My name is Nathanael Mallow.  I live in Southern CA and work as an engineer.  Like many of you, I came to the Meier Case after hearing several of Michael Horn’s radio interviews.  In fact, the first two interviews I ever heard about The Case are linked below:


This is not one of those attempts to relieve your wallet of any monetary burden offering you some silly scenario in return.  You know those people that sell their ‘stories’? Stories like:

  •  ‘In-bread’ reptilian blender grey babies.
  •  The attack of the Invisible Planet heading this way soon and there’s nothing you can do about it unless you give me your money.
  •  A conspiratorial mindset where our government is behind everything.
  •  “I’m a ‘contactee’ and I’ll see you at the next ‘con’-vention.”

Hearing Michael in his actions against ‘marauders’, ‘defamers’, ‘skeptics’ and ‘banal debaters’ gives me pause.  I pride myself in being patient though I am not at all tolerant; at the very least this is something I need to work towards.  Michael seemingly takes all this in stride and has not allowed the truth to be compromised.  During numerous interviews over the years, Michael has displayed an admirable resolve.  He doesn’t take things personally.  When I hear radio interviews where the host attacks him using vulgarity, in defense of their ignorance and their use of slander and muckraking, I view it all as a free lesson in the art of being steadfast. These are some of my favorites:


The reason for this letter is to ask for your assistance with current and future endeavors to bring reason and sanity to our world.  Michael presents the ‘Billy Meier case’ to the English and Asian speaking countries.  Billy brings the teachings of creation to all inhabitants of our planet.  The mission is to build up the ‘Freie Interessen gemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien’ or ‘Free Community of Interests for Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies’ (known simply as FIGU) so that FIGU will act as a beacon for The Spirit Teaching, The Teachings of Creation, The Teaching of The Truth and The Teachings of The Prophets.  These teachings will, in it’s own time, lead mankind out of the morass of the belief-driven, degenerated-drunk, shackled mindset to the Love of Creation’s Wisdom.

Michael has done and continues to do an exemplary job in bringing the Meier information forward.  After knowing him for about a year, I can tell you his life is extremely frugal.  In the face of doing an extraordinary amount of  radio shows, interviews, live interviews, movies, study groups, writing, probes, inquiries and research he does not make an exorbitant amount of money.  If you like what he has to say and want to help him out you can do so by clicking the link below:

Michael sometimes has the need to fly to different locations – so if you would like to donate frequent flyer miles you can transfer them here:

USAIRWAYS: 00467225330

United: FR760081


From time to time, Michael spear-heads different projects: interview films, videos, radio shows and more.  So I am also suggesting these equipment donations:
Wireless headsets with microphones – I am tired of hearing those echoes!


While it is true the mission is continuing through Michael’s work, it is also true: He/She who struggles for spiritual light and spiritual love, to him/her the door to Creation opens.  I would remind those reading this, you are just as capable as Michael, Billy, FIGU and friends when it comes to dissemination of “…the most important story in all of human history…”. Talking about Billy Meier and/or The Teachings, without proselytizing to people, writing blogs, starting talk shows, talking on TV, using Social media, writing officials, actors, etc., is a fulfillment of the self-obligated love you have for your fellow man.  So let’s all strive to allow the mission to continue through us and through our actions.

If this information is brand new to you, you may take exception with the whole “…the most important story in all of human history…” thing, if that is the case, then think on this: in the forward of “Might of the Thoughts” a book written by Billy, Elizabeth Moosbrugger writes: “So the book which lies before you is dedicated to a humankind which is ill in its consciousness, so that it finds again the creational-natural way which it lost long ago.”

114 comments on “CALL TO ACTION

  • Hello,

    I don’t know what to think, but I want to stay open. I myself have seen things that are out of the ordinary, and this blog is not the place to talk about them. But for over 47 years I’ve been looking for someone who could have had a similar experience. But nothing and nobody, except perhaps Mr. Meier, has came forward to date.
    In the last few years I have been directed, somehow, to discover the real and initial history of humanity. This story also help me to understand the real purpose of the conflicts that have been raging on Earth for over 5500 years, and are about to come to a full scale.

    So for me there are several positive ways to validate the depth of Mr. Meier’s veracity, and if his source is the right one.
    1- Would he be able to explain (very briefly) the reason for the fall of Atlantis and its link with Egypt?
    2- Would he be able to explain (very briefly) the initial historical links that exist between what humans falsely considered mythological legends between the Egyptian, Sumerian, Indo-Iranian, Chinese and American Indian peoples?
    3- Would he be able to tell (very briefly) the state of the human world before the event (war) that turned humanity upside down around 3500 bce, the detail event as such, the objective, and what this provoked as change for humanity since then?

    If possible, he could ask them to get back in touch with me, if they are the ones who contact me in my youth.

    Of course, there is nothing negative about this.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Micheal Horn my name is Cody, be greeted in peace. Haha I have some questions. I’m aware the kings of knowledge make the decisions and everyone agrees on everything please correct me if I’m wrong, so at what age do they let their youngsters say yes or no? Another question, I was approached on top of a mountain by a silent craft that looked nothing like the mier pictures and it scanned me with a blue kind of plasma and it reflected off the metal roof and I felt my spine shiver and I was not on drugs and I have e no reason to make this up I just want an answer please.. I do have serious intentions on making a good sum of money and implementing everything Billy has said & I want to make a lot of free energy devices.. I Can do this and I will and I also feel like there is no such thing as extraterrestrials we are all living in the same universe and weirdest of all I want to be in love with a women not from this earth and I meditate alot on Billy’s teachings and I also use remote viewing. I might seem crazy to you or a liar but Im 17 and I’m leaving america with alot of fiat money and I think it’s also possible to start my own scientific socialism society based solely on Billy’s teachings. Please reply.. my family thinks I’m insane and I have no friends but my mind knows they look at me as I look at a lower life form. And also im not scared I love them and love the upside down peace sign. Thank you for your time. I have a lot more technical questions also..

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