The UFO Disinformation for Dollars Scam

Late astronaut’s foundation bilks big bucks from gullible “alien abductees”

In a world that continues to experience one long forewarned upheaval after another, from terrorism, wars and environmental disasters to economic and financial chaos, leave it to profit-motivated charlatans to concoct new scams to peddle idiotic disinformation to distract people from the truth…and make money from it, of course.

Somewhat surprisingly, the foundation started by the late astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, is now a text book – or should we say comic book – example of snake oil, New Age mumbo-jumbo, dressed up in pseudo-academia, attempting to give credence to, and profit from, the completely unscientific, unsubstantiated, lunatic fringe that proudly self-identifies as “alien abductees” and/or “experiencers”. [...]  READ MORE

What’s another Word for Told Ya So?

Hi there, boys and girls! You may remember that, yesterday, we discussed recent revelations about what those naughty wolves were up to and how Billy Meier, that kindly, bearded gentleman in Switzerland, was already letting that cat out of the bag about all that long ago. Sure, we forgot to mention how far-reaching are the plans by the U.S. and the EU to, er…chip in and herd every single last one of the sheep into a very tightly controlled, biometric pen, as was foreseen by Mr. Meier when he was but a 21-year-old lad, back in 1958. [...]  READ MORE