Don’t Donate a Dime

Here’s why one shouldn’t give money to environmental organizations

Before you, as a person truly concerned about the environment, donate a dime to any environmental organization I suggest a couple of things. First, you might want to ask if everyone involved in their organization is a volunteer, or working pro bono, or if donations also go to cover salaries, etc.*

While that will tell you a little bit about them, you may as well…stop there. Why? Because, as far as I have been able to determine, there isn’t even one so-called environmental group or organization that has a clue about the real nature, cause and true extent of what’s no longer climate change but is now unstoppable climate destruction[...]  READ MORE

Enviro-Nazis Censor Dissident Environmentalist

Mark Boslough calls for ClimateStrike to block Michael Horn on Twitter


Every now and then, people who get a glimpse of the truth and come down on the right side of a topic go off the rails, mistakenly think of themselves as “experts” and proceed to try to stifle vastly more accurate and reliable information.

Case in point, for some time I’d sent presumed environmentalist Mark Boslough information from Billy Meier pertaining to the real nature of what has now deteriorated from climate change to climate destruction, without any response. Meier began publishing the warnings in 1951,  long before Boslough was born. [...]  READ MORE