Express to Publish Several More Articles on Billy Meier

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I’ve been informed that, due to the popularity of the two articles on Apophis, published in the Express (the viewership of the second article increased  by…500%!) they will publish several more articles, probably beginning after October 21 (See: =&0=&and =&1=&.). The concern over the looming – and very real – danger of impact from Apophis in the region has also resulted in one of the articles being published in Croatian here.


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What you need to know: Please allow up to 48 hours to receive the link (maybe a little more). If you’ve ordered by the deadline you WILL receive it and be able to download this very important DVD. I recently rewatched it and because even I was surprised at how much information – and how much prophetically accurate information –is on it, I decided that everyone who wants to have it for FREE can do so now. [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier Warns WHERE Apophis Will Hit

NASA, US government and media blackout info about ongoing UFO contacts

The Express today published their second article regarding Billy Meier’s warnings about Apophis. In this interview, Michael Horn relates what the Plejaren told Meier about the specific location that Apophis would most likely hit, i.e. between the North Sea and the Black Sea.

And while NASA, the government and the US media, i.e. the fake news, continue to narcotize the masses with vast amounts of inaccurate, useless gibberish, it’s still the responsibility of the people to desire and search for the truth. But while masses of people in America are far more concerned with legalizing marijuana, and literally narcotizing themselves, a little intrusion such as Apophis could still disturb their reverie here at home. [...]  READ MORE

British Newspaper Publishes Billy Meier Apophis Warning

UFO contactee scooped NASA –  again – by 23 years 

The Express newspaper published this interview with me pertaining to Billy Meier’s warnings about Apophis, which he published 23 years before NASA “officially discovered” it.

Perhaps because Apophis will hit between the North Sea and the Black Sea -unless deflected as per the advice from the Plejaren – Europeans may be just a bit more concerned about it coming to their neighborhood than their American cousins. [...]  READ MORE

Don’t Donate a Dime

Here’s why one shouldn’t give money to environmental organizations

Before you, as a person truly concerned about the environment, donate a dime to any environmental organization I suggest a couple of things. First, you might want to ask if everyone involved in their organization is a volunteer, or working pro bono, or if donations also go to cover salaries, etc.*

While that will tell you a little bit about them, you may as well…stop there. Why? Because, as far as I have been able to determine, there isn’t even one so-called environmental group or organization that has a clue about the real nature, cause and true extent of what’s no longer climate change but is now unstoppable climate destruction[...]  READ MORE

Enviro-Nazis Censor Dissident Environmentalist

Mark Boslough calls for ClimateStrike to block Michael Horn on Twitter


Every now and then, people who get a glimpse of the truth and come down on the right side of a topic go off the rails, mistakenly think of themselves as “experts” and proceed to try to stifle vastly more accurate and reliable information.

Case in point, for some time I’d sent presumed environmentalist Mark Boslough information from Billy Meier pertaining to the real nature of what has now deteriorated from climate change to climate destruction, without any response. Meier began publishing the warnings in 1951,  long before Boslough was born. [...]  READ MORE

Greta Thunberg, Phony Environmentalism and Famine

Having ignored overpopulation as cause, climate destruction now unstoppable

New Michael Horn Interview!


“The climate change, which was first denounced by an unknowing child and since then has created a stir worldwide right up to the governments and, moreover, has brought about masses of simple-minded people shouting climate protest, who, just like the child, have no clue and knowledge at all about what is actually a fact, has the consequence that those in government and the politicians will start to exploit the whole thing in a populist way and also in a way to fill their state coffers with it. This will happen by the irresponsible rulers and politicians inventing and implementing new compulsory levies and taxes, which will then correspond to nothing other than a financial exploitation of the populations, with the aim of stuffing up the state coffers in this illegal way, whose finances, however, will again be senselessly squandered and, in addition to that, debts will be made.” [...]  READ MORE

The Wrong, Wrong Man

A massive case of buyer’s remorse awaits

This is a nonpolitical, nonpartisan commentary on the flim-flam farce that’s been perpetrated on Trump supporters and the American people as a whole. So, whether you’re a supporter or not, there are some very bright red flags waving briskly in the breeze.

To all my friends who were enthusiastic that Trump was going to:

  • Drain the swamp
  • Clean out the Deep State
  • Stop illegal immigration
  • Make America Great Again
  • Fix the economy
  • Prosecute Hillary
  • Restore good relations with Russia
  • Stop incessant American wars of aggression
  • Bring American troops home
  • Turn thousands of “sealed indictments” into actual trials, convictions and jail sentences

There are other major failures on the part of Trump, with health care, the environment, foreign relations, etc. So, while those who supported him were very hopeful that he’d end the corruption, fulfill all the failed promises made by those who preceded him, and the rest of the usual lunacy that is politics, especially American politics, they also forgot that he’s a billionaire, who didn’t acquire his wealth through altruism and humanitarianism. Trump is first and foremost out for Trump. [...]  READ MORE