Beginning of the Underwater Volcanic Eruptions Foretold in 1948?

The good news and the bad news, everything’s interconnected

Since we’ve been referring to Sfath’s predictions from 1948, here’s what he had to say about the coming unleashing of underwater volcanoes along the Mid(dle)-Ocean Ridge:

226. The fact that by far the most active volcanoes are submarine and are extremely active is not yet known by the Earth humanity in general because these largely unknown underwater volcanoes, which are upon the Earth in their hundreds of thousands, never break through the surface of the water.
227. A whole ring of such underwater volcanoes lies on the peaks of the longest mountain chain in the world – the Middle Ocean Ridge – which however is still today not known to the Earth humanity.

Perhaps there‘s a connection regarding the recent report of “unusual seismic pulses rippled around the world”, where we learned that:

“The waves rang for over 20 minutes, emanating about 15 miles off the shores of Mayotte – a tiny island in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Africa.” [...]  READ MORE

Tugging at Our Heart Strings…Or How to Feel Better While Things Get Worse

Perhaps the second part of the title should read, “Or How to Feel Better While Helping to Make Things Worse”.

Well, prepare yourself to be offended, or to at least find what I’m about to say “insensitive”. Once again the world is awakened to news of drought and disaster, of a truly desperate situation now faced by some 18 million people in Africa.

And the UN Secretary-General advises us that there are more than 42 million refugees worldwide, forced from their homes by wars and famines, etc. [...]  READ MORE