I have a new article, under the above title, posted at UFO Digest about my recent experiences with various blowhards who perform James Randi-rivaling disappearing acts when it comes to dealing with the inescapable reality of the Billy Meier UFO contacts.

While the majority of these characters purport to be scientists, they certainly don’t want to apply the scientific method to dealing with the recently authenticated WCUFO photos, nor dare they admit that they tested the nighttime WCUFO themselves and confront their own vastly diminished relevance and authority. [...]  READ MORE

Skeptics: “We were wrong, the Billy Meier UFO case is authentic”

…or: Stirring the Hornet’s Nest Part 2

In the real world, and occasionally in the online virtual world, people have to substantiate what they say about others, especially if they make claims that attack another person’s honesty, character, etc. There can be consequences for not doing so and for unjustly characterizing or accusing them.

For quite some time it’s been acceptable in the wild and wonderful world of UFOs, to accuse Billy Meier, the man with the most abundant, amazing, credible, authenticated UFO evidence, of somehow hoaxing and faking it all. People who have absolutely no expertise themselves, absent any qualifications, having conducted no credible testing and analysis, branded a man as a fraud, cheater, profiteer, etc., without so much as a second thought as to the rightness of their actions. [...]  READ MORE

Regarding IIG’s Retraction of Defamatory Claims against Billy Meier

Dear IIG,

I would like to bring to your attention that the information here is demonstrably incorrect.

Information on, and linked from, this page clearly refutes the so-called deconstruction as factually inaccurate.

Further, the new hi-resolution photographs here reveal further details that in themselves render both the theories and the attempt to duplicate the WCUFO using models inadequate and incorrect.

Additionally, the enhanced image here reveals that what was presumed to simply be a manipulated black background is in fact an outdoor environment, photographed at night…from above the craft. [...]  READ MORE

An Open Letter to the Skeptics in Hiding

Dear Esteemed Skeptics,

I think that you’d all agree that it’s time to rethink your philosophy…and come out from hiding, for goodness sakes!

Last week I sent an email with this headline to you…and many dozens of your colleagues, including skeptical luminaries such as James Randi, Stuart Robbins, Michael Shermer, Stephen Novella, Derek Bartholomaus, Phil Plait, etc.:

Stunned Skeptics Suddenly Silent as WCUFO Proved…Real

Strangely, despite the great confidence in your espoused skeptical viewpoints, etc., it appears that the title of my blog was also psychically accurate in foretelling your collective future silence as well! [...]  READ MORE

A Skeptic Cries out…for Help

I’m reaching out to the skeptical community to offer support to one of their own, Stuart Robbins, who seems to have gotten himself way over his head in some very deep “stuff” and is obviously crying out for help.

Stu posted a blog, a seemingly harmless enough venture for a professional astronomer in a field not usually known for creating ongoing public controversy. The problem is that the blog in question (which will doubtless be the lengthiest and most popular he’ll ever post) pertained to Billy Meier, the Swiss UFO contactee, especially in regards to what Meier called the Red Meteor, now officially known as asteroid Apophis. (The illustrated information can be seen here, in six languages; is it “coincidental” that the Russians and Chinese both became proactive about deflecting Apophis…after this was published?) [...]  READ MORE

SKEPTIC Admits Reading Billy Meier Predictions… Foretold BEFORE Events Occurred!

Rising skeptical star eclipsed by super-nova, the dark, skeptical night illuminated by Germanic Jennifer’s close encounter with the truth 

A young astronomer, who bills himself as a skeptic – rather than a scientist – may have bitten off more than he can…Chew*. Stuart Robbins, who specialized in targeting the flimsy claims of lightweight paranormal theorists, has himself been skewered – and embarrassingly so – by one of his own fellow skeptics.

Gravitational Collapse

On a recent blog Robbins again chose to go after Michael Horn’s claims regarding the evidence in the Billy Meier case. As the predictable attacking, skeptical responses mounted to Horn’s rebuttals, along with demands he prove that there was verifiable documentation from Wendelle Stevens to support Meier’s claims, an unexpected thing happened. [...]  READ MORE

Skeptical Investigator Uncovers, Posts Evidence: Spiritual Group NOT a Cult

James Randi-affiliated investigator, who previously inferred FIGU a “cult” group, now posts revealing film clip, debunks skeptics’ own claims

In the Special Features section of The Silent Revolution of Truth, Derek Bartholomaus, the lead investigator for the skeptical inquiry into the Billy Meier UFO case, had referred some 17 times to “followers” of Billy Meier, inferring that those who were studying, or advocates for, Billy Meier’s evidence, information and teaching were followers of a guru-type cult leader. [...]  READ MORE