The Donald Trump Presidency & the Henoch Prophecies, Part 2

Focusing on solutions

As previously discussed, the Henoch Prophecies* have long foretold, have clearly warned of, the unimaginable destruction that will be visited upon the USA, including the coming US civil wars, unless we change our course. More importantly, the HP clearly spell out how and why we have brought this upon ourselves, which is based firmly in decades of insidious policies.

So, it’s appropriate to introduce The Seven Steps of the Education, the simple if not easy way to make the necessary, positive changes and course corrections.Of course, the very long-standing problems we face can’t be “fixed” overnight but must, from here on, be addressed in a step-by-step, fundamental change and evolution in our consciousness, as outlined in these seven steps. [...]  READ MORE

Don’t Mean to Be HAARPing on This But…

There’s no shortage of conspiracy theories about things like HAARP but this scientist may indeed be on to something. Leaving aside things like time travel, he points to some of the same highly damaging effects that Billy Meier warned about, quite specifically some 14 years ago.

There is already such  wealth of corroborated scientific information that Meier verifiably published well in advance – sometimes even decades – of “official discovery”. Feel free to search this blog as well as for more information. [...]  READ MORE