The Quiescent State

Attaining and maintaining internal peacefulness in a chaotic world

The new spiritual teaching people arise in a world of great external chaos and conflicts, they will need to learn how to gain access to, attain and maintain, their internal peacefulness. We see various meditation groups and so-called mindfulness programs appearing, so many people are already recognizing the need to cultivate peacefulness within themselves.

There is very specific information from Billy Meier on individual, as well as group*, meditation practices that help the individual deal with negative conditions, feelings, emotions, traits and behaviors that have taken a foothold in their memory, or subconsciousness. [...]  READ MORE

The True Freedom Project

Providing prisoners with books like The Way to Live and the Might of the Thoughts so that they may reeducate themselves and become truly free

I was inspired to create this project because my friend Sam forwarded this video to me. The video is actually quite mild in regards to what really goes on in prisons, solitary confinement, etc.

The only real way out is in, as we often hear said. And so I am suggesting The True Freedom Project. It’s a project that each interested person participates in independently and co-creates by helping to provide Billy Meier’s books, DVDs and publications on the spiritual teaching to prisoners, including juvenile offenders, so that they may indeed learn the way self-responsibility, the law of cause and effect, etc. This project will have no central offices, website, administrators, etc., unless and until there’s really a need for it. Self-responsibility here is again the key for those wishing to assist others, not creating bureaucracies, etc. This is not a FIGU-created project and it’s open to anyone to participate in. [...]  READ MORE

Breakthroughs in the Billy Meier UFO Case

A skeptical professor opens the door to Billy Meier UFO case at Northern Arizona University and other news from 2015

Almost 15 years after I first challenged the international professional skeptics regarding the Billy Meier UFO case, a skeptical professor, Prof. Scott Antes, opened the door to the historic first presentation at an American university, NAU. This was not only the culmination of many years of efforts to get the information into a university setting but it was also the beginning of what will still be a long journey until when truth prevails…finally. [...]  READ MORE

Former NASA Engineer Presents Billy Meier UFO Case to MUFON

Aerospace expert Matthew Wieczkiewicz focused on inexplicable anomalies in Meier’s still irreproducible UFO photos

On Friday evening, October 16, former NASA engineer Matthew Wieczkiewicz presented a two-hour examination into several UFO photographs taken by Billy Meier. These included photos taken in in 1975, 1979 and 1980.

While many people are familiar with the classic disk shaped UFOs that Meier photographed from as far back as 1964 – with all of the largely unrecognized, stunning implications of that evidence – Matthew focused particular attention on the highly controversial WCUFO and Energy Ship photos and the independent analyses done by Rhal Zahi and Chris Lock, which authenticated them as large, unknown objects and not models, or special effects of any kind. [...]  READ MORE


Neutrality doesn’t require people to not have opinions, to be indifferent, or to not be energetically involved in issues

This is a very good time to reflect on neutrality, what it is and isn’t and how to develop and apply it in our daily lives.  In our recent study group meeting we discussed this article and Anthony suggested that we open the discussion to blog members, a very good idea indeed.

We can consider also that the spiritual teaching and this element of it comes to us from Billy Meier, a man who lives in Switzerland, often referred to as the country of neutrality, although that has been eroded over the years, largely unnoticed by many Swiss. [...]  READ MORE

Who You Gonna Call When It Breaks?

Conveying the truth about a possible break in the very cycle of life

I’ve met more than a few people who issue essentially the same challenge, “Well, you show me some prediction that Billy Meier already made about what’s going to happen in the future and maybe then I’ll take it seriously.”

While there is no shortage of specific examples of already corroborated, prophetically accurate information, which are also constantly added to on this blog, the challenge is more a reflection on the self-absorbed, self-important, state of mind of people who have allowed themselves to slip into various religious, political and/or trendy delusions and for whom life has essentially become an entertainment seeking exercise. [...]  READ MORE

Canada, Conspiracies and “Disclosure”

I’m posting a couple of links to online videos for this blog for you to review. I’ve never been a big proponent of conspiracy theories per se. People could of course say that one of the biggest actual conspiracies is the concerted, coordinated effort to keep the Billy Meier UFO case suppressed, attacked, ignored and discredited.

In this case what the two videos have in common is their Canadian connection…as well as some information in the Meier case.

This lengthy and very disturbing video reminded me also of what Meier was told in Contact 563, as well as in his 1958 letter regarding bio-chipping (and people succumbing to phantasmagoria), and what’s warned about in the Henoch Prophecies[...]  READ MORE