayed by a person on another forum, who said they had a conversation with Billy Meier These are the points that he said Meier made:

  • The current lockdowns being implemented by governments are useless
  • All countries should implement complete lockdown for at least 3 – 8
    months (UPDATEActually this should have happened in the beginning in China to stop the then epidemic at its source. The longer and more strict a shut down, and the more people are observing the regulations, the fewer deaths etc. and the better to slow down the spreading of the pandemic. Actually the pandemic already exists in ALL countries on our planet, not in just most, as is claimed, and many countries don’t inform about the real numbers. There are already 9 to 10 times more infected people than is reported.)     
  • The lockdown should include all businesses, with the exception of food transportation, medicine, energy & garbage services
  • There is no medicine at the present time
  • Half-a-billion people could die from it during the course of the pandemic (UPDATE: Yes, that could be the case if the pandemic is not halted by taking the necessary strict and effective measures. Theoretically, assuming that more or less all human beings on the planet get in contact with Covid-19, and that 1% of them dies: 1% of 9,000,000,000 is 90 million, which is quite a large number. If the mortality rate is higher, the result will be higher accordingly. )
  • Bodies after death can carry the virus for a long time, for the time being cremation is recommended (UPDATEThis is recommended when the dead corpses cannot be buried in a city or crowded area. On the other hand there may arise problems when the crematoriums cannot process the great number of corpses. Then mass graves are a possibility, but these need land that is currently used for agricultural purposes, etc.)   
  • If people are illogical, then the economy will collapse
  • If people are logical then the economy won’t collapse and only then will we have a chance against the virus
renew, relax, refresh, regenerate

We’re in for a very long haul, so there’s no better use of our time than focusing on the spiritual teaching and getting deeply relaxing and renewing…sleep*:

The Might of the Thoughts

Get It Here!

Additional tools for relaxing in the center of the storm:

Consciousness Awareness Workshop

A good affirmation[...]  READ MORE


Why I keep pointing out how impeccably accurate our COVID-19 info is


According to information I received today, some pig farmers in the midwest are now well aware that pigs are susceptible to catching and transmitting the virus and, with some workers already infected, a lot of pig farms/pork processing factories are therefore shutting down. This situation will also affect the food supply…as I pointed out on March 10th.**

The Plejaren warned about the human-animal component on March 16th.*** [...]  READ MORE

BREAKING NEWS! Daily Mail Confirms Billy Meier COVID-19 Info

Here’s your opportunity to help shorten the pain this plague has brought

In a world of…tragically slow learns, where most news sources have already had Billy Meier’s COVID-19 information for a very long time, it’s heartening to know that one of Great Britain’s most widely read newspapers apparently jumped on the news tip I sent them on March 16th!

Yes, in a mere three and one-half weeks later, the Daily Mail revealed that:

80 per cent of coronavirus patients caught the virus from a person who was NOT experiencing any symptoms [...]  READ MORE

COVID-19 Predicted…THOUSANDS of Years Ago?

There is nothing vague or accidental in the warnings and teaching of the prophets


When reading information from Billy Meier and/or the Plejaren, astute readers notice that there are no careless comments, or throw aways, the words and terms used are quite specific and deliberate.

On February 25th, when we first published all of the most important facts about COVID-19, they included this:

“Fundamentally: The same applies with all highly infectious/contagious sicknesses/illnesses and rampantly spreading diseases:” [...]  READ MORE

People DON’T Want to Know the COVID-19 Truth

Otherwise they wouldn’t put up with the suppression, denial and censorship 

Wouldn’t it be of the utmost importance for the people of Earth to know that virtually all of the most important, specific information about the COVID-19 pandemic was first published on this blog, beginning on February 20th?

But they wouldn’t listen and…people died. Unnecessarily. And it continues.The uncomfortable truth is that people rather (have other people) die than deal with the truth.

Who can deny the truth of what Meier said on February 3, when he spoke about: [...]  READ MORE

New, Vital Information about the Corona Virus

Continuation of Contact Report 731 provides additional information from the Plejaren*

NOTE: The most impeccably accurate information about the COVID-19 pandemic, from the Plejaren, has been published on this blog since February 25, 2020, with additional information on March 16 and March 31


If you are okay with it, I would like to get back to the rampantly spreading corona disease once more, namely in regard to the protective masks about which you have said that they are only useful if protective goggles are also worn with them. In this regard, a somewhat more precise explanation would surely be just as important, as you privately explained everything to me. Therefore I think that you could also say something explanatory with regard to the protective face masks, their quality and benefit and use and so forth, which surely is more informative than the banal and insufficient yakking of those earthlings who show off with great patter that is of low intelligence, but in truth do not understand anything of it all, but whom the majority of the peoples believe, instead of listening to the real experts and following their instructions. Also, it would certainly be good if you could briefly explain something about the most important difference between the various mysterious pathogens that cause diseases and rampantly spreading diseases, thus about the microorganisms, the disgusting viruses and other repulsive causes of disaster. It would also be important to give some explanations regarding the mode of living, life-function, reproduction, activity, behaviour and further important things of various bacteria and viruses. Also an explanatory word in relation to the treatment, that is to say, the fighting of the pathogens would certainly be good. But please, if you want to do that, then please do so understandably for us laypersons. [...]  READ MORE

Don’t Lose Sleep Over It

Right, let’s take a break from the onslaught of distressing news to take very good care of ourselves


To the Earthing company’s great credit, they responded positively to my request that they donate a number of their stress-relieving mats to physicians on the frontlines in NYC.

Get the best nights sleep you’ve ever had

You know, I’ve only advertised two outside products on my blog and website. The reason I’ve added the Earthing line of products is because I first got them a couple of years ago and…they work.

I chose this particular link because even now, in the relatively early stages of this disease, many people are getting very stressed out. And the first thing to suffer can be your sleep. Then every thing else can be even far more difficult to deal with than it already is. Not getting enough sleep is also damaging to the immune system. And we don’t need more of that. [...]  READ MORE


It should because we published the actual facts over a month ago!

WHAT? Children Hidden Spreaders of COVID-19? WE TOLD YOU SO.

As you can easily confirm, on February 25th, I published ALL of the specific, essential, vitally important and 100% ACCURATE FACTS about COVID-19 that every doctor,  hospital administrator and bureaucrat should’ve learned.

On March 2nd, I published the following information containing the specific warning from the Plejaren about the children:

“Further, while Australian doctors are baffled by children’s resistance to the virus, amidst the increasing numbers of confirmed cases, the reality is that infected children are also the main “hidden spreaders” of the rampantly spreading disease, as stated by the Plejaren. So, while children may not come down with the disease, they can carry it and infect others.” [...]  READ MORE

Prepare for More Stupidity and UNNECESSARY Risk to YOUR Life

Government decides to assure that COVID-19 will continue to spread

As spelled out in Contact Report 726, from November 12, 2019, as well as more recently:

“If, however, this is not understood, not considered and immediate measures are not taken accordingly, and if strict isolation and travel bans are not imposed, then this is an irresponsibility.”

So why has Secretary of State Pompeo called on all Americans abroad to return immediately with no mention of precisely how and by what means they can do so that guarantees that they are not infected and not a danger to this country? Is the government going to require and provide hermetically sealed quarantines – of far longer than two weeks – to protect them and everyone concerned…which now includes the entire country? [...]  READ MORE

You May As Well Roll Cigarettes

If you read this information – please take action – it’s your life on the line

We first informed on February 25th, that the true number of casualties in China was…just a tad higher than first claimed. In fact, the total global number of cases on March 19, according to information from the Plejaren, was about…2,000,000.


As we’ve been warning and pleading on behalf of medical personnel for some time*, the medical establishment itself is the greatest threat to medical personnel, patients and the public alike. [...]  READ MORE

Stunning New Information About COVID-19 from the Plejaren

Once again, still unknown information about the true scope of the disease is provided in order to help humankind…survive

The following official, authorized translations were just received:

731st & 734th Contacts

Each person can draw their own conclusions about the extreme and unprecedented threat this rampantly spreading, mutating disease poses to the survival of all humankind.

Conversation with Doctor from MAYO Clinic

MAYO Clinic Doctor: Real Number Infected 2 – 3 Times Higher Than Listed

On March 30, 2020, former aerospace executive Kenneth Smith had an opportunity to talk face-to-face with Dr. Mark Byrd, of the MAYO Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, regarding the COVID-19virus. [...]  READ MORE

COVID-19 from Experimental Research by Secret Group in China

More from the most accurate source of COVID-19 and other information

I just received the latest translation of Contact Report 726 from Michael Uyttebroek in Canada. There may be other translations forthcoming as well, also pertaining to information Billy Meier received from the Plejaren on January2nd and 6th, etc.

Also, today we received this:

“I just spoke with Atlantis on the phone again. He says that it is okay to share the information concerning the numbers as of March 19th or so. There were 2 million coronavirus cases as of that time. Ptaah also said that IF everyone follow protocols of their governments that MAYBE the peak for this illness could be in 2 months. But if people become lax about it, then it will go on much longer.” [...]  READ MORE

They Wouldn’t Listen – More People Died

Greed, denial and apathy continue to extract their deadly toll 

Does this grim news sound familiar? Why have all of our warnings gone unheeded, despite their unfortunately impeccable accuracy? Why, as I learned firsthand, are our various news media so utterly incompetent and disinterested?

And now, suddenly “silent spreaders” are big news. Except that I’d already sent Olivia Messer the following email on March 14:

On Mar 14, 2020, at 11:33 AM, Michael Horn <> wrote: [...]  READ MORE

As I Warned on March 11 Watch the FOOD SUPPLY

There’s no way of sneakin’ ’round that sticky, stubborn ol’ law of cause and effect

More than two weeks ago, I raised questions about situations now being discussed in this just released article:

Workers Critical to World’s Food Supply Are Starting to Fall Ill

…in my March 11 blog. And, as I also pointed out in this video, what Dr. Osterholm said on Joe Rogan’s broadcast has indeed been proven…dangerously wrong.

Cause and Effect

You can simply reverse engineer* the Meier prophecies, and apply the understanding of the immutable law of cause and effect, to better understand not only what’s happened but what’s coming…as the time fulfills. [...]  READ MORE

CDC Documents Prove Billy Meier Right…AGAIN

Hospitals will become COVID-19 breeding, spreading grounds if Plejaren protocols not implemented

Recently obtained records of communications between the CDC and various public health officials show that the earlier criticisms and concerns from the Plejaren about official incompetence were well founded.

And it turns out that we were also not at all hyperbolic here:

“…the CDC is actually, in no uncertain terms, spreading this disease because of its total disregard for the health of medical personal, patients and the public at large, etc.” [...]  READ MORE

More Meier Info About Longer COVID-19 Incubation CONFIRMED!

Painfully slowly, world catching up with February 25 Plejaren information 


This Chinese information was just forwarded to me from our friend in NYC:


I just received this information from our dear doctor friend in NYC. Slowly, painfully slowly, the world is catching up with the impeccably accurate warnings from the Plejaren and Billy Meier about the much longer – up to three months – incubation period of this dreaded disease.

Now, if the various governmental and health officials will look in the right direction and implement all of the Plejaren protocols, millions more lives can still be saved. [...]  READ MORE


One month ago the people were warned again…and they still didn’t listen

YOU Are in Danger Now Because of CDC!

I just received this update from the doctor on the frontlines in one of New York City’s besieged, underequipped hospitals, where staff and patients alike are at great risk because of the bureaucratic delays by the CDC’s and hospital administrators’ failure to heed the Plejaren warnings.

This says it all:

From: xxxxx <>
Subject: Hermetically Sealed Quarantines Now!
Date: March 25, 2020 at 10:40:07 AM MST
Hello xxxx –
Michael forwarded your email to me. I am a doctor on the frontlines in NYC and have been aware of the Meier info regarding coronavirus since about 1 month ago and have been trying to warn leadership and our departments on the need to implement the Plejaren protocols (hermetic quarantines for much longer than 2 weeks) right away or else this will be even a bigger disaster.
We need to get Covid pts their own triage/treatment/quarantine space completely separate from hospitals because they are infecting our unprotected healthcare workers and other patients as the Plejaren indicated would happen due to it being so highly contagious and airborne. Unfortunately a young coworker had contracted the virus working diligently and I learned of their passing recently due to coronavirus. This can’t continue to happen to healthcare workers and other patients.
The healthcare workers at all times require full hazmat suits with gloves, boot/shoe covers, goggles and with PAPRs (purified respirators) preferably, since you can inhale this from infected or asymptomatic coronavirus carriers in close proximity, or even in closed ventilation spaces such as the ER department/rooms. Again, as the Plejaren info indicated a month ago in their warnings. This is of vital urgency for all our hospitals/localities to employ if we have any chance of mitigating coronavirus impact on our country.  Or else our frontlines will be gone.
Be in touch.. and stay safe
NYC doc on the frontlines

NOTE: EVERY reader of this information must pressure your hospitals and local officials to heed what this doctor – and the Plejaren – are saying about hermetically sealed quarantines, proper hazmat-type protective equipment, breathing apparatus, etc. You, your families, your communities are all at risk from the incompetent, economically motivated, barely half-measures taken by the CDC, hospital administrators and the rest of bureaucrats who are showing they are unqualified, incapable and incompetent to protect their constituents. [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier Right AGAIN as Virus Can Survive for DAYS

We also need to get way ahead of possible spread by mosquitoes in warmer weather

Once again, the inaccurately titled “news” mainly serves to confirm the information from Billy Meier and the Plejaren, regarding the true facts about the COVID-19 pandemic. In this new article, we learn that the virus can survive not just for hours but up to many days…as was also spelled out on March 16.


Also, the following paragraph caught my eye and perhaps hints at another great cause for concern:

9. Ninethly: An infectious contact can also occur via infected persons that are coughing and sneezing, or by dogs and cats, because also pets can be carriers of the coronavirus. Also, the indirect way of contact infection or smear infection with the virus from items, body surfaces or food on which the infectious air borne droplets have settled, leads to contamination if they subsequently get into the body via the mucous membranes, for example, the mouth, nose or eyes. A transmission via the faecal-oral way and other body excretions is also possible, as is a transmission via infected animals, creatures and house beetles, such as cockroaches and so forth[...]  READ MORE

New Info WRONG About COVID-19 and Temperatures!

Consider situation a worst possible case scenario, maintain all recommended protocols for self-protection

Recently published information suggesting that “Rising temperatures and humidity levels will likely slow the spread of coronavirus around the globe” is contradicted by information from the Plejaren, published on March 16:

How much longer will the corona virus continue to rage and can one hope that it retreats as soon as the temperatures rise?

How long the corona virus will remain active is not foreseeable at the present time. However, it can already be established that it will probably not diminish with the rising temperatures. Influenza and some other viruses react sensitively to warmer external temperatures and therefore usually diminish in spring and during the summer months, which means they become inactive. Observations in regard to the coronavirus speak against this dependence on the ambient temperature, because it does not only appear aggressively in the colder regions of our planet, but also in Southeast Asia and, for example, in Australia and other warmer countries, where it is spreading just as quickly as here. Therefore, it is to be noticed that this virus is not subject to any climate dependence and that the risk of infection is also independent of the climate. [...]  READ MORE

AGAIN: New Asia Info Confirms Billy Meier COVID-19 Warnings

Longer incubation times evidenced by reports of new virus cases in Asia


Billy Meier’s specific warnings about the COVID-19 pandemic, published on February 25, continue to be proven true.

In this case, the obvious accuracy of Meier’s warnings about the far longer, up to three months, incubation period explain why:

Wuhan Still Finding Symptom-Free Virus Cases, Caixin Reports

…and why we’re now learning that:

Asia steps up virus efforts as second wave of infections strikes

What also continues to be proven true is the strenuous denial and avoidance of virtually all mainstream news, medical, media, alternative, online and other sources to whom the information and warnings have been sent. [...]  READ MORE

New England Journal Confirms Meier’s COVID-19 Aerosol Info

That Swiss UFO guy sure is a good guesser

Billy Meier was told by Ptaah, on March 16, the survival times for the virus on various surfaces.

The New England Journal of Medicine published information from a study the day…after Billy Meier verifiably published it.

And Did They Listen?

You can follow the progression of the evidence from Meier, beginning on February 25, when we first began publishing all of the critically important, impeccably accurate information from the Plejaren, through today. Certainly, had they been listening, the world’s authorities could’ve acted upon the correct information and possibly saved an untold number of lives. [...]  READ MORE

Whistleblowers on COVID-19 Frontlines in NYC, LA Reveal CDC Cover-up



  • Swiss source published how to contain COVID-19 three weeks ago, CDC still hampering
  • Doctor on frontlines in NYC says CDC hampering efforts, putting medical personnel, patents and public at greater risk
  • Respiratory Therapist in L.A. confirms dangerous conditions exist at UCLA, St. Jude, Torrance Memorial hospitals
  • Real incubation up to THREE MONTHS, airborne nature portend crisis for months unless protocols implemented
  • Accurate info first published on February 25, more than three weeks before most info known or implemented

On February 25, Swiss sources provided all the – now confirmed as accurate – information pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, many critical warnings in this information have not yet been heeded.

Within days of publication, a whistleblower physician on the frontlines at a major hospital in NYC, confirmed that the Swiss information was 100% accurate and that the CDC was still hampering efforts of all medical personnel, nationwide, and thereby endangering their health and safety and that of patients and the public as well. [...]  READ MORE

BREAKING: Must Read from Medical Whistleblower About the Surge

Forward to ALL medical personnel and heed seriousness of warnings

The information from this whistleblower is also necessitated by the still not fully understood: nature of incubation periods of up to THREE MONTHS, resulting in asymptomatic carriers spreading the disease, all of the factors concerning airborne transmission, the role of children as main hidden spreaders, the lack of hermetically sealed quarantines and hazmat suits, and the inadequacies of the CDC protocols that have already put many medical personnel, patients and the public at risk, as we have been publishing since February 25 (see all blogs from then until now). The following is the unedited information from the whistleblower: [...]  READ MORE




More corroboration of Plejaren COVID-19 information 

Today there is this article about children and the COVID-19 disease. Of course, you already knew about it on March 2.

The information in this new article confirms what we learned from the Plejaren on March 16:

“Since the coronavirus’s emergence in the city of Wuhan/China – as a continuation of the SARS-epidemic, so to speak – it has changed very much in its mode of behaviour and effect. It has become significantly more aggressive and therefore is also spreading much more quickly and more severely in Europe among human beings with a stronger immune system. Obviously at least the immune system of the North Italians or Italians in general is such that it is more susceptible to the virus and therefore can more easily be attacked by the acutely mutating coronavirus than the immune systems of other peoples in Europe.” [...]  READ MORE

Live Calls to National TV News!

Bringing the most accurate information about the COVID-19 pandemic to all who will listen


The third hour of my live calls to some of the many national news stations I’ve been reaching out to.

If and when I am contacted by any of them, I’ll update this information.

Of course, the point of this is to show that anyone can be proactive on their own behalf and on behalf of…all humankind.

Please do your part.

See also:

…and all the blogs between the above and:

Harsh Truth from Plejaren About SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic



Powers that be show they KNOW Billy Meier’s COVID-19 info is REAL truth

NY Post, WHO Confirm Meier on Asymptomatic COVID-19 Carriers

There’s not much more to be said. While the censors at FB will probably heed the impeccably accurate information on COVID-19 from Meier and the Plejaren – to protect themselves and their families- they don’t want you to…be troubled with such distractions.

No matter. There’s no “outsmarting” the prophecies and the law of cause and effect unfailingly delivers the consequences of our actions unto us…for better or worse. So, let’s focus on doing what we can for the…better. [...]  READ MORE

NY Post, WHO Confirm Meier on Asymptomatic COVID-19 Carriers



There’s more corroboration of the information provided to Billy Meier by the Plejaren about the COVID-19 pandemic.

The agonizing fact is that we’ve been warned about all this since February 25 and…EVERY single media, scientific, official source, ETC., has REFUSED to publish the ironclad information we’ve been sending them ever since.

So, as far as the Meier information regarding asymptomatic carriers:

86% of people with coronavirus are walking around undetected, study says [...]  READ MORE

Newest COVID-19 Information from Swiss Sources!

Critically important update on real facts about COVID-19 pandemic


This is an impromptu update of the latest information from Billy Meier regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, as he received it from the Plejaren.

I am reading the information from an online translation of the  latest information, published in German  


The official translation has become available:

New Info on Covid-19

HOW the CDC Spreads COVID-19

Total disregard for the health of medical personal, patients and public at large because of the…bottom line

We posted this information yesterday and now I have permission to post the letter below, from one of the whistleblowers at  Torrance Memorial Hospital.

Please understand that their desire to remain anonymous is quite understandable, in light of the risk they face. Of course, in this age of online anonymity – often used by hordes of people to attack others – I’m sure we’ll extend our understanding to them. [...]  READ MORE

CA Hospital Procedures Pose Risk to Personnel & Public

Now CA whistleblowers reveal dangerously inadequate COVID-19 protocols

Now, after breaking this story about dangerous conditions in a major NYC hospital, we have hidden camera video from a parking garage at Torrance Memorial Hospital, Torrance, CA,  showing where dangerously unsafe procedures for prospective COVID-19 patient evaluation, are putting medical personnel and the public at great risk.

What can’t be seen in this video is the process, whereby medical personnel are forced to perform examinations, using completely inadequate protective equipment, and inadequate protocols for dealing with airborne pathogen transmission. [...]  READ MORE

BREAKING: NYC ER Doctors in Intensive Care from COVID-19

Truth must be told to American people; medical personnel first line of defense, must be protected in order to protect patients and public

Medical personnel are the first line of defense and our only hope of preventing a completely uncontrollable pandemic. We MUST provide them with the proper equipment to protect them, their patients, and the public, as well.

The following message is from a doctor in NYC, who learned about our blog and subsequently provided this information. I’ve now been in direct communication with him: [...]  READ MORE

Relaxing in the Center of the Storm

How to let everything help us to release, relax, regenerate and renew

The focus of today’s video is on regaining equanimity, calm, composure and control during this these times of tension, disaster and upheaval.

While we’ve had plenty of warnings about the “coming times”, we now must adapt and navigate…as the time fulfills.

As you’ll see, six years ago we drew attention to one of Billy Meier’s health warnings that specifically referred to diseases and epidemics.

A couple of years ago, I explained why UFOs won’t matter after 2020. In that article, I also pointed out that: [...]  READ MORE


They’re getting closer, if that’s any comfort, but MUST implement the Plejaren Protocols

The “experts” blather on but the full truth was published on February 25, 2020 HERE

Once again, the public is being DANGEROUSLY MISLED by inadequate, inaccurate information from the CDC, which was quoted in a new study:

“People are most likely to spread the virus when they are the sickest, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

‘Some spread might be possible before people show symptoms; there have been reports of this occurring with this new coronavirus, but this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads,’ the CDC said.” [...]  READ MORE



The WHO announced today that COVID-19 is now “officially” a pandemic…as the Plejaren specifically warnedon February 25, 2020.

In this video, I also go over the largely unconsidered, possible post pandemic problems affecting the supply of food, medicines, water, etc., since everything will rely on the health of people involved in every step of the production and delivery of all products.

I point out that we shouldn’t expect things to run smoothly immediately after the pandemic is officially declared over. There are many factors, some known and some unknown, that may well affect the full recovery. [...]  READ MORE


Rapid increase in cases BECAUSE of long incubating, asymptomatic carriers, still unrecognized by CDC

Because the actual incubation time can be as long as three months:

  • Real number of infections and deaths much higher than reported

This actual incubation period of up to three months can result in asymptomatic carriers who infect others. It must also be taken into account that some reported deaths, where the person had no known contact with infected carriers, or travel to affected countries, may in fact also be a consequence of the long incubation times, once the person has been infected via the air, breath, clothing, etc.*

  • Breathing masks useless, virus penetrates because so small , therefore full-body protective suit, breathing apparatus only real protection

The CDC must immediately provide medical personnel with the most advanced and effective protective suits, respirators, etc., and stop hampering* their efforts to both protect themselves, patients and the public, as is now a matter of public record. [...]  READ MORE

COVID-19 Touches Home Again

Rampantly spreading disease appearing widely, striking in all walks of life

While I leave it up to interested parties to read the increasing numbers of articles appearing worldwide, I am posting this information from another friend in Europe:

“Hi, Michael,

My girlfriend found out that the husband of a coworker from her team has the SARS-2 disease, ergo is infected by the corona virus.

That coworker is sent home with some symptoms (for now it seems a common-cold), so we are waiting to hear if she is infected with COVID-19. [...]  READ MORE

What the Italy Quarantine Means to You

Virus’ uncharacteristic, more virulent mutation accounts for spread to Iranians, Italians, other Caucasians

As most people now know, Italy today took the unprecedented step of effectively quarantining everyone in the country. While too late in some ways to completely stop the spread of the disease in Italy, it at least may help to contain it and keep it from spreading further to other countries. Some experts have also suggested that the virus’ uncharacteristic, more virulent mutation accounts for affliction to Iranians, Italians and other Caucasians. [...]  READ MORE

NYC Physician Reports First COVID-19 Case in His Hospital

Plejaren protocols must be implemented without delay to contain rampantly spreading disease


We have more information from a physician on the east coast pertaining to the situation in NYC (emphasis added):

“So – we have our first official case in my hospital system in Manhattan – exposure from one of the heavily affected countries.  Our CMO and infection control head along with our infectious disease are in house to coordinate care/protocols when there is a suspected CoVID case. They are taking all the necessary precautions as I mentioned before, which was reassuring but we don’t have full body protective suits with breathing apparatus like Plejaren recommend.  I am trying to get it in their heads that this thing is highly contagious and those suits are required. I have a quick question when plejaren say air what do they mean necessarily, is it like TB where it can stay in the air for some time and not just as droplets – it’s two different aspects that need clarification on..  also i have been mentioning the incubation periods being up to 4 weeks and in some cases up to 3 months – my colleagues are coming around to the 4 weeks number but are incredulous at the 3 months. I said that you heard me say this, just remember if that number is confirmed later on.. i told them i want to be wrong about the information I have but it’s accurate and highly reliable. The good news is that our head administrators realize how serious this is and are all hands on deck as they are staying inside hospital overnight. I just saw Maria Bartiromo interview Gov Cuomo re coronavirus response, and she mentioned that we know that kids are some of the greatest asymptomatic carriers of the virus and the need to shut down schools as Plejaren let us know last week. [...]  READ MORE

COVID-19 Quarantines, Consequences & Concerns

UPDATE March 8, 2020:

As just reported in the Daily Mail: Top coronavirus expert warns Americans to brace for quarantines

“‘Fauci said he did not think the US would impose total shutdowns – but said ‘anything is possible’.

‘We have to be realistic. I don’t think it would be as draconian as nobody in or nobody out,’ he told Fox News Sunday.

‘But if we continue to get cases like this, particularly at the community level, there will be what we call ‘mitigation,’ where we have to essentially do social distancing, keep people out of crowded places, take a look at seriousness, do you really need to travel, and I think it’s particularly important among the most vulnerable.’” [...]  READ MORE


Useful health and wellness advice for the immune system, metabolism, etc.

At the link below, you’ll find health information gathered from the Contact Reports by Christine Slayter and Dean Madore:

Health and Wellness Advice from Plejaren and Spiritual Teaching

Audio version courtesy of Norm DeCindis:

While the information doesn’t specifically address dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, it does contain information on keeping your immune system and metabolism functioning highly efficiently, and much more.

As always, you may find things that specifically address some of your health concerns and other information that may be less relevant. Each person must take responsibility for determining what best works for them. [...]  READ MORE

Nobody’s Coming to Save Us But Somebody Came to Help

How to help disseminate Plejaren warnings about COVID-19 pandemic

Michael Horn Live, EP 37

Friday, March 6, 7:00 PM Pacific Time

We’re going to do a show tonight to discuss the Plejaren warnings about the COVID-19 pandemic, provided to, and published by, Billy Meier well before all the true facts were known and acted upon.

We’ll focus on how you can assist your community, health professionals, government and political leaders, etc., to become fully aware of the reality, the magnitude and scope of the pandemic.

Because of the ever-increasing news pertaining to the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic, I am listing some of the stories carrying current information.

Most now confirm the accuracy of the Plejaren information, first published by Billy Meier, in German, on February 23, 2020, and then in English, on February 25, 2020…all well ahead of the recent  “discoveries” and revelations by the medical community, government, media, etc.

Because there are so many, I am not bothering to title each one. I leave it up to you to click on the links:[...]  READ MORE

CDC/DOH Guidelines Hampering COVID-19 Containment Progress

Dangerous disregard of Plejaren medical advice still putting people at risk; aggressive new mutation further increases threat

I just received information from a medical professional on the east coast that doctors, hospital directors and related medical professionals are being hampered by CDC/local DOH guidelines, that only allow them to hold people for two weeks inpatient, usually for the elderly. and with home isolation for younger patients.

This is in dangerous disregard for the actual necessity for much longer containment times, and necessary protective protocols, as specifically expressed by the Plejaren here[...]  READ MORE

Now Harvard Expert Confirms Billy Meier on COVID-19 Spread


As reported yesterday, news from the Seattle Research Center that the Coronavirus (COVID-19 ) may have spread undetected for weeks in the U.S confirms information previously published by Billy Meier, in Switzerland, where officials have already canceled all large public events.

Science researcher, Michael Horn, said Meier also stated that the actual incubation period is from four weeks to three months. This may account for the various confirmed cases of infection where the victim apparently had no recent travel, or known contact with a disease carrier. [...]  READ MORE

Seattle Research Confirms Billy Meier Info on COVID19 Spread

Following recommendations from the Plejaren would greatly reduce pandemic


The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle  announced that the Coronavirus may have spread undetected for weeks in U.S., confirming what Billy Meier was expressly told by the Plejaren regarding the actual, much longer incubation times, resulting in the “walking spreaders” of the disease, i.e. those who are asymptomatic but infecting others.

Further, while Australian doctors are baffled by children’s resistance to the virus, amidst the increasing numbers of confirmed cases, the reality is that infected children are also the main “hidden spreaders” of the rampantly spreading disease, as stated by the Plejaren. So, while children may not come down with the disease, they can carry it and infect others. [...]  READ MORE

The WHO Is Dangerously WRONG!

As Plejaren said, asymptomatic people can spread disease; incubation up to three months


Regarding this new report:

Number of coronavirus cases from unknown source growing in U.S.

This is largely due to the inaccurate and inadequate information from the WHO.

With new cases popping up, and baffling the authorities because of no known travel or other exposure, please note what the Plejaren already told us about this rampantly spreading disease:

  • Real number of infections and deaths much higher than reported
  • Actual incubation period up to four weeks to 3 months
  • Hermetic quarantine required, must be much longer than 2 weeks
  • Breathing masks useless, virus penetrates because so small 
  • Disease spread through air, clothing and animals as well
  • Full-body protective suit, breathing apparatus only real protection
  • Asian races initially most susceptible but is spreading to others
  • The WHO is culpable for not immediately proclaiming pandemic risk
  • China, US and other countries suppressed truth for political and economic reasons

And it’s critical that hospitals immediately become aware of the inadequacy  of the commonly accepted and recommended medical protocols, equipment, etc., and the necessity of hermetically sealed quarantines, etc.

For those who may be hesitant to spread this information because of fear of ridicule, etc., please consider the possible consequences of not doing everything possible to help warn and inform the public, as well as all those who are known to you. [...]  READ MORE

Past the Point of No Return

Prepare for the coming times with the eternal wisdom of the spiritual teaching

There should be no doubt that recent events have pushed us past the point of no return, signaling the – long foretold – times of great upheaval and change, made unstoppable as the warnings went unheeded.

So, I am republishing the blog below, as it appeared in July 2019. For those of you who may be new to the information from Billy Meier, or perhaps have  questions about the authenticity, and impeccable accuracy, of the prophetic information he’s published, the 2019 blog may be timely and informative. [...]  READ MORE

URGENT: To ALL Hospitals, Don’t Pretend – PREPARE


By any name – SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19 – threat to humankind is unprecedented*

In order to not risk contributing to the spread of this disease, ALL hospitals, medical centers and facilities, personnel, etc., must be prepared to implement the strictest protocols, including hermetically sealed quarantines, for all people infected, or suspected of being infected, with the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, etc.)…without delay.

Anyone who doesn’t realize the unprecedented scope and danger of this situation is stuck in normalcy bias at best and possibly fatal delusions at worst. This isn’t theoretical, nor intended to promote fear. We must take extraordinary steps to get ahead of the existing, anticipated, and otherwise overwhelming, crisis. [...]  READ MORE

New Video About SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic

Our lives depend on learning the truth and acting accordingly

Here’s a short video encapsulating some of the main points in the Harsh Truth from Plejaren About SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic:


As mentioned in the video, even while we have received unprecedented assistance from the Plejaren, in terms of the real facts and scope of the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic, it requires that we take full and complete self-responsibility for everything in our lives, individually and collectively…and that certainly includes dealing with this extremely great threat to our future survival.

That also means that we put our awareness into action, contacting people in all forms of media, and spreading the information to others so that they too can take effective, informed action. We must not rely on, nor be falsely influenced by, disinformation from various media, government sources, conspiracy theorists, etc. [...]  READ MORE

Harsh Truth from Plejaren About SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic


Plejaren warnings about true facts and extent of the disease being officially confirmed:

US isn’t prepared for outbreak: This is a ‘coronavirus winter

  • Unprecedented ET outreach for the survival of the people of Earth 
  • Avoid airplanes, ships, mass transportation, crowds
  • Stay at home to avoid exposing yourself to risk of infection
  • Real number of infections and deaths much higher than reported
  • Actual incubation period up to four weeks to 3 months
  • Spread by asymptomatic people; through air, breath, clothing, etc. 
  • Breathing masks useless, virus penetrates because so small 
  • Full-body protective suit, breathing apparatus only real protection
  • Hermetic quarantine required, must be longer than 2 weeks
  • Asian races initially most susceptible but will spread to others
  • Virus becomes more aggressive over time, claiming more lives
  • Children mainly immune, main hidden spreaders of disease* 
  • China, US, etc., suppressed truth for political and economic reasons
  • The WHO culpable for not immediately proclaiming pandemic risk

An unprecedented conveyance of harsh information, about the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, from the Plejaren extraterrestrial human race, to the people of Earth:

What there is to say about the Coronavirus and what to take heed of

Fundamentally: The same applies with all highly infectious/contagious sicknesses/illnesses and rampantly spreading diseases:

One should avoid airplanes, ships, mass transportation and large crowds whenever possible and rather stay at home rather than exposing yourself to the risk of infection. [...]  READ MORE

Extraterrestrials Warn of Threats to US East and West Coasts

Predicted volcanic eruption, earthquakes will produce devastating tsunamis

First, it’s important to point out that, contrary to the way it may seem, we’re not here to spread “doom and gloom”. As far as the prophetic information in the Billy Meier contacts – and its unparalleled, impeccable accuracy – is concerned, the entire point of the warnings is for humankind to become aware of, and proactively engaged in, implementing solutions to them, for the sake of our own future survival. [...]  READ MORE

New York Post Confirms Billy Meier’s SARS & Coronavirus Info


We must petition our governments to accept the assistance offered by the Plejaren, so we can safely navigate the – now unstoppable – coming events.

It appears that Billy Meier’s February 20, 2020 update about the true facts, regarding the coronavirus and SARS, has been confirmed.

The New York Post just published this article, stating (emphasis added):

“Xi didn’t actually admit that the coronavirus now devastating large swathes of China had escaped from one of the country’s bioresearch labs. But the very next day, evidence emerged suggesting that this is exactly what happened, as the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology released a new directive entitled: ‘Instructions on strengthening biosecurity management in microbiology labs that handle advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus.'” [...]  READ MORE

SETI Hid Evidence of Extraterrestrial Contact

 Now will they reveal Billy Meier’s UFO contacts, ongoing for 78 years?

In light of this recent article, it must be said that five years ago, SETI was provided with independently authenticated evidence regarding the existence of – and contact with – extraterrestrial life. However, no response was ever received from SETI.

Since then, further ironclad evidence of contacts between Billy Meier and the Plejaren extraterrestrial space traveling race has been published in the form of specific, previously unknown, prophetically accurate scientific information about Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Mercury, the Moon, black holes, asteroid Apophis, etc. The information was verifiably published by Meier up to decades before “official discovery” by NASA. [...]  READ MORE

Cover-up Over As Media Reveals Billy Meier’s UFO Contacts!

and skeptic confirms Meier’s apophis warning beat nasA by 13 years! 


Newest Interview: The Weekly Call

Below you’ll find regular updates on my new, national media, TV and radio interviews about Billy Meier’s hundreds of stunning examples of his specific, prophetic scientific accuracy:

The Weekly Call: Cincinnati

Jim Malliard Report: Pennsylvania

Brandon Vogt Show: Albuquerque

Dave Nemo Show: SiriusXM

Larry Richert Show: Pittsburgh


UPDATE: Billy Meier Info on Fall of US Dollar from 2006

NOTE: We just received urgent information from Switzerland, about coming events. So I’m republishing the blog and video below, from 2006, as well as Billy Meier’s 2017 information, I think we should be aware, vigilant, and especially mindful of the lengths to which a country may go to try to stave off the inevitable financial crash. 


Meier also warned about federal connection to domestic terror attacks

In the video below, uploaded in 2007, a year after I had first recorded it, I reported on several things, including Billy Meier’s comment about 9/11, Al-Qaeda, etc., and the decline of the US dollar:

Meier recently gave more information here about the coming global financial collapse, the ban on cash and the real fate of the country, once the government turns against the American people: [...]  READ MORE