As the World Begins to Quake

Refuge from the  profound, inescapable shaking, foretold decades ago by Billy Meier, can only be found in the spiritual teaching

Reporting on the results of a new USGS study that shows that millions of people in six states are now at risk from manmade earthquakes related to oil and gas  drilling, scientists confirm what Billy Meier specifically warned about…over 40 years ago. As Semjase put it, “the Earth collapses from within.”

Journalists Corroborate Ancient Prophecies

With international journalists no longer willing to toe the party line and do the bidding of the CIA and USA, as the lies and deceit begin to unravel, we’re again reminded of what Meier published in 1987, in the Henoch Prophecies[...]  READ MORE

Keeping the Truth under the Radar

The irony of how even truth seeking investigative journalists must hide the truth about the Billy Meier contacts, the most important true story in all of science…and human history

Several things came to mind while watching this report by VICE. One was the fact that Billy Meier published even more specific, significant and far-reaching information about Fukushima within days of the event, more than three years ago. So as good as the report is, it barely touches on the real and full – global – extent and ramifications of the disaster. Without probably intending to do so, it keeps the problem “over there”, only affecting “those other people” instead of, well, are you still eating tuna and, heck, still…breathing the air? [...]  READ MORE