Disclaimer: This blog post runs parallel to Theyfly’s new Patreon exclusive German learning video series. Become a Patron to unlock it. Many of us have at least some idea regarding the importance of the German language in relation to the spiritual teaching. Yet even outside of the interwoven evolution-CODE present in the books written by… Read More

The proverbial sins of the fathers lurk ominously We Want What’s Yours…or Else What are the chances that this latest upsurge in American aggression is also fundamentally about the same things that the Iraq War was? A recent article expounds on what Billy Meier casually mentioned 10 years ago. It also reminds us of the… Read More

Too pooped to pucker when it comes to UFOs and prophecies? In addition to sending And Did They Listen? To Trump, Clinton and Sanders, I recently sent an email* to the board members of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, which includes Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald and others. These people obviously aren’t slouches,… Read More