Monkey Brain Fracking “Experts” Fracturing the Country

As Billy Meier was told in 1976, the Earth collapses in on itself

Following up on a previous post, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma were all hit with fraking related earthquakes, as pointed out in another of Dutchsinse’s videos, in he which he also accurately predicted today’s 6.5 earthquake off the West Coast of the US*.

He also mentions Prof. Rick Aster who, like many other scientists, apparently decided to stop learning and instead spend his time attacking those who are making important scientific contributions…despite not having a degree, etc. [...]  READ MORE



What the future brings for the Earth humans in regard to the climatic catastrophe and environmental destruction

All you humans of the Earth, you are responsible for your wellbeing and woes, for your Earth’s climate, for your planet, and therefore you are responsible for your own life as well as for that of all creatures, for fauna and flora, for all of nature and everything which grows, creeps and flies.

You are responsible as individuals, just as you are responsible as the entire mass of humanity, for everything; responsible also for all that you ever bring forth in the form of thoughts and feelings and what you affect through your actions. [...]  READ MORE

Don’t Despair, Really

Once again the bad “news” rolls in about the ever-degrading condition of our environment, manmade climate change as record-breaking increases of carbon dioxide were measured last year.

So we blindly approach the kind of scenario that Ptaah described to Billy Meier in 2009, pertaining to…atmospheric collapse.

And yet who of those people entrusted with being responsible as scientists, leaders, etc., do anything other than go about business usual?

There’s no shortage of mindless monkeys who, while salivating over the newest toys, will now just line up, bend over and – as specifically foretold by Meier in 1958 – let the…biochipping begin. It seems like humanity’s hell bent to fulfill every single, sad, enslaving, self and life destroying thing possible while we hear all about how the Billy Meier UFO case is just a “hoax” and he “backdated” his prophetic information from those who, ironically, think they can outsmart the prophecies[...]  READ MORE

The Mainstream Disconnect

Regarding why supposedly intelligent people have such difficulties with the Billy Meier case and its impeccably accurate prophecies and predictions

In recent weeks I’ve been sending information on the Billy Meier UFO case, including the prophetically accurate scientific information, to many different people in the mainstream, including scientists, social commentators, etc. Especially in light of NASA aerospace engineer, Matthew Wiezckiewicz’, recent endorsement of the authenticity of the Meier case, I thought that there’d be some responses, even if they were only polite expressions of lack of interest in the information and its historical implications. [...]  READ MORE

New UN Report Confirms Billy Meier’s Information from…1951

The headline is simple enough IPCC climate report: humans ‘dominant cause’ of warming.

And so is the undeniable fact that Billy Meier went even farther than the new UN report when, in 1951, he plainly stated that it was overpopulation that was at the core of the “unnatural climate change”.

In 1958, he reiterated the connection between overpopulation and climate change, as well as “climbing climatic warning”. It appears that Meier was actually the first person to predict both manmade climate change and global warming. [...]  READ MORE

While There Is Still Time

With the effects of the  most recent earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan still unfolding, it is all the more important to – once again – draw attention to all of the warnings that we have been given, since 1951, by Billy Meier and the Plejaren.

As has also been pointed out, we are now in the long foretold times, largely because of the deliberate, willful arrogance and ignorance of humanity. Specifically, the various governments, military, corporate, religious and media entities and leaders have done everything in their power to suppress the information, to suppress the knowledge that the Prophet of the New Time was present to help awaken and serve humanity…not to save it. [...]  READ MORE

UFOs, Extraterrestrials and…the Weather

While the fascination with both the UFOs and the Plejaren extraterrestrials is certainly understandable, it’s the messages contained in the more than 26,000 pages of information that Meier has published that are the most important aspect of the case.

For instance, back in 1951, Billy Meier first warned about the unnatural climate change and the kind of weather, intense storms, etc., that we’re just beginning to see.

So I guess I could have titled this “Stupid Human Beings, Wake the Hell Up!” However, just like watching a horror movie you’ve seen many times before, where you’re yelling because you want to warn the guy that there’s a monster coming to get him, after a certain number of times you finally accept that you can’t change the outcome of that movie. Let me tell you, I’ve yelled more than a few times and for quite a long time, each time. For the most part, the people who “got it” about the Meier material weren’t the ones who needed to be yelled at. [...]  READ MORE