MUFON’s Lizard Lady Invokes and…Thrusts!

Well look at what we got from Susan Swiatek*, the “I ran over a 10′ lizard, I did, I really did!” lady:

“This is, once again, complete insanity. If you think a video of a prop tied to a tree in the distance makes for convincing evidence you have rocks in your head. If you implicate me by name in any way, shape or form, as endorsing the Meier case, I will invoke the full thrust of the law against you.

Susan Swiatek”

Sweet Sue, these are actually called Reptrillions – cause as everyone knows there are trillions of them running around everywhere, deducting people and impregnifying women, which accounts for all of the Reptrillion-human hybrid (and lowbrid) babies clogging up the welfare rolls. Of course, in time, they become contributing citizens in society, largely responsible for…keeping the insect population under control. [...]  READ MORE