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Ron Anderson

Hello, I would like to start by saying I am a believer of prophecy and of Billy Meier and the plejaren. I just want to express my feelings and maybe help out with the information. I used to watch your YouTube videos but have long since stopped. I’ll watch one now and again but the reason I stopped is because you claim to be giving out information but it seems more like you are campaigning for people to believe. There’s a lot of “see he said this on this day and this day it happened”. To me a prophet should be there and want to help humanity to evolve and prosper. I’m your videos you seem to say a lot but not much for useful information. I will use one for example “Covid19 the truth doesn’t feel good”. I watched that yesterday but I never came out with the knowledge of the truth of Covid19. Do you understand at what I am getting at? Instead of trying to tell people “see here he was right”, maybe you would get a better response if you helped us understand the questions of the truth. Why is this happening or going to happen? Is there anything we can do to prevent it or once it’s prophesied are we just here to ride it out with nothing we can do about it? I think people would more respond to you if you helped them understand what we should do, what should we expect, what can we do to survive through this and what is it that we are supposed to learn from said event or whatnot. That is my feelings on what a prophet should do, not just tell us what is going to happen. But give us an understanding and help us through it. In the video blog mentioned earlier the title was just click bait, because I watched the whole thing and still was not informed of the truth behind Covid19. I didn’t know why it is happening, was there anything to do to stop it, or what to expect to become of it. It was more of the “I told you so “ and “ why won’t you listen to me when I say something’s going to happen”! I feel people are more interested in hearing what they can do to try to lessen the blow or to avoid this in the future and what we should learn from it rather than someone trying to convince us he was right. You telling people you or Billy was right, doesn’t help. Share the information to answer the questions and I think you will have better response from people and in my eyes that’s what a prophet should be here to do. Help humanity through the tough times to understand why it’s happening, what we can do to bring upon the best outcome and what we can learn from it. This is just my point of view from what I see and how I feel. Please feel free to respond if you would like.


Hi Ron,

The only things I can say are that I’ve been blogging about this, in over 40 articles, since January 25th, then from February 20th on. Before that, I’ve been publicly presenting info on the Meier contacts since about 1987, including various recommendations, suggestions, advice, etc.

Now, most importantly, I suggest that people read and…take the advice here:

BREAKING NEWS! Daily Mail Confirms Billy Meier COVID-19 Info

Here’s your opportunity to help shorten the pain this plague has brought

Melissa Osaki

With all due respect, you can’t be serious? Are you only watching Michael’s videos or have you read the contact reports, Goblet of the Truth, The Way to Live, The Might of the Thoughts, Arahat Athersata, The Psyche, etc., etc.? Have you read the Prophecies & Predictions along with the information about the difference between a prophecy and prediction?

Not only does Billy go into great detail about why we are the way we are, but he also lays out what we can do to drastically improve our situation and clean up our planet. It’s unfathomable to me that you would ask such questions or make such statements unless you haven’t read a single word of the contact reports and the spiritual teaching.

Michael’s videos are a small window into a large realm of information and you can’t expect to gain all the answers from watching them. You MUST take personal responsibility and strive to gain the knowledge and wisdom.

Michael was publishing all the COVID-19 information back in February, before it was officially confirmed by the main stream media and the health organizations. He published ALL the Plejaren protocols and quarantine guidelines. Have you read any of Michael’s recent blog articles?

Really folks, you must take some initiative and stop relying on others to tell you all the answers. And of course we know that Billy and the Plejaren were right because we’ve already done our own research.

Harsh Truth from Plejaren About SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic

UPDATE: Coronavirus Is Mutation of SARS Virus

Stunning New Information About COVID-19 from the Plejaren

coronavirus information from contact 251

The WHO Is Dangerously WRONG!

Now Harvard Expert Confirms Billy Meier on COVID-19 Spread

CDC/DOH Guidelines Hampering COVID-19 Containment Progress


True! I had many questions when I started to read the contact reports of Billy. Further I carry on reading I found the answers. Surely it will take some time to read all of them but if you commit yourself someday you will realize it. I haven’t heard about anyone except Billy of course who has devoted his entire life to guide us in our evolution.
We cannot thank him enough but we can appreciate his wonderful work.

Melissa Osaki

Welcome to the blog. Please also remember to use your first and last name. Thanks.


If the information is to help human beings rich or poor, why charge so much for the meat of the material. Seems like you give us just enough to be interested, only to then charge us for the rest. What if someone was poor and couldn’t afford the books (not my situation) would they not get the help and info they needed just because they were stuck behind a paywall?


One question, Joseph. How many of the 1,000+ articles on this blog have you read. How many of the 200+ articles, spiritual teaching, prophecies, predictions, etc., at have you read?

The materials charged for books, DVDs, etc., are produced at the expense of the authors/producers, etc. Is there some reason they shouldn’t be compensated for their work and expenses?

Also, please use your first and last name when commenting.




Hi Michael, I’m doing some recording of original songs and can’t find another place to leave you a message so I hope you get and respond to this one. You affected me deeply in our time together at PRANA -somewhere ’76-’79. I want permission to record your song I Have Come to Return. I have a tape of it. Do you have any digital song files available online?


Hi Taras,

Absolutely great to hear from you.

My songs were on CDBaby but they stopped hosting music. They told me they are all available now on iTunes.I’d be delighted if you want to record any of the songs. Please let me know if you have any trouble finding them, I haven’t looked for them, been too busy.

Please stay in touch,


Walberto Naranjo


Ryan Clack

Hello Michael, I have been investigating and researching UFOs, credible witness testimony and documentation for about 20 years now and only recently became aware of Billy’s amazing accounts. I have watched the SROT along with and DTL documentaries and have shared with a few others that are also intrigued, especially regarding the 2 US civil wars, given the extraordinary and unprecedented circumstances America is currently in. I can see how many are skeptical of his story but I have always had an open mind about such things. I was raised by Pentecostal parents but always had an underlying feeling that something just didn’t add up. I just finished reading the interpretation of Sfath’s explanation and am hungry to absorb more information. Was this explanation in fact documented and published in February of 1945? Also, when was Billy informed about the covid19 pandemic and were there attempts made to inform people in high levels before the beginning of 2020?
Thank you for your time,


Hi Ryan,

Thanks for joining us here and sharing your personal journey to finding the truth.

I don’t think there are any surviving copies of Sfath’s letter(s). As for the disease, please check this out: