MUFON Got It – I Really Think They Got It!

Sedona MUFON opens its doors – and minds – to the Billy Meier case!

For a very long time MUFON, the international UFO research organization, has variously attacked, ignored, or tried to marginalize the Billy Meier UFO case, which is ironic since it’s the only scientifically proven, still ongoing contact case.

It was only recently that the new director of MUFON, Jan Harzan, agreed to have the case listed on the MUFON site as an actual, historical case. Unfortunately – and I think because of intense pressure from very vested interests within the MUFON hierarchy he and MUFON didn’t take the one necessary step of actually examining the evidence in the case, since it would be a deal ender for MUFON. Where would they go from there once they announced that the Meier case was…authentic[...]  READ MORE

We Were Warned

Spreading the Wealth

Everyone who spreads the word about the Billy Meier UFO case can now also reap substantial benefits.

People who sell products retail usually get a discount of from 25% to 40%. They also usually have to buy a minimum amount of products, store them, in some cases ship them, etc.

I’ve set up my downloadable digital store so that anyone who becomes an affiliate will receive…40% of the sale. It’s FREE to sign up and it’s all explained in simple language here.

Just help spread the word, so I can spread the wealth…to you[...]  READ MORE

The 10% Solution

Or: Terrorists don’t care and they don’t sing kumbaya

It’s certainly heartening to hear that over 3 million people gathered together in solidarity in France. And I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade but let’s be sober enough to know that genocidal terrorists aren’t concerned with how many…unarmed people line the streets, wave their flags, express sadness and outrage, etc.

As I previously suggested they might even view such things as opportunities, though certainly there’d be some armed presence to contend with. There are already indications that they are using their familiarity with modern tools (usually reserved for more inane but less potentially harmful communications) to pursue every means of destabilization. [...]  READ MORE

Wake Up!

It’s very difficult for most people to accept the reality of the Billy Meier UFO case, so besotted and distracted are they with escapist entertainment, illusory images and living vicariously through sports stars and imaginary video game figures which, ironically, glorify the kind of barbarism now exemplified by the subhuman Islamic fanatics. The unpleasant realities of life are clucked about or avoided, without recognition of their overall scope and impact, mainly viewed as happening to “someone else”. We still don’t get it. [...]  READ MORE

Regarding Richard Dolan, “UFO Researcher”

In what other field of study would the most sought after, best evidence be ignored, suppressed and ridiculed in favor of idiotic, delusional, hallucinatory claims? Welcome to  the wonderful world of…UFOlogy.

On a recent edition of C2C, there was an interview with Richard Dolan, a supposed “UFO researcher”. For those who still may not know, the field of so-called UFO research, which is part of the UFO community and industry (UFOCI) is one of the least scientific, with the absolutely lowest standards, making it rather comfortable for self-styled “UFO experts”. [...]  READ MORE

The Billy Meier UFO Case: Broadening the Reach

A couple of new items for today.

This new press release on the Billy Meier UFO case:

New Pentagon Report Corroborates Prophetic Information in Recently Released Film 

…already made it onto the Yahoo news wire. The PR company also told me that the image of the WCUFO will flash on their Times Square display. I’m a bit far from NYC so my view of Times Square is a bit obscured. Maybe someone will check it out who’s down there.

I did an interview last night with Adam and Garth, a couple of great guys from Australia that you can check out here[...]  READ MORE