About the They Fly Blog Volunteers

Melissa Osaki

Is our volunteer moderator and contributor on They Fly Blog, and she is also a FIGU-Passive Member.

Melissa writes:

I studied criminology and forensics at WV University. Born and raised in Ohio, but moved to California 8 years ago. I’ve done several different day jobs over the years, including over-the-road trucker, but I’ve been in insurance and finance for the last 7 years as a licensed Insurance Agent. I’m a thinker, an intuitive, and a researcher at heart, but that has never seemed to pay the bills. In my spare time, I study physics, cosmology, astronomy, and the Spiritual Teaching. I love all things nature, but the ocean is my sanctuary. There is no problem I can’t solve while listening to the waves crashing on the rocks. I think most of us have stumbled through life searching for that one thing that made all those strange things we felt and sensed make sense. Finding the Meier case was the thing that made all those strange things finally make sense for me. I love living life and am trying to make the best of this lifetime.

Anthea Williams Cossette

Is our volunteer website technical support person, contributor and part-time moderator. She is also a FIGU-Passive Member.

Anthea writes:

I have an almost 15-year background in professional website development and design, including graphic design, so it is a real pleasure for me to be able to contribute my skills onThey Fly Blog. Like Melissa, I’m a deep thinker, and also quite analytical in my approach to solving problems, etc. Folk tend to see me as quite a serious human “bean” at first glance, however, once they get to know me a little better they can get to see my lighter loving and playful side too. I have a deep love and loyalty for and toward the Mission and my fellow human beings and want to see nothing more than for our FIGU Mission to be successful globally, especially here in the USA, where it is now long overdue. A great lover of nature, you may find me talking and singing to my plants or find me outside indulging in another favorite passtime (as my health allows) – i.e. long nature walks and other outdoor activities.