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“Michael Horn is the world’s leading authority on UFOs.”  George Noory, Coast to Coast AM (after Horn’s 20th appearance on C2C)

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Roswell & Rendlesham   [...]  READ MORE

Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions, Part 5

Time to understand how what’s happening now is leading to a dead end


Continuing in our little series, it appears that James O-Keefe may be on to something, perhaps the tip of the iceberg:

“James O’Keefe teased a new Project Veritas bombshell which he suggested shows people working inside a political campaign discussing massive wealth confiscation by force.”

…which of course you already know about if you’ve been reading Billy Meier’s predictions:

29. Even in the USA, the people will be dispossessed as a consequence of the global financial crisis, which shall become a pretext for deploying the military and police forces against the angry and partly also heavily armed population[...]  READ MORE

Captain Tim and the Little Pollutions

What goes up, must come down and when it does…


A Tale About Cause and Effect

I was about 16 when I first noticed it. I was riding a bus through Chicago’s Lincoln Park and saw the bus in front of ours pumping out plumes of black exhaust. And then it occurred to me that, “The dinosaurs have come back to get us!” While it was only partially true that so-called fossil fuels were composed of the remnants of prehistoric dinosaurs, considering all things, I was close enough.

About 10 years later, while living in New York City after graduating from the Art Institute of Chicago, I got together with a couple of friends, Stanley Edwards and Bob Kaminsky, to work on a little project for an animated TV series. We based the idea on my then recently released record on A&M, Captain Tim, coupled with my concern for the environment, specifically air pollution. [...]  READ MORE

18,000-Year-Old Dog Bites Scientists!

Rabies are least of worries, dried out Kibble also found


A cute little, 18,000-year-old dog or wolf pup may appear to be a fascinating, delightful find but it’s bad news for scientists and others who are climate deniers.

The reason it’s bad news is that it’s another indication of the, mainly ignored, melting of the permafrost in places like Siberia which, just because we don’t see or know about it, is still occurring.

Please see this article, from 10 years ago, as a reminder of that which is now already underway, increasing and…unstoppable. As is almost entirely untaught, worldwide, there’s a little thing called the Law of Cause and Effect, an immutable law that Billy Meier has been effectively writing about in his environmental warnings for a long time. [...]  READ MORE

The Billy Meier UFO Contacts: Evidence Reference Guide

Quick links to some of Billy Meier’s physical and informational evidence

The Billy Meier UFO Contacts, still ongoing in Switzerland for over 77 years, have an abundance of what is lacking from every other claimed UFO case, i.e. actual, independently tested, physical and informational evidence.

Apart from the still irreproducible nature of this evidence, the fact that Mr. Meier freely turned over the evidence for independent, expert scientific analyses in itself speaks against any claims that it was hoaxed. [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier’s Environmental Warnings

Beginning in 1951, he foretold the manmade causes of climate destruction

Part of the dilemma I face in posting these excerpts from Billy Meier’s prophetic information, pertaining to the destruction of the environment, and overpopulation as the major causative factor for the majority of humanity’s ills, is that they contain the warning that human beings will most likely pay no attention to them – apparently even those of you who are intelligent, concerned and astute enough to recognize their truthfulness. [...]  READ MORE

Billy Meier Beats the Scientists Again

People who chase lights-in-the-sky still lost in space 

About four-and-a-half years ago, an article appeared about a potential scientific breakthrough, by a team of Hungarian physicists, pertaining to the fundamental forces of nature, of which four are currently known. The article posits the possibility of a fifth force.

A more recent article indicates that the same team of physicists may indeed have discovered the fifth force. And it’s notable that another physicist, at the University of California, not only concurs but points to the possibility of a “sixth, seventh, and eighth force.” [...]  READ MORE