Misguided, Part 2

Answering unasked questions about racism, deportation and political obstructionists

I’m surprised that, in response to the previous blog, the question wasn’t raised about what to do about people who came to this country illegally, 10, 20 and more years ago, who now live here and have built their lives, homes, families, etc. It should be obvious that realism and reason must guide our thinking and actions. Uprooting such persons and families is unrealistic and unfair, despite the unfairness of their original actions; they shouldn’t be wrenched out of the lives they’ve built and deported in our fervor to right the wrongs of past policies. Certainly, being vengeful is wrong and serves no good purpose. [...]  READ MORE

Some Light Weekend Reading

The Henoch Prophecies ceaselessly unfold right before our sleepy eyes

Many people are now familiar with the Henoch Prophecies and how they ceaselessly unfold right before our sleepy eyes. But some don’t think that they could possibly be accurate despite the undeniable events. Others feel unsatisfied because they want even more scary details so they can entertain themselves in their bored lives. And then there’s the “anybody could’ve said that” crowd. None of the aforementioned seem to care about the inherent warnings and lessons, just in finding fault with the one who brought them. [...]  READ MORE

Thwarting the Evil Elite

It seems like the nefarious plot by the evil elite to annihilate every single living, breathing life form on the planet (including themselves) has been thwarted.

The diabolically brilliant, kill-two-birds-with-one-stone scenario attributed to the puppet masters would have theoretically protected the Earth from destruction (largely due to manmade causes) and, at the same time wiped out all the life that would have been protected. Somehow convinced by conspiracy theorists that anti-greenhouse and Earth warming metal particles, as well as deadly population reducing chemicals had been added to the water vapor exhaust from airplanes, many people may now begin to breath easier. [...]  READ MORE