Why Steven Greer Spreads UFO Disinformation

David Adair reveals life-threatening pressures

As readers to this blog are well aware, I have been both blunt and harsh about my disdain for the UFO disinformation that is spread by Steven Greer, all under the guise of so-called “UFO disclosure”.

However, after listening to this excellent interview of cutting-edge scientist, David Adair, I think I understand the dilemma that Greer has faced.

Perhaps, if, he’d have followed his good intentions, and simply and straight away revealed the truth that he well knows about the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing for more than 75 years in Switzerland, not only could he have been spared much grief but this country – and the world as a whole – may have been able to avoid much of what is now unavoidable, and long warned of by Meier and the Plejaren. [...]  READ MORE

Skeptics: “We were wrong, the Billy Meier UFO case is authentic”

…or: Stirring the Hornet’s Nest Part 2

In the real world, and occasionally in the online virtual world, people have to substantiate what they say about others, especially if they make claims that attack another person’s honesty, character, etc. There can be consequences for not doing so and for unjustly characterizing or accusing them.

For quite some time it’s been acceptable in the wild and wonderful world of UFOs, to accuse Billy Meier, the man with the most abundant, amazing, credible, authenticated UFO evidence, of somehow hoaxing and faking it all. People who have absolutely no expertise themselves, absent any qualifications, having conducted no credible testing and analysis, branded a man as a fraud, cheater, profiteer, etc., without so much as a second thought as to the rightness of their actions. [...]  READ MORE

Concealing Contact at all Costs

I think it’s safe to say that the “official discovery” of other intelligent life in the universe would be the single most important event in human history. If and when we “officially” make contact with those beings would certainly equal, and perhaps exceed, that primary event in significance.

But such discoveries could also pose huge problems for our world, especially for those rather primitive elements like our religions and belief systems. Additionally, worldwide recognition of such realities would also be the cause of colossal concern for the traditional power structures such as governments, economic, military and political establishments. After all, the reality that far more advanced and powerful beings exist that can freely operate outside of any terrestrial constraints would be viewed as dangerously destabilizing to all power and control structures. Such fears are completely understandable, if not actually fully warranted. Certainly to be approached by an outside race that would logically also have some pretty tremendous weaponry and technological power, etc., would arise primal fear in many people. Of course such fear would be all the more understandable in light of how we human beings of Earth would quickly assume that the approaching visitors were similarly motivated, i.e. were at least as irrationally violent, barbaric, bloodthirsty, brutal and aggressive as we are. [...]  READ MORE

Pretentious Profiteering Purveyor of All that Is Bogus

Friends, did you know that for as little as $1,850 – or as much as $3,350 – you too can “make Contact with ET civilizationsand “become an Ambassador to the Universe”?

That’s right, thanks to Stephen Greer, the pretentious profiteering purveyor of six-inch aliens and all that is bogus you too can flush your money, intelligence and common sense down the drain.

Yes, indeed, you can be taught by a “teacher” who has zero actual verifiable “Contact with ET civilizations” himself. But heck, this is the internet age (and the age of phantasmagoria) and the truth is certainly no obstacle for the ambitious, celebrity-seeking poseurs in the UFO community who do more to harm access to the truth than the so-called “government cover-up” that they rail against. [...]  READ MORE