Going Beyond New Age Beliefs

Leaving behind the Age of Beliefs for the Age of Truth and Knowledge

A recent article speaks about the growing interest in what’s called “New Age beliefs.” While this may be seen by some as an improvement over traditional religions, substituting one set of beliefs for another still leaves one far from knowing the…truth.

We are leaving behind the Age of Beliefs for the Age of Truth and Knowledge and so a transition is also underway, from clinging to hand-me-down myths, fables and unchallenged dogmas that one has never critically thought through themselves, to finding and determining the truth for oneself. [...]  READ MORE

The Sun, Moon, Mars, the Stars & You

How to use the planets and stars to heal yourself as Billy Meier was also taught

Michael Horn Live, EP 37

Many people have written to point out that this information, about China putting an artificial moon in the sky, is very similar to what Billy Meier predicted, in 1995, about putting an “artificial sun” in the sky.

And this information, from last July, about an underground lake on Mars reminds us to revisit the information about Mars and water, from 1976, and this information from 11 years later: [...]  READ MORE

Why UFOs Won’t Matter After 2020

And nobody is coming to save us from ourselves

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Billy Meier was first given the 2020 date, for the demise of the United States of America, in 1975. His undeniably impeccably accurate, worldwide environmental warnings began decades earlier. Now, as the time fulfills, the accompanying, deteriorating geopolitical situation, and equally ubiquitous moral and ethical degeneration can also no longer be denied.

And nobody is coming to save us from ourselves.

Forget about UFOs

I recently gave a presentation on the Billy Meier UFO contacts, in Sedona, AZ. And, after establishing the singular authenticity of these still ongoing contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrial human race, I encouraged, in fact almost pleaded with, the audience to basically…forget about UFOs. [...]  READ MORE

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

When in doubt choose peacefulness

I had some thoughts about dealing with narcissistic people that prompted this new video. We’ve all met narcissists and have had to deal with them…when they’re not busy taking selfies.

I talk about looking at Alex Jones in that light, not as someone I interact with personally but someone who, it appears to me, makes any and all causes he’s involved in always end up being…all about him.

While he’s seemingly brought down a lot of pressure on himself, he uses it to exhort other people to get involved on his behalf. But is there another by-product to all of this, i.e. is he actually making it easier for the powers that be to be able to censor any and all dissenting views on all media platforms? Is he effectively encouraging civil war, attacks against the president, taking up arms, etc.? [...]  READ MORE

Michael Horn Live, EP 35

Michael Horn Live, EP 35

Eight Ball in Any Pocket

Life today is like a rerun of the opening break in a game of pool, kind of like a version of the movie Groundhog Day. From the first thing in the morning till the lights go out at night, the balls are set up and slammed around. Where they land should be anybody’s guess. Except that the game is rigged and if we’re not careful we can end up behind the eight ball.

But even in a rigged game we can learn something, especially if despite all appearances we’re not really playing it. [...]  READ MORE

The Game Is Rigged Choose Not to Play

It’s time to focus on the essential, intrinsically important matters of life

The game is rigged and it’s set up for you to lose. Anyone who’s paying attention now can see that what Billy Meier has said for years, and even decades, is not only accurate but ceaselessly fulfilling…in our time. In my interview with him regarding America’s two coming civil wars, you may note that not only did he say that America will be wrecked, and that Clinton and Trump are simply dumb and just as dumb, but that the ordinary people who are in the minority, meaning those who can see the truth, who care about it, and are well-intentioned towards their fellow humans and all life, can really do nothing effective about it at this time… and for some time to come. [...]  READ MORE

The USA Shall Be Imperiled

How empires fall, a lesson never learned and often repeated

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With the heat being turned up on Trump and his associates, as well as on  some mainstream media and political organizations, and with rumors that Trump is going to do more shaking up, etc., I am reminded again of this information from Billy Meier last October:

16. The USA and the rulers of the USA shall be imperiled in the future in many ways, which arise from both governmental and non-governmental anti-government and anti-state actors, as well as from large parts of the United States population, so that the US population breaks up into different population-groups, the basic causes of which are already present, so that the USA is already separatized into various groups at the present time. [...]  READ MORE